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When we use the word Goddess, different people will have different views, feelings and thoughts behind the word, about what a Goddess is for them. There are many archetypes of the Goddess and of feminine energy out there, some healthy and some not, some in tune with the Source/Creator and some not. These various archetypes correspond to actual existing energy fields and frequencies.

When a group of people meditate on Peace together, they create an energy field of Peace, which will circulate out there and fuel more manifestations of Peace in the future, based on these people’s ideas of Peace.

When the cabal creates a false flag and then bombards certain ideas about it all over mass media, many people start having the negative emotions and thougts engineered by the false flag, which will generate an energy field of fear for example, which will then circulate out there and fuel more manifestations of fear in the future.

 When a group of black magicians do a ceremony using a pentagram for negative intentions such as suffering and manipulation, they attach a certain energy field onto that sacred geometry, which will circulate out there. 

The same principle applies when a group of people do a ceremony for the Light using a pentagram for positive intentions such as harmony, divine will, balance, etc. 

Using sacred geometry is especially powerful because it is everywhere out there, for example all the fruits humans can eat have flowers with 5 petals on them. So, through resonance principles, pentagram energy fields will connect with the pentagrams that exist out there. When we look at a pentagram, we can feel all kinds of energy fields associated with it. Then, as creators we can transform, clear things, and choose which energy field we tune into.

The same principle applies for women/goddess/divine feminine.

There are natural archetypes/energy fields, for example Venus : there is the planet Venus, and the goddess Venus, and many other women and goddesses in the universe which are representations and incarnations of that archetype. There are others, such as the Moon, Ceres, Sekhmet, etc. These archetypes are universal. As diverse as the universe is, it actually always reproduces the same archetypes in many different variations : star and planets, water fire earth and air, etc. All natural archetypes are positive, because Source only creates harmony.

Then the dark forces have manipulated these archetypes just like they have manipulated the pentagram. So, just like with the pentagram, it’s important to make conscious choices about which energy field we tune into when we are talking about the Goddess.

In popular culture, there is a very common distorted archetype of the Goddess which we could call the evil queen. She’s the evil queen in ‘Snow white’, the witch in the ‘Wizard of Oz’, the evil queen in ‘Alice in Wonderland’, etc. You can find her in countless other popular stories and movies because  these are actually esoteric stories created by members of esoteric groups. They tell different stories in different contexts that are actually about the same characters, because they’re not characters, they’re archetypes.

For example in Alice in Wonderland, the main character Alice follows the white rabbit, goes down the rabbit hole, chooses between two cakes, one that makes her small and one that makes her tall, and has a bunch of adventures leading her to the final battle against the evil queen.

In the movie Matrix, the main character Neo follows the white rabbit (tattoo) at the beginning of the movie, leading him to have to choose between two pills, red and blue, and has a bunch of adventures leading him to the final battle against the Matrix, and matrix means womb. The Matrix is the evil queen.


londonhellstatue1Of course this evil archetype is not a natural part of Source’s design, it’s an invention by sick psychopathic people in order to misuse the powerful feminine energy for their insane intentions. However, just like with the pentagram, these groups have done a lot to create a strong energy field of that evil queen, and plaster it all over society, so she has become very present on this planet and the majority of the human population actually tune more into her than into true healthy archetypes. All the women used in advertising selling the shiny poisonned apple, all the mk ultra victims singers and actresses, all the prominent women in black nobility such as european royals or italian archon black nobility (palaviccini, aldobrandini, etc) are all connected to the evil queen one way or another.

All these pictures of women we see in streets of big cities and media are the carrot on a stick driving the whole system, the only motivation for people to keep going to their slave jobs, the promise for men that if they work hard then these women will receive them, and the promise for women that if they become like that then they will get what they desire. This is magnetic energy, which is feminine nature, mis-used for evil purpose.

You can also see various representations of the evil queen in public occult, the most striking example being this recent statue in London (right

You probably think this has nothing to do with a Goddess statue. I agree.

However the people who made that statue think it is a Goddess, it’s their idea of the Goddess, standing quite close to Buckingham Palace.

veronajesuitThe statue is called ‘she guardian’, and the artist says that ‘the ferocity of the sculpture demonstrates maternal protectiveness’. You can clearly see the motherly nipples showing on the statue, which i saw again on another statue in the streets of Verona, Italy :

At the bottom of this pic you see a plaque of a tribute to some influential jesuit guy, with their famous symbol IHS. Above you see a statue with similar energy to the one in London, with an evil wolf mother and two humanbabies drinking milk from her nipples.

As you probably know, among jesuits circles are several archons who are controlling the rest of the physical cabal.

This is from an old Cobra post about archon black nobility families connected to the jesuits :

“The Aldobrandini family contains members of the original group which chose to experience separation from the Source millions of years ago. They have in their possession secret documents about the existence of Atlantis and fragments of rituals of Atlantean mystery schools. This family is aware of the importance of the Goddess energy. There is a certain fact about this family that will be made public after the Event and will surprise many people.”


This family is one of the main anchor for the evil queen frequency. They are the architects behind a lot of the most famous ‘art’ on the planet, such as stanley kubirck’s movies, the rolling stones music, or picasso’s paintings for example. So you may want to be careful what art you connect into because there is a lot of occult going on.


