A Small Quartz Deletes Radiation etc. We Totally Underestimate the Power of Crystals.

A Small Quartz Deletes Radiation etc. The truth about Fukushima radiation not to shock/frighten but to educate so we regain control. We totally underestimate the power of crystals.

I truly urge those of you who have not seen this message from Keisha to listen carefully to her profound words here. You will not regret the 30 minutes spent on listening to this I guarantee you that. If you do not fully understand just how powerful YOU are then these words here will make that clear to you.

IMPORTANT message to all Earth people, 2015 – Keisha Crowther/Little Grandmother


Highly recommended ! Therese Zumi

PS: This is the 90 minute version and if you liked the first 30 minutes you will love the rest I promise.
It is my wish that everyone on this planet could hear this lecture – if so we would no longer have any problems! Such is the importance of her words.
For those who would like to ‘connect their dots’ and have a clearer understanding of what The Event / The Shift will entail then this just might be the missing dot for you?


Therese Zumi


30/09/2015 at 1415 PM CEST



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