Colorado Judge Curry: “It appears we might be having some form of revolution within the ranks…” – US Marshals

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On Aug 7, 2015, at 12:26 PM, Steve Curry <[email protected]> wrote:

It appears we might be having some form of revolution within the ranks, as we are learning that our US Marshals, or at least 70% of them, have had it with the corruption & fraud at both the Federal & State levels, while 30% of them want to continue taking bribes to look the other way when it comes to arresting corrupt public officials. This is, definitely, the case in Denver, and other districts, as well.

According to several reliable sources, there are a good number of US Marshals asking for arrest warrants to reign in these true terrorists, yet, those warrants would come from the DOJ, the most corrupt corporate agency on the Continent.

With that in mind, perhaps these Marshals are asking for arrest warrants from the People, and from the Superior Courts of the Continental United States of America?

If this is the case, we would need additional judges to handle the work load, and we would happy to oblige them.

For your local region, the attached HTML link offers contact information for each district, should you wish to support their efforts in turning our country around.

Do not be surprised, however, if the Marshal defers and refers you directly to DOJ, where your interrogatories, comments, and suggestions, will be dismissed, or thwarted, by one of the thousands of BAR attorneys working to safeguard their RICO operations.

Should you find that Marshal has deferred to the DOJ, you might want to remind the good Marshal, that his jurisdiction, power, and authority, fall under the United States Postal Service, and NOT the DOJ. The DOJ, pursuant to the Original & Organic Constitution, is under the Judiciary, and NOT the Executive branch of government. As such, the DOJ lacks the law enforcement powers of the Executive branch, and they cannot instruct, or order the US Marshals to do anything!

The Marshal Service is a law enforcement function of the Executive branch, and the Postal Service, where its duties are to keep commerce among men flowing smoothly and to protect against any obstruction of that commerce. The US Marshals, with the help of common law juries, have the power to investigate, indict, arrest, prosecute, try, and convict those using the Post Office to commit crimes against humanity; ie, the mailing of fraudulent, fictitious, and fabricated securities, such as Oaths of Office filed by BAR members posing as “government employees,” or “public officers.”


These Oaths of Office, again, are commercial contracts, and can be foreclosed upon like any other Promissory Note with a properly constructed Commercial Obligation Lien, or Salvage Lien, pursuant to 15 USC 1 & 2, along with a host of 18, 22, 28, and 42 USC Titles.

The best part of using Commercial Obligation Liens, is that these Liens are NON-JUDICIAL, and strictly COMMERCIAL, for the obvious reason, that there exists NO “judges” with the jurisdiction, authority, or power, to review, opine, adjudicate, or rule over a case involving another “judge,” or any member of the judiciary. This would, in essence, be a major conflict of interest, a fraud, a deception, and a very serious breach of trust, a breach of contract of the ABA’s very own Rule #8 found in their Professional Code of Conduct.

If anyone, including the US Marshals, are looking for a remedy, and looking for a way in which to dissolve the BAR, the answer is quite clear, and exceedingly simple!! Use their very own Oaths of Offices, and their corporate charters against them!!

To those US Marshals who are standing as men of Honor, I commend you on your service, and I salute you!

To those who serve only themselves, or serve at the discretion the DOJ, may your wife deposit all of your possessions in the street while you are out arresting non-violent individuals who have been declared to be “domestic terrorists,” and enemies of the BAR.

Your wives & children deserve more respect & Honor than what pillage, plunder, and seized treasures of others, you are bringing home. SHAME ON YOU, AND SHAME ON YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS FOR SUPPORTING YOU!!!

Judge Curry

Superior Court of the United States of America

(970) 249-8879

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  1. I am in need of serious help. I am a victim of this heinous, corrupt court system…pinellas county judicial courts are incarcerating men for pretend offences. I was kidnapped during a injunction hearing due to my greedy wife whom stands to make over $100,000 dollars by keeping me in jail or away from the house I’ve spent over $200,000 dollars on. Hers lies has landed me in jail for 2 months in max security for texting my youngest daughter ” incase you didn’t know I love you and this us breaking my heart” and they deemed this a crime called ” felony aggravated stalking…this court has separated and destroyed and fun loving family of 18 years in 1 single day I am now homeless broke a d forced to pay for and where a GPS tracking device around me leg…I’ve never so much as raised my hand to my wife or daughters. I’ve loved and cherished them…my wife suffers from a brain disorder but the judges act like this is some kind if business and quickly move everyone thru its court rooms like they receive commission on how many cases they can put off for another month. It has cost me $10000 + $20000 stolen by my father in law and i haven’t even been able to say a word in my defense…I’m being ignored and I even have a paid lawyer…this is crazy…as crazy as it gets…I was kidnapped held for ransom against my will and treated like an animal or worse. I need help…

  2. I hope this goes far deep and wide, these corrupt agencies destroyed my own family, cost me millions of dollars and eventually pushed me out of the United States Incorporated (Crown Inc)

  3. As always, Judge Curry, you are on point! Thank you for the excellent article, and be sure to send any US Marshals in Texas my way.
    Warm regards,
    Judge Char Sines – Superior Court of the United States of America – Abilene, TX


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