2 thoughts on “Let’s build with Hempcrete”

  1. Non-terrestrials!!!! I am very wary of any talk about these creatures. Especially since I know of the Project Blue Beam and the Cabals plan to stage a phony second coming of Christ. I need more information about these Non-terrestrials. If there are such beings I believe they would be friendly because since they are much more highly advanced, they would have solved the war problem within there civilization long ago.

  2. I LOVE HEMP. There would be no more wars if had hemp production back. Anything that isn’t glass or metal can be made from Hemp. A hemp house is flood proof and fire proof. The nutrients in hemp are amazing, you can run a car on hemp as Ford did with his early models. Now comes JP Morgan to start a smear campaign and has all the hemp farms burnt to the ground. Sad, true story.

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