Has Gridwork Been Revolutionized w/Richard’s New Tech?

This week’s guest…Gridwork Specialist Richard Yiap reveals all ….His new light alchemy technology produces amazing results with his Gridwork & for people! [su_spacer size=”10″]Just recently, Richard’s Sacred Light Journey happened back in the Big Island of Hawaii, from May 12-16. During this time, light work was done on: [su_spacer size=”10″]
  • the Big Island – base chakra of Hawaii

  • planetary healing on various issues

  • connecting with Pele, spirit of the active volcano.

Two new light girds were created last year. One over New Zealand and another celestial light grid connecting the central sun to Arcturus and the Pleiades as well as to Mt Shasta, Glastonbury Tor and Lake Taupo.

Sacred Light Journeys at sacred sites have been powerful spiritual experiences that have resulted in profound changes on the planet. A testimony of this has been a crop circle turning up for Richard and his group in Aug 2016 when they were in Somerset working on the Glastonbury Tor.

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Prince: Speaker of Dangerous Truths, Silenced by the New World Order


Silenced By The New World Order

Baxter Dmitry, YourNewsWire.com, April 22, 2016


We all know the New World Order global elite consider outsiders to be dangerous to their agenda. Especially outsiders like Prince, a man with fame, wealth, an appetite for truth, a fascination with symbolism and numerology, and a willingness to speak out about what he knew.

It’s a sad day. We have lost Prince, one of those rare, fearless people, an advocate for truth, prepared to stand up to the powers that be and expose them for what they are.

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A TIME OF CHANGE by Therese Zumi Sumner


We recently – on Sunday morning my time – united worldwide in a healing meditation where we were asked to release all fears and limitations from the past. At this time during a period of three hours – or for as long as we chose to take part – we experienced a flooding of Love energy and we were informed that we could take part either to be one of those sending love energy to others or to receive needed healing and of course the vast majority of those taking part were doing both. We were informed that at this time a massive energetic message would be remotely communicated and shown / transmitted to those choosing to take part which would be an innumerable number of people on Earth.

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Top Scientist Confirms Aluminium Poisoning Via Chemtrails Is Real


A renowned nuclear scientist has published a paper confirming that humans are being poisoned by traces of aluminium via chemtrails.  Dr. Marvin Herndon, PhD says that there is evidence of a secret government geoengineering program, injecting stratospheric particles/aerosoles into the atmosphere – endangering human health.

Wakingscience.com reports:

Dr. Marvin Herndon, PhD., a nuclear chemist, geochemist, and cosmochemist – most noted for deducing the composition of the inner core of Earth as being nickel silicide, not partially crystallized nickel-iron metal – has published a groundbreaking paper in the peer-reviewed journal Current Science (Indian Academy of Sciences) titled “Aluminum poisoning of humanity and Earth’s biota by clandestine geoengineering activity: implications for India.”

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Huge Cache of Chemtrail Plane Photos

EXPOSED! Photos From INSIDE Chemtrail Planes Like You've NEVER Seen Before!

by Gregg Prescott, M.S.
Editor, In5D.com

I received a private message from a friend on Facebook who stated:

Hi Gregg, I follow your in5d website everyday and I’m thankful there are like minded people like yourself who are aware of global things that I have know since I was a little girl. I came across some photos from a trusted source of the inside of planes that are used for chemtrails and I figured if I passed them on to you, you can help spread more awareness with it on your website. Let me know if this is ok with you. Thanks.

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MEAN GREEN MACHINE: Climate Change Propaganda


This map is courtesy of Cobra

MEAN GREEN MACHINE: Climate Change Propaganda

TZ here ~ This is truly well said and covers it all very well in 11 minutes.

Please spread this around for newly awakening to this subject.

Therese Zumi


08/02/2016 at 1823 PM CET

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How the Rothschilds and Monsanto Control Global Climate Engineering


December 6, 2012

How the Rothschilds and Monsanto Control Global Climate Engineering 7

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Rothschild has controlling interest in the worlds leading provider of interactive weather graphics and data services for television, web, and mobil.

Update Oct, 2015:  Monsanto Buys Climate Corp For $930 Million

Monsanto Controls Weather

dane-wigington-mug11/12/2012 by Dane Wigington:  Why would the Rothschild’s be so interested in owning the largest and most recognized weather modeling organization out there? Why would E.L. Rothschild LLC wish to have the controlling interest in the worlds leading provider of interactive weather graphics and data services for television, web, and mobil? Because when you are involved in climate decimating geoengineering programs, you must also control the “forecast” models to cover your tracks.

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A Pilot confessed: we sprayed poisons . . .



I miss my pretty, blue sky from my youth and I am ashamed to be responsible for its deprivation.

Finally, one military pilot made a step forward for the humanity and completely revealed the truth about chemical spraying of our planet, which is something he does himself, writes cosmicconvergence.org.

These activities are a part of illegal and extremely destructive projects, called “Global Chemtrail Program”. The following video presents a true story about a brave pilot who is devastated because he and his fellow soldiers perform chemical spraying.

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