by Therese Zumi Sumner

The old 3D reality is gone! We are now most definitely anchored in 4D Gaia and moving up energetically towards the 5th dimension. It would seem that many Lightworkers are exhausted and ready to ‘give up’ – they are ‘hanging on by their fingernails’, they can’t cope any longer after many years of hoping and longing and working for change one way or another, some are in economic difficulties or difficult relationships. The advice that Archangel Michael has for these Lightworkers may seem strange to some people because He says to those Lightworkers ‘Let go’! He suggests that they stop hanging onto the old 3rd in any way and just let it go. He does not admonish them to become homeless or drastically make life difficult for themselves but He tries to convey to us that the old 3D reality is no more and there is absolutely no point in trying to adapt to its ways.

If we now desire that the new reality come to us quicker then we need to be prepared for that reality NOW. What we are hoping to find ourselves in after the Shift – after The Event is a reality where LOVE abounds. We are looking forward to a reality where people will cooperate with one another, smile lovingly towards one another, accept others for who they are etc. We are submersed right now in Loving Divine Light energies on this planet. They have been pouring over us, through us, around us for years now and these energies are changing everything. These are the energies that are bringing all of the truth to the surface, the energies that are awakening people in the tens of millions right now. We have no need of much of anything that the old 3D world represents so we must be willing right now to let it all go and allow the new reality to come to us.

Right now the cabal has managed to create situations of tension and chaos in one form or another in many places around the globe. The US has had more than its fair share of chaos and tension for several years now. The cabal have not however succeeded in their attempts to start WW3 despite so many attempts to do this in the Middle East area, however they have taken advantage of the situation by purposely creating chaos in Europe through their invitation to refugees to come to Europe and seek asylum. Anyone with eyes to see knows this has been orchestrated. This is now affecting the everyday life of millions of Europeans who are concerned with many aspects of this chaos not in least the rape of many women in countries like Germany. I recently wrote this short article on this subject as very little has been mentioned about it on the alternative or mainstream media.

In my own country there are many signs of hidden corruption rising to the surface and there is definitely an information war which they are even speaking about now. Of course the information is biased and focused on making Putin the culprit. All of these signs are showing us clearly that change is inevitable and truth is winning. The chaos itself should be a reminder to those who are awake that it is evidence of the desperation of a dying cabal group doing what they can to delay the inevitable change approaching.

By Losing Ourselves in These Dramas – We Let Them Win!!

We Lightworkers must now learn to rise above these dramas being orchestrated and played out wherever we live. By focusing on the chaos we lower our own ability to be the loving force that we could – can be now.
Spreading LOVE is the ONLY way to truly speed up the process of change.

Archangel Michael asked us to do something to help speed up the process of change that also Sananda – Yeshua – Jesus has claimed will be a part of this year 2016. He asked us to SMILE! He asked us to relax, to try to have some fun, to LET GO of all worry, to smile knowingly because we are on our way to the enormous change that we desire. He urged us to let go of worry and let it happen. He asked us to spread the LOVE that is so needed now and its EASY. We can try smiling at people we meet on the street – not everyone will meet your eyes but to those who do give them a warm smile, even a ‘hello’ if it feels spontaneous. LOVE is catching! Love is contagious! Let’s do this now! Let’s all stop any tendencies to worry about things – let’s all let go, let’s all relax and try to enjoy our days in the KNOWINGNESS that change is inevitable soon.

It is mathematically impossible to prevent the truth about all kinds of things from reaching mainstream media soon. It’s mathematically impossible for the cabal to be able to keep control. You have all seen plenty of evidence here and elsewhere for the truth coming forward at an ever increasing speed and depth!

Victory to the Light is assured! Let’s start acting like we know it all the time.

To listen to this wonderful message from Archangel Michael here is the link to the show on In-Light Radio;
Archangel Michael: Your World is Changing. This is the Transformation
Therese Zumi

24/01/2016 at 1000 AM CET

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  1. Hey Therese, thank you so much for this information – just today I was looking for some clarity and support in regards to the direction I’m heading and this is exactly what I needed! I still find that I can lose focus and get somewhat drawn into the 3D dramas, specially when I spend time with my aged parents, whom I love dearly, but they are very security and materially focused (understandably as they lived through WWII in Europe as kids). After reading this I feel like I can relax again and just drop the stress. Lots of love to you. M 🙂


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