Why do these Cell towers require multiple 300,000 watt electric cables? What are they capable of doing?


FKTV.IS – Alexandra Bruce – February 10, 2016

I’m not crazy about the language that this guy uses but I do find the information that he shares here to be worthy of your consideration. It’s hyper-paranoid to the point of being humorous, yet the facts are correct.

He gets into the meat of the matter by explaining that a communications satellite uses 2,400 watts of power (about the same as used by 2 hair dryers). A microwave oven uses 1,000 watts (1 kilowatt) of energy. The satellite gets the energy from solar panels and the microwave gets it from your electric utility (the electrical power grid).

A microwave oven’s internal magnetron, which is virtually the same as that of a radar- or cellphone tower, transforms that electrical energy into microwaves. The magnetron inside a microwave oven an be easily adapted into a very lethal ray gun – which is demonstrated, quite impressively, here, I might add.

Then, he shows us the cables leading into a typical cellphone tower, which he describes as “A giant microwave oven on a stick,” capable of releasing 3,000,000 watts (3 megawatts) of output power to the tower’s magnetron – or even more megawatts, if there is an amplifier at the top.

To put this into perspective, one (1) watt from your cellphone can go 25 miles to the nearest cellphone tower, to relay your call’s signal to the person on the other end of the line. The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) limits the amount of energy that a cellphone tower can release to 400 watts.

These megawatts of extra power are NOT for data transfer – nothing close to that amount of energy is required for data transfer – which is an important point, because this suggests to him that cellphone towers are easily capable of being switched to Weaponized Mode.

That cellphone towers are wired with the capability to release millions of watts of microwave radiation makes them veritable of “towers of death”, the perfect weapons against an “invasion” – or the mega-slaughter of the domestic population.

Virtually all towns, all over the world have the amount of towers necessary to fry the populations in their vicinity. All that needs to happen is for an Artificial Intelligence program from Google – or an action by “The real people who brought us 9/11” – or if whoever we elect “…turns out to be so crazy, batsh-t evil, that they could fake a reason to turn on the ‘Last Line of Defense,’ the ‘Anti-Foreign Invasion’, ‘Anti-Zombie Apocalypse Network’…to cook the entire population within the city limits within an hour, in the middle of the night,” with robot armies to mop up the people living in the countryside…”All these contingencies are out there, ladies and gentlemen…”

Why? The clip’s creator believes that whoever is behind this wants to exterminate the majority of humans, in order to have the Earth all to themselves, in the incredibly shallow belief that they can upload their minds into robotic avatars and live in a Virtual Reality “Matrix”, happily ever after – forever, in a post-human future.

He says our only defense is to stop them, now from creating this technology and from creating Borg armies or clone armies, etc. because as soon as they’ve succeeded in obtaining these, they will proceed with our extermination. This technology is about a decade away and its owned by people who are not our friends; people who control the food supply, our water supply, our air supply – and he says their endgame is the death of humanity.


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  1. Then look at the album cover called “A Farewell to Kings” by Rush which came out in Sept 1977 showing death, destruction and a CELL TOWER in the back ground. There were no cell towers in 1977…..

    His world is under observation
    We monitor his station
    Under faces and the places
    Where he traces points of view
    He picks up scraps of conversation
    Radio and radiation
    From the dancers and romancers
    With the answers, but no clue
    He’d love to spend the night in Zion
    He’s been a long while in Babylon
    He’d like a lover’s wings to fly on
    To a tropic isle of Avalon
    His world is under anesthetic
    Subdivided and synthetic
    His reliance on the giants
    In the science of the day…Rush/Digital Man/1982

  2. Religion is like a bird’s-eye view: the hills, the rivers, the trees, the people, all are included. That’s the beauty of religion: it is not a specialized field.

