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Setting the Stage
If you have it readily available please listen the wonderful song
by Enigma, A Return to Innocence, 2001

 before reading, then this will make perfect sense.
If not, please do so shortly after.

Author’s note:
This is a journey of discovery. This is not a political or religious debate. This is not a personal belief debate. After all, there is only one question to ask when it comes to beliefs. Are those your beliefs or someone else’s beliefs you believe in? This is not an attempt to invoke anyone to feel bad about anything, done or not done in life. This is not about people or power bashing. This is about the very nature that is in all of us and what makes it possible for any of us to walk away from or maybe take a leave from our senses? All of humanity has been doing the very same thing since humanity was born. This is an uncovering of the one thing no body’s talking about.

Whole societies are talking about and rehashing the same old stories with new technology but NO ONE , not even those recognized as public figures and leaders, is standing up to do the one thing that needs to be done for the whole of humanity now. No one is standing up and making an apology, a public apology, on a global scale. Television and public speeches do not denote a global public apology. For what? For allowing themselves, to be a conduit for any energy that would harm the whole of humanity. I am talking about the old and young, the rich and poor, mother, father, brothers and sisters, presidents and students, kings and paupers. Then I realized if we are all one then it was not “them,” alone. This is where I stand up and make a global public apology for being a conduit of any energy that would harm the whole. Does it matter to you? You will know that at the end.

“They themselves are makers of themselves.”

As a Man Thinketh by James Allen

How is it possible that our nature, that is at the very core or each of us, would lead anyone and I mean anyone, to abandon, ignore or just outright deny that that nature itself does not exist. So much so to the point of doing great harm to the collective consciousness is ok. Is this ok? Have too many of us lost enough connection to our nature that even if we do no harm we do no good because we don’t want any more pain?

Where does great pain, a collective pain, lead us? To more and more people losing touch with the very nature of who they are. Once that connection to our core is no longer on the radar of our senses then we too are capable of possible harm. Why would we do this to others? To protect our pain? I believe it is because we have gone so far away from our sense of right and wrong that wrong is right and right is wrong. Forget about the labels right and wrong. Forget about what is right for another and not for you. I am asking you to check back into the resort called self and there, you will discover, for the second time in your life, the meaning of right and wrong. The first was when all of us started this journey called life. What is the meaning of right and wrong? Living in, from and as the true nature of who we are is always a question as we embark upon any journey. Will the actions I take today create harm in the lives of others, knowing or unknowingly? Unknowingly, throughout my life some of my actions may have created harm through the collective whole of humanity. This is where we begin.

I, apologize to the whole of humanity for any transgressions that may have affected any of you in any way that was anything less than loving, compassionate, kind or caring. I apologize for my part in adding any energy of fear to the whole of who we are. Please accept this apology not because I am grasping for forgiveness but for the soul purpose of all of our souls. For anything that was created by my energy that harmed the whole, it is my responsibility to call it back and clean it up. Whether I caused pain, knowingly or

unknowingly, I call it back so that you and the whole of humanity may begin to feel more lightness in your life. It does not matter if I know you or not. We are all one with a Divine nature, one energy, no matter what name you give it, and any harm or pain done by my words or my hands was eventually transferred along the energy lines of the world and harmed you at some level. This, I apologize for.

At the time of this writing my own life was a picture of exactly not what I wanted. Or was it? I did not see my life turning out like this. Yet over the last two decades I have been immersed in, immersed myself in, and learned that our thoughts create our reality. I am but one drop in an ocean of individuals and global communities that either hold this belief or know it from the core of who they are. What I find fascinating is that we as divine beings or energy beings having a human experience are so ready to take credit for all the good things that happen to and for us through such statements as; “I did it” or “look what I did” but when our back is up against the wall we fall to our knees and shout out; “how could this happen to me?” This is where the blame game begins. “It’s their fault” or “it’s because that happened to me.” How is it possible that any of us could be responsible for creating the good things in life and not the bad?

