TZ here: What would we do without Benjamin? Things are heating up decidedly everywhere and there is no doubt that the days of the once influential elite are truly numbered. Yes maybe we should keep this ‘rare inside information’ safe for posterity like B says but on the other hand the RM will have all of this info available for mankind – all of the necessary details will be revealed eventually to the general public. When Benjamin writes this information and gives suggestions like he does towards the end of this piece re ‘jubilee’ and releasing financial control etc. he does so politely telling the elite that they might still be around and ‘cut ribbons’ etc. instead of being directly in control.
Believe me they will not be around to cut ribbons at least definitely not the ones directly involved with the control of humanity. These people will never ever have power over others in any way, shape, or form that is a guarantee.
Regarding speculation and ‘prophesies’ regarding the day of Change, The Event, the major Tsunami Wave of Love hitting us and this day being the 28th of September – take it with many pinches of salt!! It’s mere speculation and whether the person saying it calls themselves a channel for Archangel Mikael or whatever, if they really knew the day they would not be broadcasting it all over the Internet. Anyone who may have real insight as to when this day will be upon us will not be saying a word. Ponder on the word Moderation! We are not alone in this Shift of the Ages. We are supported in our endeavours by the entire Company of Heaven, the Galactic Confederation and the Agarthan Network and not in least by the Resistant Movement Forces below our feet. They along with the responsible, wise and enlightened Lightworkers will not allow any unnecessary craziness to happen on this Day of days. We have not come this far to create more chaos. Instead of allowing any speculative reporting to create stress within you spend your time creating equilibrium in your character by being ready every way you can in your own life. Look after your health; feel fully organised and ready to help/support others at the time of the Changeover, this is how we need to spend our time now – in being ready. There will be plenty to do in the ensuing weeks and months after The Event so make sure you are ready for that time, physically, emotionally and mentally now.

Benjamin Fulford – August 3, 2015:


Ben_Fulford_Update__115834Khazarian terror plots thwarted, rumours of August 8th arrests run rampant

An Iranian nuclear scientist called a White Dragon Society representative, as well as many government agencies, on the day of the July 31 blue moon to warn of an imminent Khazarian plot to attack multiple Iranian nuclear sites with nuclear armed hijacked civilian airplanes. The scientist said he had been warned a flight from Dubai to Tehran on a Boeing 777-300ER plane he was due to fly in on August 1st was one of the planes that was going to be used in the attack.

The warnings were taken seriously and heavy pressure was brought to bear on the Israeli military and intelligence establishment to prevent mad dog war criminal Benyamin Netanyahu and his fellow cabalists from carrying out such an attack. The so-called discovery of a Boeing 777 wing part in the Pacific Ocean last week was meant to be a diversion for this attack, according to Iranian and other sources.

The sudden appearance of possible “evidence” of Malaysian airlines flight 370 comes as fewer and fewer dupes around the world believe the official story that flight 370 ,which “vanished” in the Pacific Ocean and flight 17, which was shot down over the Ukraine, were separate airplanes. The perpetrators of this and other massive crimes continue to try to provoke a World War in order to prevent the backlash and mass arrests that will come once all their lies and crimes inevitably become fully exposed.

The latest alleged “attack Iran” plot came at a time that rumours of mass arrests of senior cabalists were once again flying over the internet. Sources at the CIA, the Asian Development Bank and the Federal Reserve Board all warned this writer of mass arrests, instigated by the Chinese, due to take place on August 8th.

The rumours were traced to the following article and related links:

While the Chinese like the number 8 and definitely did start the 2008 Beijing Olympics at 8:08 AM on August 8th, 2008/08/08:08 we have not been able to independently confirm any plans for arrests on that date.

In any case, the arrests need to be made mostly inside the US and Israel and would thus have to be done by the US military and police apparatus. Last I heard, the number 8 isn’t their cup of feng-shui (風水).

Nonetheless the speed with which this rumour (or intel) spread shows there is real frustration within the military and intelligence apparatus. Many of us wonder why known murderers and criminals like Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush appear day after day in the corporate media as if they were legitimate presidential candidates. Also, why is Netanyahu free? As one prominent British journalist blurted out at a press conference about the 311 tsunami and nuclear terror attack, “why hasn’t anyone been arrested?”

