LifeForce Weekly Update on the Current State of Affairs

Join Kim Goguen, Tank and Global Assembly Members from Life Force and Project Speak for an engaging and informative presentation about the current state of affairs. Kim outlines the structure of power control that has existed on the planet and how that is changing right now. She introduces a special guest, The Viking, who is … Read more

Jeremy Elliot on the New World Order

Jeremy Elliot from the Iconic Podcast created this excellent summary and commentary about the so-called New World Order and the current state of the world. Faceboook flagged this video as false content which makes it even more interesting to watch. Source: Iconic Podcast on YouTube:… 

Top Strategic Analysis of Recent False Flags and Critical Warning

Brilliant next level presentation by Ole Dammegard who has been a crucial truth seeker and intelligence reporter that made his reputation on false flag event analysis over the years. His work is found at This discussion with Sacha Stone of New Earth Project, himself a global ambassador for critical thought and truth seeker, goes … Read more

Benjamin Fulford Interview: Scamdemic Exposes the Enemy Within! Wake UP!

In today’s interview recorded on the 6th May 2020 (US), we get info from his sources regarding the on-going war, which is becoming more and more public. We get into the questions of who knows what in regards to factions of the Cabal that are attributable to the Nazi 4th Reich. Ben makes a case … Read more

Benjamin Fulford Talks: Helsinki, India and Africa. Interview July 19, 2018 with Prepare For Change

Update: The transcript is now posted lower in this article, after “Previous Benjamin Fulford Interviews.” On July 19, 2018, spoke for a sixth time in this series of 2018 interviews with Benjamin Fulford. Benjamin tells us what Putin and Trump talked about in Helsinki, including security of Europe being provided by Russia and the … Read more

Benjamin Fulford Says: Lets Rid the Earth of the Psychopaths In Charge, May 17, 2018 with had the pleasure of an interview with Benjamin Fulford on May 17, 2018. In this interview, conducted by Richard and Meg, Benjamin gives us his view of what our world could be. Benjamin suggests our environment could be clean and our health could be excellent. Our financial system could be fair and our world … Read more

Benjamin Fulford ~ Revolution may start in France as crazy Zionists try yet again to start WW3

TZ here: I have decided to post Ben Fulfords weekly update this week as my feeling about it is that its very reliable. Many are concerned about what they see happening in Syria ‘someone’ trying to start a war (their armageddon plans) by any means. Instead of being completly in the dark about whats going … Read more

New Interview: Bonnie Faulkner Interviews Dr. Jerome Corsi

Bonnie Faulkner, who has a long standing, popular radio show,  Guns and Butter,  recently interviewed Dr. Jerome Corsi.  Bonnie has been exposing things like 9-11 truth and the vaccine agenda for years. She has a live radio program, every Wednesday, on the radio stations shown at the end of this article.  Her shows can be … Read more

Alien Tech at the Vatican + The Jesuits + Archons ++

Cosmic Disclosure: Alien Tech at the Vatican I was guided to take a look at Corey Goodes blog a few days ago and the article that caught my eye was ‘Cosmic Disclosure: Alien Tech at the Vatican’ The article is simply the transcript of a discussion that David Wilcock had with his whistle-blower friend Emery … Read more