Is it possible that my actions caused you, even in the smallest way to be where you are now? Did the transfer of my energy, good or bad affect your life? This is not about not taking responsibility for all that was created together. This is truly about apologizing for any possibility that any energy I put out found a home in you for whatever period or time and disrupted your life. Likewise, I do not apologize for any energy transferred to anyone that enhanced and lightened your experiences in your life. I am glad I could be of service.

Forget the labels we as humans give anything. Within and all around any label, judgment, anger, resentment, deceit, betrayal, hate or Love, Joy, Gratitude, Abundance, Kindness and Generosity is one thing that makes up all things. That is energy.

When we truly think about how any of us have ever felt with any of these forms of energy and many more, all of us know inherently which ones feel lighter and freer. We do not feel restricted or constricted. All of us are master antennas at receiving and transmitting the energy of any and all of these forms at any given moment in our lives.

It does not matter what belief system any person or group hails from. Whether it is theology, science or politics, atheism or spirituality, the ten commandments or the laws of biology and thermodynamics. It is all energy being transferred, transformed and transmitted from one form to another, from one person to another, from one group to another.

Quoting from a thesis written by Janet Melton entitled; The Energy Connection in 1990, “Energy can be defined as a force of expression, an inherent power, a capacity for action or the ability to do work. Energy has a variety of forms and can undergo conversion from one form to another.” After referring to the first and second laws of thermodynamics she goes on to say; “The total amount of energy in the universe remains constant. More energy cannot be created. Existing energy cannot be destroyed, it can only undergo conversion from one form to another.”

Could this be cycling and recycling of all energies? What reason could energy itself have for recycling itself? To organize life. If we knew this, that all energy moving through us is working to organize all life so it, the energy, God, science, nature, phenomena, can itself be in harmony with all other energies, what energies would we choose to be a conduit for?

What we hear, see, feel, interpret, express or are being expressed upon by the amount of daily, hourly and moment by moment stimulation of the respective energies drives us to be an expression and/or a receiver of any of the aforementioned energies at any given moment. If we knew that our energy, our inherent power was working to be in harmony what energies would we allow to influence our own energy? Is it possible that our own

power is either empowered or diminished by the influences we ourselves align with? How is our own energy affected by the energies we choose to align with?

This is the crux of my apology to humanity. I myself have aligned with energies believing that my learning and expression of such energies would empower as much of humanity as I could express those energies to. In reality I was being, as we all are for whatever reasons, a conduit that actually promoted and kept fear(s) alive. Because I got caught up in the only war that has ever taken place, the war for our consciousness, my participation, a little or a lot, kept the lie(s) alive. Was this true with all of my efforts to enlighten humanity with what I believed was important? No, certainly not. However, there were times of sharing information about how religious leaders, corporations, politicians, governments, community leaders, etc., etc., them, were using or abusing their inherent power to diminish humanities nature that I would make it my mission to tell others so they could be aware of that.

Ironically, even with my knowledge that everything is energy and how energy is converted, transferred and transformed I really believed that I was, as many do, contributing to any efforts to correct what many believe is a ship completely off course. What I failed to remember in my passion to help humanity was all the energy transferred to me, voluntarily or involuntarily, was transformed within my own energy field and sent back out to you, altered by the energy of, how the hell could other humans, other drops in the same ocean of humanity, purposely harm all the other drops? Then I realized that it was not them, it was me doing the harm. How? I was the conduit, and we all know that water is a great conductor of energy, that took on that energy and transferred it through the consciousness, to you, through the ocean of humanity. This I apologize for.

In return all I really accomplished was harming myself and to continue to perpetuate and be a conduit for any energy other than Loving was slowly affecting my life. I then began to imagine how the transfer of any energy that brought any level of harm to any of the

drops in the same ocean of consciousness I live in might be affecting those drops. I began wondering what it would feel like to call this energy back. I did not like the way I felt and if I felt anything less than Loving just by calling this energy back what must you be feeling like? This I apologize for.