Well, as a matter of fact a Japanese government committee ruled last week that 3 executives of the Tokyo Electric Power Corporation face criminal charges related to the 311 mass murder attack. The WDS will do all in its power to ensure the trial of the Tokyo Electric Power executives leads to criminal charges being filed against more senior criminals like Benyamin Netanyahu, Tony Blair, J. Rockefeller and George Bush Jr.

There was also a big intelligence dump made against the British Royal family and other European Royal families last week by the Alquin and Flutterby site (believed to be linked to British Intelligence). The information can be seen at the following link under the headline “European bloodlines face end-time vortex of exposure.”

The article includes a quote from Illuminati Grandmaster Alexander Romanov where he stated “I have a message and this is to Queen Elizabeth directly: ‘Aunt Elizabeth, Isis is very upset, she wants her crown back.’”

The intelligence dump also contains what is purported to be a copy of an original memo ordering the murder of Princess Diana. It further includes copies of documents showing European bloodlines are capable of creating trillions of dollars out of thin air if they wish. There is also more evidence of European bloodline and Nazi links as well as detailed genealogical information about the British Royals.

This dump came around the time Bin Laden’s sister’s airplane crashed in the UK, killing her and other members of the Bin Laden family. US Naval Intelligence claims she was coming to England to testify at the Chilcot enquiry about the Iraq war and 911. One of the things that she was going to testify, the US Naval Intelligence site claims, was that a bank account linked to Queen Elizabeth was used to finance the attacks of 911.

A member of the Rothschild family once described this whatdoesitmean site as containing anywhere between 90% and 10% disinformation. He was nonetheless a faithful reader.

Tom Henegan, a site claiming to be linked to a joint US/French Intelligence task force, for its part, has issued a report linking the Queen’s cousin, the recently resigned King Juan Carlos of Spain, with the Bush family, 911 and the year 2000 stolen election. This site also claims Bin Laden’s sister was killed by MI5 to prevent Bin Laden’s sister from testifying.

It may be possible that the attacks on the British Royals come as the investigations into pedophilia networks in the UK power structure begin to hit serious nerves. UK police have just announced they will be investigating to see whether there was a cover-up of child sex allegations against former Prime Minister Edward Heath.

Heath signed over UK independence to the EU after he was blackmailed over having sex with a boy according to British MI5 intelligence. Exposing this would of course be fatal to the EU project. Perhaps this is one of the motives for the sudden attacks on the British Royals. Then again perhaps they were all part of it too. Time will tell.

In any case, this multi-faceted exposure of the British Royal family comes at a time that ISIS is under unprecedented attack. Remember that the so-called Muslim ISIS group appeared only after “Alexander Romanov” said “ISIS is angry.”

A Pentagon source told the WDS the US military has put “extreme pressure” on Turkey, while Russia put pressure on Israel, for both to stop supporting ISIS. The same source said Iran and Egypt had been given US nukes to “finish off ISIS.”

The same source said Saudi Arabia was going to be dismembered into three states, a Shia state around the oil producing regions, a holy Muslim state around Mecca and Medina and a rump Saudi state around Riyadh.

Russian rapprochement with the US military has also led to a purge of anti-Russian Khazarian influence in Poland, according to Pentagon sources. This is why Zionist billionaire Jan Kulczyk, anti-Russian ex foreign minister and ex Radoslaw Sikorksi and his neocon wife Anne Applebaum have been “booted out” of power, the sources said.

All of these power struggles and information leaks come as the world economic and financial system continues to grind down towards dysfunction. Last week, the US protectorate of Puerto Rico officially went bankrupt. Although efforts are being made to make this seem isolated from the US itself, Puerto Rico is just the canary in the coal mine for its owner, the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Corporation, which is also bankrupt.

The simultaneously plunging prices of oil, coal, copper, steel and other commodities show that China’s mighty economic engine is also grinding to a halt. China’s impressive growth spurt was powered mainly by construction and exports. With US and European markets withering and with construction reaching saturation levels (think of all those empty new cities), China is having to change gears.

