Light Work for October, 2015

There are three Clearing and Healing lists on this page with an emphasis on locations, with important meetings and some individuals also.

Everyone of us is our own best judge of what is in need of clearing and energy. This list is meant to be a global list of places in need of clearing of the dark energies that can foment hatred and violence, create misunderstanding and intolerance and lead to poor judgement. Keep in mind as you view this list that a personal attachment to one of these places gives you additional power to connect and heal that place. For you, that is a priority above others.

This list will be repeated each week and the ranking changed, with some locations dropping off and others added.

General Locations (from Untwine) most in need of clearing, in order of priority IMO:

  • Long Island (chimera bases),
  • Syria
  • Iraq
  • Afghanistan (war, major goddess vortex),
  • Congo (crazy war and genocide, place of 1996 archon invasion),
  • Chechyna (war, violence, place of first 2 archon invasions),
  • Ukraine (war, major goddess vortex)
  • Cern,
  • Israel/Palestine,
  • Kashmir (war, violence),
  • China (financial related violence, dictature),
  • North Korea,
  • Nigeria (violence),
  • Washington DC,
  • London,
  • Rome, and
  • Paris (major cabal and archon centers),
  • Thule Greenland (major acupuncture point, negative military base),
  • Egypt and
  • Greece (major vortexes attracting lots of attentions)
  • Moscow (unresolved local issues, clearing Cabal manipulations), Japan (crossroad between eastern alliance and western powers),

Some additional key Gaia acupuncture points, that don’t necessarily need clearing as much, but can be used to heal the planetary energies by sending light though them :

  • Crete,
  • Malta,
  • Ibiza,
  • Azores,
  • Caribbean,
  • Tahiti,
  • Uluru,
  • Bali,
  • Lake Titicaca,
  • Mount Kailash,
  • Pamirs,
  • Mount Shasta,
  • Easter Island,
  • Orkney,
  • Hill of Tara,
  • Avebury,
  • Niagara Falls,


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  1. Shall Cobra confirm the above mentioned list and shall he also provide a technique to keep the light energy from the second list and to send it to the list which needs healing. May we learn from him.


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