Please note:
By calling back any energy any of us has sent out that may have caused harmed does not mean that a great darkness will befall on us. Our inherent power is stronger that any fear or harm. I am the only one who can clean up any energy that I sent out that needs cleaning. It is the same with all the drops in the ocean of humanity. All of us, and I mean all, are powerful beyond belief and have, right now, the power to unleash the nets to clean up the ocean of humanity. It is this natural and inherent power that will unlock the brig and release the Love that has been imprisoned because of resignation. What do I mean by resignation? Too many of us have just given up and have been floating through our existence because we think that is just the way things are. No it is not! It’s not about how things are. It is about how they want things to be. And when any drop becomes a conduit for any energy those drops empower that energy, empowers “them.” Do we really want to empower any energy that harms the whole of who we are? No, of course not, not consciously.

If we do not want to empower a harmful energy then how can any of us stop being a conduit for it? That’s the answer. Just stop. Just turn your attention away from that which promotes the fear of ?? , you name it. There are plenty to choose from. This doesn’t mean we stop uncovering corruption and intentional harm. It means we do it with a watchful eye instead of anger, force and cyclical fear. All that does is empower the very thing we fight for, our very liberty from it. It means that we filter out any harmful energies as it moves through each of us before we transmit and transfer it to others. This is the net I spoke of that will clean up the ocean of humanity.

This is what I have chosen to do. Turn away from fear based promotions and reconnect with the true nature of who I am. I have made a commitment to only be a conduit for all energies that truly empower each drop as that energy transfers from drop to drop, from individual to individual, from community to community. Does this mean I deny the harmful energies and quit sharing? No. It means I do so in a manner that helps correct the course of this ship of humanity.

What does this correction of the compass look like? I can’t speak to what star or map any other drops choose to follow. What I can do is start a tidal wave of turning off the news, stupid programming and movies with messages of your life is over but let’s give you a little hope at the end and stop reading articles that all many are designed to do is throw us overboard without a life vest. What I can do is point my vessel, The SS Connection towards the brightest star and give you free passage along the way. Once on board real connection between all drops takes place and we become like Tesla coils directing and redirecting free empowered energy through the collective unrestricted conduits and empowering all the drops in the ocean of humanity.

Once reconnected to our own Love, our own nature, then the connection to the collective consciousness empowers and shields us from fear based messages that are only meant for harm. Imagine for a moment that every drop in the ocean of humanity weighed anchor, set sails to full and sailed the energy currents that created tidal waves so powerful that the energy of continually promoting fear and all harm that has kept fear alive was towed under to the depths of Davy Jones locker never to be seen again. What would our world be like without fear of never being good enough or not having enough?

I was caught up in that world and all it did was smash my little skiff against the jagged rocks on the shores of life. How I could I possibly offer you an excursion on my cruise ship when I was being beaten against the rocks with the perpetual message of fear I believed would keep you from drowning in that ocean of fear? This I apologize for.

I realized there are two sea vessels to float the oceans of fear, both unworthy to carry the true nature of who I am, who we are. One was a dingy with one paddle, a hole in the bottom and no bucket to bail out the floods of fear from continual storms created by the very energy I, and many of us believe would be a life preserver. This is the very essence of up the creek without a paddle. All I could do was row in circles. I apologize if any of you ever got caught up in any energy I sent out where you found yourself going around and around in a dingy with one paddle. If one could fight hard enough, hold their breath long enough then you would be invited to climb aboard the second vessel. The SS Coward. Where did the SS Coward travel to? Everywhere that kept your attention off yourself, off your true nature. Who were the passengers of the SS Coward? What kind of passengers are listed on the manifest?

It’s those who serve those who do great harm. I am talking about those who knowingly keep their jobs, even after they find out their leadership is causing great harm to all life. It is those, for one reason or another, and I fear all too often it’s about the money, that turn away with a blind eye and a blind sense of right and wrong and claim they couldn’t see because of the patch offered them as they boarded the SS Coward.

When, where and how did these cowards become cowards? What journey did they take that lead them to abandon the very nature of who they are? What landscape, imagined or real, did these travelers see that would lead them never to see beyond a landscape of harm? What destination did they land in that when they arrived they did not even notice they forgot to pack their true nature? How do I know this? I was one. In all my efforts to keep up on current events and point the ship away from potential harm my telescope could not even see the ship sinking right below me. For allowing any waves of harm to crash into you, I apologize.

