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MEAN GREEN MACHINE: Climate Change Propaganda

TZ here ~ This is truly well said and covers it all very well in 11 minutes.


Please spread this around for newly awakening to this subject.


Therese Zumi


08/02/2016 at 1823 PM CET

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  1. Heather Mills, your lack of research on this subject is evidenced by your ignorance of the facts. There is unquestionable documentation (from government sources) that this has been the “norm” for at least 60 years. To say that jet fuel causes these vapor trails, is to not understand the operation of a commercial jet engine. You show no desire to learn the truth, and whether you like it or not, these poisonous chemicals are taking a toll on your health as well. Research!! The truth is readily available to those who care to look. Have a look, before you spread more of your ignorance!!

  2. “Chemical Trails” are simply vapor trails left by jets using their fuel. This has been going on since the invention and use of jets. I’ve been a commercial pilot since 1987. It saddens me to see so many people buying into this lie.

    • Your comment is disingenuous at best and deliberate disinformation at worst, ranking with telling children who are playing with mercury, that it won’t hurt them. Usually, when I see a comment like this, one that claims experience as a pilot as their reason for denying that “chem” trails exist, I assume they are paid liars working in a troll shop where they are rewarded for posting total BS on websites or in newsgroups created to share knowledge. This line must be in your “instructions for trolling”, because I have seen it many times, you know offering personal experience (I’m a pilot”) to validate your ridiculous assertions.

  3. I just hope with all this toxicity around us not only is it our responsibility to speak out BUT we also need to upgrade what we put into our bodies. Clean, real food, water, water, water, exercise, yoga and supplements. Research. Be well. War’s almost officially over. This is the home stretch.

  4. Please, sign the petition against project Haarp and Chemtrails. Share it with your friends,thank you!

    Per favore firmate la mia petizione contro il progetto Haarp e le scie chimiche. Condividete Grazie,

    Por favor, firma mi petición contra la trazos químicos y el proyecto HAARP – Control del clima!- Comparte con tus amigos! ¡Gracias


  5. I have been awakened over 3 years ago, my job my focus is to prevent carbon trading at the international level this type of market is exactly what is happening with the chem trails and the death to over 7 billion humans. I understood it over the three years ago and of course now I get death threats from the World Bank and the United Nations but I will not stop. I work in international committees writing international policy on carbon markets and of course I’m stopping it and they don’t like it. Everything said in the video is true however there’s a real problem that we’re not understanding, there truly is warming of the planet the gases the main being Carbon, methane, and nitrous oxide are very dangerous those gases are thickening and between the years 2030 and 2050 the earth’s temperature will be 120 to 180 degrees Fahrenheit humans will not survive this. This is confirmed by NASA and the world’s greatest minds in climatology however those folks must be very careful of the information they releasing as they have contracts with governments and so forth. There are major changes happening with this carbon market and many countries, NGOs, NASA scientists, and federal judges and many more are now gathering to stop this I am one of those leaders with a very large backing of those backers are slow to realization. I would like very much for someone to comment please send me an email I don’t mind giving it because this is the year that it all comes out and I’ve been spreading the news, thank you for a wonderful video and let all good humans share this knowledge as we shall prevent our annihilation. [email protected]


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