Little Grandmother 2015 Talks About The Shift
Why the Vibration of Love is So Important

Today she came so strongly into my mind – Keisha – Little Grandmother and I looked for some new interviews with her. You may know of her and her message but I am absolutely convinced that we could all do with listening to her again and again. She does not talk about The Event. She talks about the time when the magnetic pole shift does it’s ‘flip’ and how everything that we are feeling then becomes magnified enormously for better or worse. When we live in the vibration of Love and Gratitude there is absolutely nothing to fear because that is what the Shift/Event will magnify. Like Cobra points out regarding the Galactic Wave of Love that the cabal will not be able to do anything when that day arrives, you will feel that knowingness when you listen to Keisha.

There is nothing to fear. When the day of the Shift of the Ages arrives, when the day of The Event arrives all we need to do is stay home with our loved ones and relax and light a candle and know that finally the day of peace on earth has arrived. If we have work that we must do that day we will have perfect clarity as to what and how and when and where. The final five minutes on this video she explains a little about the world after The Event / Shift.

You may recall when Cobra spoke with Rob a month ago how he mentioned that we are already in the midst of this magnetic pole shift and it cannot go back as Keisha says – she tells  us that for  years now the airports have had to rebuild their landing strips because due north has changed completely. {you might have seem that 3-4 minute video that Danell posted here a couple of weeks ago where the group of Inuit people’s from the north explain how everything has changed for them – sky is different – the sun is higher – they have two instead of one hour for hunting at a certain time of the year.

One day when we least expect it the flip will happen and the only thing to fear is fear itself because when people are in fear it magnifies. Listen to beautiful Keisha and know that Love is all we need and let’s focus on that now – let’s reduce our need for intake of fearful news of any kind. We will soon be in that new world listen to those last minutes and know that that’s what we have ahead.

Little Grandmother tells about Big changes on mother earth! Published on 12 Apr 2015

PS: it was thanks to this lady and her work that I found myself getting involved in the changes taking place. I heard of her in October 2010 and met her in Stockholm on July 1st 2012. Cobra explained at the LA conference in 2012 that ‘one’ of her roles was to work with the placing of huge crystals at important places worldwide to balance the earths energy grid. If you want to understand more about the power of crystals this is the lady to listen to.

Like Keisha says if your having a bad day – the best thing that you can do is take 5 minutes and sit down and think about something that you are grateful for and focus on that for five minutes then you will have turned that negative energy that was affecting you around! It absolutely works every-time!

Like Keisha says because Love is so much stronger than hate it only takes a handful of us deciding to live in and focus upon the Love vibration to change this planet and we are doing that!

When Cobra asked us to unite in a European meditation recently we had 20 videos in 20 languages produced in about 24 hours. Isn’t that amazing!! A thank you to the amazing translators and the amazing Smaly 7 from everyone at PFC.


Therese Zumi

30/09/2015 at 1404 PM CEST

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