2 thoughts on “Video with Ron Paul: Who Owns the Federal Reserve?”

  1. thanks for your attempts to bring these important economic issues to our attention. who else is listening besides me. Do the people who make policy take this to heart? Does this have the impact it needs to in order to change policy. ? i hope so but am skeptical.

  2. he sat on top and watched them set up our fall, yet he feels he has no accountability. so very sorry to inform him, what he did comes with a price so very high, come payday, he’ll wish he stood and fought and died there, trying to save the people business, but he chose to get rich instead, he didn’t make enough money to buy him out of this coming judgement, because no price can be paid. GOD is one who can not be brought. it looked easy enough at the time, but now that time is so very short and payment is going to be paid in full. this apply s to everyone. each of us had a job to do, what we did is going to be put on a scale and weighted, most find it wont be favorable to them. it was called the hard choice and you took the easy one. GOD have mercy on us all…

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