UFOs Charging From the Sun — Type II Alien Civilization in Our Neighborhood

UFOs Charging from the Sun, an article from Humans are Free.com, discusses the Michio Kaku theory of three types of civilizations, which places ours as a pre-Type I, a 0.73 on that scale.  Shown on photos are examples of craft next to our sun that are in heliosphere siphoning plasma into them, which are considered evidence of a Type II Civilization present in our solar system.

Why are they here? It turns out that recent disclosures about Secret Space Programs from Earth can tell us about this in some detail, namely that these craft are here to help our solar system adapt to the higher energies streaming into if from the space around us, a much higher density energy than we were experiencing before we passed through the ecliptic plane of the Galaxy. This idea suggests that they are actually friendly toward us, since these surging energies would cause devastation on the surface of the planet if left unchecked.

On multiple occasions, solar observatories photographed immense, solid-looking structures in the vicinity of our Sun. Are these objects a sign that a Type II alien civilization has occupied our solar system?
01 UFO Sun - Drawing energyThe Kardashev scale refers to a way to classify civilizations and their technological advancement by measuring their power consumption. As a civilization evolves, its energy requirements grow and determines a search for stronger power sources.
As such, a Type I civilization on the Kardashev scale would harness all energy sources available on its planet, focusing on productive processes such as renewable energy, fusion and ultimately, antimatter.

Earth registers at around 0,73 and is expected to reach Type I in approximately 100 years.

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