The Chinese say they are going to shift to services, domestic demand and innovation but China is probably going to have to take one step backwards before it can start moving forward again. The stock market crash in China is not the cause of all this but rather a symptom. Another way of putting it is that the easy part for China, copying models that worked elsewhere, is over and now they will have to forge ahead into unknown economic territory. The upshot of all this is that China will be less willing and able to keep financing the US and Europe until it readjusts its own economy.

Speaking about Europe, let us not forget the Greek crisis is really not about Greece but also about Portugal, Italy, Spain, France and Germany. This crisis continues to fester away unsolved and unsolvable using the current economic paradigm.

As a writer I have learned that when an article is not going well, sometimes it is necessary to start again with a blank page. In this case, it means ending the Babylonian debt slavery paradigm that has ruled the West for the past 100 years. Now that more than 100 years have passed since the Federal Reserve Board was privatized, eight out of ten Americans is a debt slave.

Standards of living in the US have been falling since the 1960’s while in Japan they have been falling since the Khazarian economic model was imposed in the 1990’s. Europe is also in deep economic trouble.

There is talk of a jubilee (one time write off of debt and redistribution of assets) starting this autumn. It would be a good place to start. The gnostic illuminati, if they are serious about ending bloodline rule, need to push for the nationalization of central banks. The bloodline families, if they wish to avoid another French or Russian style bloody revolution, need to stand aside gracefully from financial control and perhaps be allowed to continue their role as ribbon cutters and fodder for gossip magazines.

In the meantime, just as happened with the fall of the Soviet Union, we are now being exposed to rare inside information at a blistering rate. We need to keep this information for reference before it vanishes.

Benjamin Fulford

As I received this via a friend I do not have the original link but my guess is you will find it on ‘Stillness in the Storm’. TZ

Therese Zumi

07/08/2015 at 1412 PM CET

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  1. Therese, thanks for your brief intro to Ben’s post. i Iove his posts more than most things i view on the internet (and that is aIot) thanks for your word of caution and moderation. i have to admit that i am among those that cIing to timelines and dates and september/october seems Iike some juicy times for us. You as weII, are among the few people i take what they say verbatim and as conscious relayers of reality. What is your idea of the Iatest taIk about “wave x” that is coming to this faII and aIso how is it reIated to the “Event” scenario? thanks

    • Hi Peter
      Thank you for your kind words but it scares me a little bit to be taken verbatim as I do not have 100% certainty about everything that I write about. We who collaborate on this site are doing our utmost to stay closest to the real truth as much as we can. If you take a look at Cobra’s recent post The Galactic Wave of Love you really have an answer there. This ‘wave X’ is none other than the Tsunami Wave of Love that many have spoken of now for several years. I first started using that term after hearing the expression from listening to Linda Dillon’s channeling on Golden Age of Gaia. The ‘early waves’ of this Galactic/Tsunami Wave of Love have been reaching us for several years now and the Big Wave will culminate in the Event. Cobra quote “We are approaching a Galactic wave right now and it will culminate in the Event.”…..”But the main aspect of this Galactic pulse will be a wave of cosmic Love. This Love energy is the basis of universal cosmic reality and is now reaching our shores. This energy has Galactic proportions and can not be stopped by the Cabal, no matter what they try to do.” he also said “Many people are expecting the Galactic wave to hit us in September or even before that. This is very unlikely, as complexity wave analysis shows first increased probability peak in October-December timeframe.” So Peter I recommend that you study Cobra’s words on that post as it will give insight as to the “active interaction between our global consciousness and the Galactic Center”. What Cobra is telling us here {and has been on a regular basis} is that The Event is happening as a result of our awakening and our united desire for real change on Gaia. This Wave’s energy from the Heart of our Galaxy {I like to say from Mother/Father ONE – SOURCE } is helping us in this process, coaxing more and more people {beings of Source and as such with the built in right to ‘decreed + command’ what we desire} to say ‘No More Enough Now Change Now.’ We have now reached a point in time when so many {including about 50% of humanity who have no clue about the real truth but that long for, desire, scream out to God in the night} desire freedom and change that this will inevitably come now. Nothing like Cobra says can stop this. Hope this helps and answers your question Therese Z. Here Link to Galactic Wave of Love


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