Yildiz Establishes Joint Stock Company to Start Production

A public announcement released today states that starting January 1, production will begin of a 5 kW generator powered by Muammer YILDIZ’ all-magnet motor. The expected price will be 15,000 Euros, with delivery expected by the end of March. by Sterling D. Allan Pure Energy Systems News This morning, I received a Skype message from … Read more

The Peoples Free Energy Show Ep 3 – QEG Breakthrough

27 November 2014 WE ARE STILL STANDING. BIG BREAKTHROUGHS IN QEG PROJECT. My question to you humanity is: How much do YOU want free energy? We wanted it bad enough to do something about. Enough to put ourselves on the front line to do the kind of work that no one else will do. And … Read more


A new internet radio show is now in its third week. You can hear about the progress in the QEG (Quantum Energy Generator). We all would appreciate free energy! Okay, now is the time to get behind those that are doing the work! Help to support their efforts on your behalf. If you are so … Read more