A public announcement released today states that starting January 1, production will begin of a 5 kW generator powered by Muammer YILDIZ’ all-magnet motor. The expected price will be 15,000 Euros, with delivery expected by the end of March.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

This morning, I received a Skype message from Halil Turkmen, who is Muammer Yildiz’ associate and translator. He wrote:

PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENTYildiz_opening_booth_April-10_400

From January 1st 2015, the production of magnetic rotators will be started for the power ranges of up to 5 kva.

The technical preparations for the power ranges over 5 kva, are being continued.

After the legal statements that are required, the serial production will be started also for these power ranges.

For the moment, 2 types of products will be released.
1 – Electric power generator
2 – Power generator at different speeds and torques (PTO)

At first, a total of 2,000 units of 5 kva electric energy power generators will be released. (220 Volts, 25 Amperes)

Sales will be done with a pre-request system. The expected price of the 5 kva electric power generator is 15.100 Euro + V.A.T

The customers whose pre-requests are be confirmed, will deposit 5.100 Euro + V.A.T to the HMSB Inc bank account, and send the receipt to the e-mail address [email protected]

The invoice and agreement forms will be sent to the addresses of the first 2,000 receipt owners.

Our customers whose agreement process is finished and approved, will deposit the remaining amount of 10,000 Euro + V.A.T, to HMSB Inc bank account, by March 15th, 2015.

The products will be delivered by the end of March 2015.

As of today, the centers of distribution are Turkiye, Italy and Germany.

Turkiye is the head office. All deliveries will be done to the distributors from Izmir.

To see terms of distributorship for other countries, please visit our website, and fill the contact form.belluna-2-2-120Hp_cropped_600

For production licensing and dealership, you may contact us in the same way.

HMSB Magnetic Energy Machine Production and Consulting Inc.

Muammer YILDIZ

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NO scam (it’s a REAL DEAL) Muammer Yildiz Magnet Motor demo at Delft University


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  1. This is a good invention but badly marketed . The units need to sell like hot cakes not more than USD 5,000. Your profit must be on the high quantity. You need a good market manager with common sense so a lot of people will afford them.
    Wish you well and good luck.

  2. hi ,,, i want to hear about your product with that 5kw. what happens if the machine runs 365 days a year and what is the warranty. you can plug cables directly into El plugs, and without an inverter (converter) ..
    with best regards
    Bassam Arabo

    Merhaba ,,, bu 5kw ile ürün hakkında duymak istiyorum. makine yılda 365 gün çalışırsa ne olur ve garanti nedir? kabloları doğrudan El fişlerine ve evirici (dönüştürücü) olmadan bağlayabilirsiniz.
    Bassam Arabo

  3. Hy there, my name is G Di Giovanni, i am a journalist / investor, i always looking for new and great inventions, is there any way to meet Mr Muammer yildiz for and interview and see and touch his invention, my email is : [email protected], thanks to everyone who can help.

  4. sadly 2018 NO news about this. Fake? There its a patent in 108 countries…why to pay for a patent if something is fake? oil companies? car companies behaind the delay?
    nothing in the web.

  5. My Name is ERHURHE VICTOR, a Nigerian. I have my own model of magnet driven engine. While yildiz’s magnet engine power is based on the power of the magnet, mine isn’t. I shall soon release to the world. My words for those in doubts is that the universe is governed by laws: all that we need to do is establish these laws.
    Yildiz cost is targeted on uniqueness of invention and not on solving the energy problem for the common man. Yildiz is wrong in that direction. Mine shall be cheaper.

  6. Has any one seen a working machine ? This is fantastic if it works . BUT it does look like a scam at this present time . Asking for large amounts of money up front .

    They would have no problem getting an investor to fund this is it was 100% ??
    Time will tell
    Lies get found out and the Truth always comes out in the end .

  7. Now that I’ve looked at the date of this video, it says 2012, so it’s 4 years ago I’ve seen it. As a Dutch by birth, I can understand what’s being said during the presentation, comments and views. In general people aren’t convinced, thinking that about 5 percent of this principle is not revealed and therefore they’re not convinced.

    The spokesman of Yildiz makes an effort to clarify, explaining how energy can be measured, by the use of a mini-windtunnel, I believe. One of the students says
    “I can’t see the powersource of this thing, there’s no electricity cable” which shows that there’s no clear understanding of what this demonstration is about. All of what happens in the video seems to show that it’s an impulsive choice to show this machine, leaving the guests in the dark about the nature of this event.

    Yildiz spokesman explains that this is a repetition, a try out of a demonstration. The way people go about it, studying the various parts of the machine, looks a bit like a group of children picking up toys without knowing what to do with it, it’s quite funny. Maybe after this moment people began to ask questions, getting their head around it. Scientists aren’t used to think out of the box, in general, for they’re not trained to use the right brain.
    the ability to think creatively. They’re usually unfamiliar with the possibility to take energy out of thin air , ether 😉

  8. I’ve seen this video about 6 years ago I believe. I believe until this day, In our present day reality of oil dependence and control of energy, all free energy “inventors” and their devices are targeted in sabotage attempts and patents of such inventions have been put away, covered with dust on high shelves.
    Of course I welcome the free use of free energy and hope with all my heart for a breakthrough.

  9. So many Nay-Sayers… none of you have EVER dared try anything in life.. Why? because you have listened to Nay-Sayers like yourselves! What a shame that you have become the exact thing that has held you back from belief in anything that “seems” impossible. Think – Wright Brothers, Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs, etc, etc.. Nobody ever thought we could fly – LOL..

  10. If you are able to create energy out of nothing, you are able to create matter as E=mc2. You have literally cracked the universe. Or not and it’s a scam. But I am very curious to know how he pulled it off for so long and still with no explanation as to what makes the motor run, I mean aside from overunity hocuspocus bullsht.

    It amazes me that university professors would entertain this guy and his machine without either calling the cops, or lining up to suck his dck.

  11. After 5 months of starting production announced no news of at least one customer who has received the generator?

    On 2 official websites there is not even the English language, there is an option but can not select …

  12. any news? 5 month after start the production…

    “The products will be delivered by the end of March 2015”

    no news of at least one customer who has received the generator?

    On two websites there is not even the English language, there is an option but can not select …

    beautiful scam!

  13. @toms: If you pay only $30 per month for the electricity bill I can guesstimate you don’t need the 15kva model but a much smaller one. This means it would also cost much less. But I guess we will need to wait for the time when those will be available. For now I could only say that I see this as a positive “move” on the energy field of things in our world…but this is only my opinion.


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