It is these people who are the ones who are really doing the most harm to the planet and all of life. It is the ones who work for the many companies, corporations or agencies,

three letter or not, that knowingly keep quite and keep working while all around them whole societies are being harmed. It is those that keep any corruption or lie that harms the whole of humanity alive that are cowards. I apologize to all of you for supporting this energy at any time in my life.

All of the vessels not worthy of transporting your true nature are sinking. It is either time to disembark or patch the holes, replace the compass, paint the hull and upgrade the cabins and invite those who are committed to being a conduit that transfers only the energy that sets Love free. It is time to choose a vessel that is worthy of sailing the oceans of love.

Questions asked in a beautiful expression of work by author and speaker Alison Armstrong called Celebrating Love guides us to find the answers that throws off the bow lines that keep us tied to the docks of fear. She asked, “What is the energy that sets Love free? Who is the hero of Love? The hero of Love is Hope. Hope frees Love.” Knowing that Love is the polar opposite of fear then, “hope is the opposite of resignation.” I personally had resigned in fear that all hope was lost. As one drop in connection with all of you this energy too was transferred to you. I apologize for this.

What is the new sea worthy vessel that will float the oceans of humanity transferring only the energy cargo of Hope, Love and Creative Expression to all ports? It is the willingness to commit to only being a conduit for all expressions that empower the whole of humanity. It is the commitment to call back any harmful energies that any of us have put out that has harmed the whole. This, I do not apologize for.

In the interest of neutrality…Godself, Divine Nature, Human Nature, Human Energy all mean the same thing in this context.

With that said this is my commitment to you:
I ask my Godself, Higher, Human Nature to bring back to me any harmful and

unloving thoughts and energy I have sent out so I may clean it up. I reclaim all energy that may have harmed the whole of humanity in any way. My highest purpose now is being a conduit for Joy. This, I do not apologize for.

To board this cruise I have an invitation and challenge and this I do not apologize for. My invitation is to anyone, anywhere who has the courage to stand up and make an apology for transferring any energy of harm to and through the oceans of humanity. This is not about standing up and hanging your dirty laundry on the mast like a flag. This is about being your true, authentic nature with the Whole of Humanity. My challenge is to ALL global leadership to make this the first time in history that all those considered leaders, public figures, public servants, anyone in any position of authority and all those who have an audience to stand and apologize to the whole of humanity for any harm you may have transferred and transmitted to the whole of humanity in your lifetime and do it authentically. I invite, and challenge, all of you to stand in public, together, and call back all the energy of harm you have transferred globally via the ocean of humanity so we can all work together to clean up the energy of harm. It is past time to make this commitment. Do so and I will stand with you. This I do not apologize for.

I am reminded of the last scene in one of my favorite movies, The Count of Monte Cristo, with Jim Caviezel, 2002. After being imprisoned for many years and then finding a great treasure and using the new found wealth for vengeance Edward Dantes says to the spirit of his prison mate; “You were right priest, you were right. All that was used for vengeance will now only be used for good.” This is my commitment to the Whole of Humanity. This I do not apologize for.

Lyrics from the song Highland Road, by Shawn Gallaway, says it in such a way that truly inspires the listeners to commit to doing no harm again. We must make this commitment.

“I will throw down my sword, I will not fight,
I will not war, I will not kill from pain anymore.” ~~~~~~~

“Now I pray the truth be my sword,” ~~~~~~~~
“Oh highland road take us home, tonight
to the hearth where these ragged rouges are released to the light of peace, alive in our souls.”

It is the light of peace alive in our souls that is the very nature of who we are where the sense of right and wrong is still intact. We just have to put down the many versions of our swords and commit to not buying a ticket on the coward cruise. It could end badly for those who choose to heed the call, “all aboard.” Once on board, it is easier to do harm than it is being alive in our souls. Isn’t it time for all of us to abandoned the ship of fear and harm and surrender to the one true maestro who orchestrates our very nature? Isn’t it time to surrender to Love? After all, the language of fear and Love is the same in any port of call no matter who or where you are. The difference is that fear always lurks in the shadows trying to tempt you to buy energies filled with harm. The language of Love empowers you to choose which energies you wish to bring home with you. When you return home, you will have returned to the land of yourself, the return to innocence. Welcome home.