Feminine energy is unity, reception, magnetism. The way the evil queen interferes with our life is by using magnetism and our desire for unity in order to manipulate us into controlling and hurtful circumstances. For example the message of all the women (representing unity energetically) in advertising is essentially : »this is the way everybody does it, if you want to be one with the other people then you should be that way too. Everybody eats junk food, dresses and behaves like this, so you should too or you will be left aside, rejected.« 

This is a very powerful force, when a human being feels rejected by another human being, the part of the brain that gets activated is the same as pain. So essentially the brain doesn’t know the difference between being punched in the face or feeling rejected, which is a major factor in many strong impulsions and reactions we have seen regularly. 

What that tells us is we are beings of community, solidarity, and unity. We are made for that. Unfortunately this has been used against us but we can heal by becoming conscious again.

fbevilqueenConsequences of misuse of unity-magnetism manifest in various forms of approval addiction, because people have been tricked to look for unity where they can never find it. They are unknowingly addicted to the matrix, having been given false promises of safety and community in that fake toxic womb of various dysfunctional harsh social structures, and don’t know where to go if they get out and change their ways. Never satisfied, never really loved and never really in unity, they become approval addicts, judging ideas and people by the number of likes on facebook, by the price tag on things, etc, essentially seeking things that ‘everybody else likes’ (and later are presented with controlled oppositions

This is a principle that the cabal uses a lot which can be called the drug principle. For example when somebody consumes heroin (the name of the drug has been carefully chosen by the way), chemicals in the drug plug themselves into the receptors for endorphins in the body. Endorphin is a natural hormone that the body produces which make us feel relaxed, pleasure and comfort. Chemicals in heroin mimick endorphins and replace it in the body receptors, activating its effects of pleasure and comfort. Then the problem is that the receptors adapt to the drug chemicals, and are no longer able to receive natural body endorphins, so the sense of pleasure and comfort is hijacked and can only be felt by using the drug. This is how the drug can be very addictive and damaging, but of course it can be reversed.

venusia1This same principle is used by the cabal for many other things. For example shopping addiction can hijack the sense of feeling supported, social media can hijack the sense of community, connection with blood family can hijack connection with soul family, contradicting others can hijack the sense of standing up for oneself, watching movies and tv can hijack our sense of adventure, etc etc. It is all done by mimicking a certain aspect of us and replacing it by an artificial toxic one. There can still be good in some of the things listed above, as long as they are done in a healthy way and don’t replace our true nature.

Many people have to recover from matrix addiction. As with any addiction recovery, the first step is to stop taking the drug, and then reconnect with the natural aspect of us that was hijacked. Once heroin addicts have stopped using the drug, they truly recover only when they can connect again with their natural body endorphins. Humanity needs to disconnect from the evil queen and reconnect with the real Goddess of the true Light of Source.

The Venus retrograde cycle we are currently in seems to me to be a particularly important and powerful one. It seems that this is a major step to end and remove distorted Goddess energy fields and ideas, so we can then reconnect properly with the true version.

It is a time where we look within and are being faced with all our distorted views and patterns about Goddess energy, which concern our relationships, our sense of loving and being loved, supporting and being supported, etc. All the negative occult on the planet has been influencing people’s relationships with their inner feminine, with the women in their lives, and their relationships of all kind. So our views have been influenced by the occult, and also by all our past experiences, and we need to stop looking at things through these filters. Venus retrograde has been working hard at removing them.


The actual true, pure, loving Goddess we are in a process of reconnecting into always sees us for who we truly are, for our highest potential, respects our unique way, recognizes our unique purpose, forgives us, always grants us, without requirements, the abundance and the healing we need to be our highest potential, because it is all for-given.

I have recently been travelling for gridwork and found in several places presence of healthy Goddess energy that has been absent in many other places on Earth.

Hopefully you can connect with the pictures and feel the energy :

Venus statue in Venice (Venezia-Venusia)

minoan11minoanreconstructionThe Minoan culture on Crete was very connected with the Light, Goddess energy and Balance.

And of course, all the above applies to men and masculine energy also. There is an obvious distorted energy field of masculine energy, which is stupid, aggressive, selfish, has no feeling, etc. This is not true masculinity. The true masculine is a movement that initiates, penetrates and gives, with love. Here is an Ancient Minoan painting representing balanced and healthy masculine :


And to conclude, you can pause and look at this picture for a while, and observe everything that surfaces within you.


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  1. Thank you for the article. Questions:

    About the lion sculpture, Q : “The statue is called ‘she guardian’, and the artist says that ‘the ferocity of the sculpture demonstrates maternal protectiveness’. “
    Protection I miss in your description in both female and masculine qualities. Is that because it’s not needed after reunion? From where do we think and discuss?

    Q: ‘All the negative occult on the planet has been influencing people’s relationships with their inner feminine, with the women in their lives, and their relationships of all kind.’
    Somewhere I read that we were born with all our mothers built up in their lives and was given to us. I was very very empty, ignorant and not educated in what was important for women to know, I suppose like many of us. Another recent article describes that we had 9 veils.
    I found out that to my surprise there are many people with totally different history and awareness. (O man, one question after the other comes up).
    Was anything left of our own true nature? Were 9 veils for everybody?

    Q: ‘Feminine energy is unity, reception, magnetism.’
    ‘The true masculine is a movement that initiates, penetrates and gives, with love.’
    So the whole feminism was a few steps back from our natural state. Does penetrate just mean the physical or is there more to it?


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