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  1. Your so welcome! Absolutely True! Yes! VICTORY IS OURS. Couldn’t agree more! Thank you. Raise up your energy in great love & anticipation…its literally changing the outcome for good on so many levels! WE ARE READY!

  2. More info here if interested: THE TAKING DOWN OF THE CHIMERA ~ THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL

  3. There is SO much going on behind the scenes creating change for the good,…I just send it as I receive the information from my sources. Just trying to let you know that there is hope and MAJOR SHIFTS taking place at this time but being given in a certain way so that we don’t have mass panic. THE EVENT IS NEARLY HERE READY FOR PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENTS. Take it however you want to. No worries. Just putting it out there. Best wishes!

    • Thank you we all need hope and now we are feeling hopeful, thanks to all everywhere who do their bit to free humanity, VICTORY IS OURS… watch out Dirty Cabal, you are going to wish you never ever set foot in this galaxy……..:)

    • I’m sorry then if all this is real… with what happen at 96′ that there was gonna’ be a liberation and everything fail, there’s reasons to have some fear… again, thank you to all of you who are working to our and your liberation too…

  4. Well I guess that shuts me up lol. Remaining positive for Monday but cautious this could be misinformation or just plain old Bantha fodder.

    Thank you.

  5. > RV Update
    > 5.1.16
    > AIIB/WF/HSBC put a 10pm
    > EST deadline on Citibank to get Basel lll compliant or
    > default. At the same moment, Obama was scheduled to speak at
    > the White House Correspondents Dinner in DC (WHCD). This was
    > the back wall for cabal surrender or new President Dunford
    > would have announced the Republic live in front of all the
    > world’s press core. But absolute cabal surrendered came
    > at 8:59:59pm EST and thus Obama was allowed to speak and
    > Citibank defaulted to AIIB/WF/HSBC and became Basel lll
    > compliant. Security forces that were earlier in the day
    > pulled off of Citibank redemption locations were returned by
    > midnight as 800#s and sovereign rates authorized for a
    > Sunday release. After the WHCD, Obama did not go back to the
    > White House as the Obamas don’t live there anymore. The
    > Obamas have occupied an apartment for several weeks inside
    > the DC beltway in order to keep up appearances both during
    > his months as a “President” and to act as though
    > the Obama family is staying in DC so their 2 girls can
    > finish their education. The RV is scheduled to start
    > worldwide in harmony with the Chinese market open on Monday
    > 6am CST (or 6pm EST Sunday in the US). International rates
    > are scheduled to change on Forex without fanfare as well
    > with sovereign rates showing on the off site redemption
    > centers concurrently. The plan is to keep everything
    > appearing status quo without bringing attention to the
    > change over in government, currency, banking and ultimately
    > control of the Republic. Let the history books say War World
    > 3 ended on April 30, 2016. But was an invisible war to the
    > world’s public that lasted 20 years. US 800# bank
    > notifications are now expected sometime May 1, 2016 Sunday
    > after dark lines falls on the east coast. Internet private
    > group redemptions are considered T4 and are to begin after
    > midnight Monday morning with liquidity beginning after
    > 8:45am EST

  6. Sure seems like they are still in charge. Getting sick of waiting around and all of the dangled carrots of “its happening”. We are the light, we are the power so why has it not happened?????!!!!!!!! Wheres the power of the Sphere beings, Sananda, Buddha, the Pleiadians, the Arcturians, all of the benevolent beings that should be able to drop the veil just by willing it, no? Give us a fighting chance already. Yet, war still moves on, animals and people are still tortured daily. The only progress seen by the masses is what, the Yuan has gone live? Wheres the arrests? Im sick to my stomach that Hilary is still a free person. Enough of these presidential candidates that make us look like fools to the rest of the world. Im in need of some real, hardcore concrete evidence of the progression of the Event. Last I read or heard from Cobra, Rob or Corey was that all that was left was the removal of the last Strangelet and Toplets and supposedly that has been completed. Is that not the case now?

    every day we wait for the Event
    another day gone, another day spendt
    dropping the Veil
    will set our souls to sail
    remove the bombs
    will restore the calm
    yet the meat grinder of the cabal cranks around
    shredding animals, people and love to the ground
    remaining positive has become a cross
    hope, however, is not lost
    we all feel the Event is certain
    will you accept whats behind the curtain

  7. Our buddy’s at the CIA keep removing these videos, but if you click on the “U-Tube” icon on the right lower corner you will be transferred over to U-Tube, and be able to watch it!!…… Enjoy!!

  8. the greedy bought suffering into our existence. they are powerful enough to get away without punishment . I THINK JUSTICE IS COMING SOON at least I hope so , they don’t deserve any mercy .

  9. With all due respect this vid is ruined by the “Cyborg” computer voice that opens the video,,Please,please change that ,,what’s wrong with narrating it yourself or having someone you know do it? As energy goes the “artificial”
    is old paradigm,,we need a human voice to lead us in all things,,,In Lak’ech,

  10. posted to fb,twitter,google+ and tumblr. josie may not have posted a video to her channel in over a year,but she is still out there–she has an active twitter account,and she last posted on feb.5. she doesn’t seem the type to just run and duck for cover.she is most likely out there on the streets,doing the work she needs to do to spread the message…

  11. Oh I thought this was some NEW news about something going down that had completely removed the ELITE? people want to see proof……..because it does appear on the surface as business as usual?

  12. foolish people who run youtube, do you think you can put a plug back in the DYKE NOW?? its been breached all over, hooray get rid of those evil shites, and put them on a rocket into orbit and send them to a planet with nothing no food no water nothing…if they could have continued they would have so none of this rubbish love and light please……..and oh another thing its not a game, its deadly serious, the suffering on this planet is unbelievable, never ever forget that this was done to us!!

  13. Thanks for your comments everyone! Yes, it was taken off 3-4 separate times but then posted one last time last night and it’s still there. So, don’t know if they were doing that or FB was having a glitch problem. Regardless, this particular video is HUGE in getting out to the people. It gave an overall view of how governments have been run and are continuing to run. The problem with people isn’t civil disobedience to the system, it’s civil obedience to it. THAT is what needs to change.

  14. @Celestine.

    It looks like they do that on purpose ,so that the truth shall not come out further.. But that can’t be stopped anymore…. Like a widespreading ”virus”, of truth,love and the unfolding how the earth is controlled to the unknown. (I Believe That)

  15. I have had several of my posting of “Cosmic Disclosure” not post on Facebook Celestine. I reported it and just kept right on posting them up. It was corrected. Unward and Upwards! lols!

    • Why thank you! If 51 is young, I’m all for it!!! Thanks to everybody for your comments. They are all very supportive. WE are going to make things right. We ARE going to get it right this time. We ALL came here for this grand spiritual event. We all wanted to be here to be here for this. And now it’s time for us to take care of business and have the opportunity to shine the rest of our lives here. THIS CHANGE OF EVENTS HAS BEEN IN THE MAKING FOR A VERY LONG TIME. AND NOW ITS HERE!


    • Beloved Celestine,
      I posted it this morning on my Facebook Page and it’s still up. I will comment if they take it down.
      Eternal Love ♥ Jilly


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