3 thoughts on “Pharmaceutical Death Industry Exposed!

  1. To understand completely you need to read up on the illuminati, Freemasons, true history of humanity, aliens walking among us, occult symbolism & new world order agenda. It’s a lot to take in but it’s all connected and will show you exactly why this isn’t enough disclosure to stop the scumbags who could give a shit about our lives they only care about profit & keeping us sick & killing us off with toxic vaccinations & pharmaceuticals. They will create the illness or virus and then create the vaccine or medicine for it. It’s mind blowing really. And we keep going back for more every single time. They have massive influence & pay people to discredit and ruin the life of anyone who tries to expose them. Look up how many holistic doctors have been killed for finding the link between vaccines & autism not to mention other diseases which were created on purpose.

  2. This is not enough disclosure. Why isn’t this on the news, every station in every city in the world? Why is this still being allowed? It is not enough disclosure. This is a hideous crime against humanity and they are still getting away with it. In fact states are making vaccines mandatory. What is wrong with this picture?

    • As long as the Cabal owns all major TV/Ratio networks, there will be NO truth or disclosure. Hopefully this will be short lived as the Cabal is going down.

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