Here is the video ‘THE PLEIADIAN MESSAGE’ – a wake up call for the family of Light. Enjoy.

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A reader has reminded me of this video and I just took a look at it now for the first time in 2 years: If you have not seen this it is ~

Highly Recommended: !!


Therese Zumi

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04/01/2016 at 1840 PM CET

5 thoughts on “‘THE PLEIADIAN MESSAGE’”

  1. Maybe the pleiadian come from just below our feet. There are the breakaway inner earth civilization in disguise. No more deception please we surface humanity deserve freedom this is the will of prime creator!

  2. these are evil being which are lying every chance they get. your bible holds all the truth you will ever need. this is the great lie that will be put on everyone real soon. many will see these guys and believe them, even to the point of getting the mark of the beast, which will send them to the real hell all these guys go to after this is done and JESUS comes back and saves those who didn’t fall for the crap. DON’T TAKE THE MARK, a chip forced under the skin on all people great and small, just like the bible says…

  3. I think we have to be very careful to discern that these beings are eternal, living and organic, and not from the false light, especially when we’re on the brink of change and there is lots of infiltration going on to make people passive. Check for yourself in a meditation – ask Archangel Michael to show up and then ask the eternal, living, organic one to show up and you’ll feel the difference.

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