In Gratitude – Be Well & Stay Empowered TFJaxen – Joy is my highest purpose.

I have two requests:
First, If you found value in this for yourself or your role in humanity then please share this freely with all you know. Please share this with those you know who can translate this into all languages, after all, this is a global vessel. You have

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Please note: No individual or organization has any permission to alter this in any way. Any such alterations will be considered a copyright infringement.

Second, this is a two-fold request. One area of my life I love is good clean healthy water and sharing it with others. One of my projects is getting clean healthy water to underprivileged children through donating inexpensive gravity fed water filtration units. As you can imagine the need outweighs many peoples resources.

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All shall now only be used for good.

In Gratitude TFJaxen
Joy is my highest purpose.

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  1. This website should apologize for changing the headline under the homepage to, “Our new society is here” when it gets less and less credible the longer we have to keep waiting for The Event and also why prepare when we just have to keep waiting anyway.

    • Jeff

      Thank you for sharing your concerns. We are all impatient to see the end of the Cabal. I have been closely following the efforts to dislodge these criminals since the 911 attack. What you may not know about 911 is that it happened only an hour before the scheduled announcements of NESARA, which means that the attack was meant to stop the announcements in their tracks and kill all of those working on this change. The offices in the Pentagon are occupied by Naval Intelligence agents tasked with the implementation of the Law and WTC was the location of the other operations associated with it. The law then became a falling cry for a global effort to remove the cabal by restoring the Republic and treating their actions as crimes in that context. NESARA would have ended the Federal Reserve, which as I am sure you know would have changed the world’s banking operations at the same time, so NESARA’s effects were to be worldwide.

      I have known for many years that the entire global dominance program is run by the Jesuits on behalf of the Pope who is the self-proclaimed owner of our planet. You will find the fingerprints of the Jesuits all over the world regarding control of nations and royal families. They are the spiritual leaders of the entire global control system, and are run by men who are steeped in sorcery and magic.

      It was for this reason that I was interested in the work of Cobra, the only change agent who focused on etheric issues associated with ridding the world of the Cabal.

      Recently there have been numerous people coming forward talking about the Secret Space Program. If you have been a student of Science you may have noticed that the work of Tesla was stolen from his apartment immediately after his death, and it is that information that has been used by the Elite operated Secret Space Programs to push their secret technology a thousand years ahead of what our conventional science believes is the “state-of-the-art”. A program originating in the nineteenth century intended to convince the ordinary people of the planet that we were being invaded by aliens preceded the actual development of the Secret Space Progams and provide the impetus for the elite to begin gathering all information about aliens and creating agencies tasked with suppressing public discussion about aliens and ancient technology associated with them. The Secret Space Programs are also steeped in etheric technologies and these programs have been recruiting children demonstrating capabilities in these reams since the 1950s.

      The more we learn about the Cabal, the deeper its roots are found to grow, not only that they have been assisted by off world civilizations since their inception, our planet being interstellar real-estate to the competitive forces of various galactic civilizations, they claim to trace their DNA to these Civilizations presence on the planet many thousands of years ago.

      For these reasons their staingpower is greater that we imagined originally. However their inestimable eveil has caused other galactic civilizations to come to the aid of the Resistance Movement, whose off planet contingent is called the Alliance. So it seems that the incredible evil with its roots in planet destroying power have met their match in our solar system. This ongoing face-off between the forces of good and evil is at its climatic stage as we debate this point. 2015 may be the time tipping point, but to those who are paying attention progress, real progress is being made.

      We are not going to apologize for what is happening. We are quite excited to share this progress, but only the tuned in observers can connect all the dots of information released over the last century as the solar system approached the Galactic ecliptic plane. Now that it has crossed it the information has begun to come in torrents.

      Soon connecting the dots will no longer be necessary, the full picture will be on your TV.

      • Ok thanks for replying! I knew about some of the stuff you are saying but not everything and now I understand why you changed the headline and why you changed it when you did.


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