    And that’s why there is great hope that religion will have to be revived to its true nature, resurrected, because now sciences, philosophy, politics, they have all become so fragmentary that nobody knows what is actually happening. The physicist is not aware of what the chemist is doing, the chemist is not aware of what the mathematician is doing, the mathematician is not aware of what the politician is doing. That’s how the atom bomb happened: the physicists went on pursuing, and they were doing right as far as they were concerned. To know about atomic energy is one of the great revelations.

    Albert Einstein, the man who was most responsible for making us know about atomic energy, wrote a letter to the American president, not knowing anything at all about politicians. And his whole life he felt great guilt; he felt himself responsible for all that happened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Of course, whatsoever he did he was not aware of the consequences. He was not at all conscious about the politician, his mind, his cunningness. He wrote a letter himself, saying, “Why don’t we make atom bombs? Now the secret is there, and America can use the energy in many creative ways. It can transform the whole scene on the earth. It can make man for the first time really rich, healthy; in every possible way atomic energy has the possibility to transform the whole earth into a paradise.”

    The American politicians immediately jumped on the secret, but what they did was totally different:

    the earth has not been transformed into a paradise; it has become uglier than it was before.

    In fact, there is no justification at all for dropping atom bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima in Japan, because Japan was already losing its fight, they were losing the war. It was only a question of days; maybe two weeks or four weeks more the war would have continued without dropping the atom bomb. And American politicians were in a hurry: before the war ended they had to throw the bomb to see what power they had gained through atomic energy, whether it was worthwhile or not.

    Thousands of people died, innocent people. Even this justification was not true, that it was needed to end the war. The war was ending on its own; the German and the Japanese resources were finished. They were going to surrender; it was only a question of a few hours or at the most a few days. In a hurry the atom bomb was dropped on two cities and two cities were reduced to deserts, within seconds.

    Albert Einstein felt the weight of the crime on his own heart his whole life; he remained sad. And when he was dying he was asked whether if he was born again he would like to be a physicist again.

    He said, “Never, never again! I would like rather to be a plumber!”

    Can you see the point of it all? The politician has taken over whatsoever science has discovered.

    The same has been done in America, the same has been done in Russia. Now the politician has become so powerful that there is every possibility any madman – and they are all, almost all mad people – can destroy the whole earth.

    A scientist himself delivered the secret; it could have been prevented. But the scientific pursuit is one-dimensional.

    Now it is as if a man’s hands are working on their own, his legs are working on their own, his head is working on its own; his heart is going towards the north, his head is going towards the south, his hands are going towards the east, his feet are going towards the west – and man is falling apart!

    Who is going to keep man together?

    Except for religion, nothing is capable of keeping man together. Hence every day the importance of religion will become greater and greater. And remember, when I say “religion” I don’t mean Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism: I mean a quality of religiousness.

    I am not a politician, but I can see what is happening in this country, and I can see better because I am not a politician. I have no vested interest in politics. I can observe more detachedly. I am just a witness. And because I have no vested interest, my vision is going to be more clear.

    The more meditative you become, the more clarity is there and life is no more like a puzzle. Things which were not fitting before start fitting with each other like a jigsaw puzzle; all the parts start fitting with each other. A pattern arises

  3. 31 dec
    31 DEC!

      • ha! extra sensory perception! or,,,,,your complete lack of deductive reasoning. ESP =especially. or you already knew i would be here responding to a several year old rant.

  4. Yesterday, I saw a large truck that had, what I can only describe as a large concave white satellite dish. There was a warning on the truck it was attached to that said, “radiation warning when in operation”. The truck was heading south on West Virginia route 19. This highway goes right past the national boy scout camp. Hmmmm?

  5. P.S. Nickoli Tesla the inventor of the cell tower motor did not want to give the paperwork on that motor as he himself got sick from it ,he was very reluctant as he allways had a habit of perfecting his motors before he released them.They pressured him out of the paperwork on the cell tower motor. he did not want to release that paperwork as he himself the inventor of the cell tower motor got very sick himself from his own invention, but they didn’t pay attention and forced it out of him. Shame on them… our bodys own electromagnetic field is not compatitable with other direct current energy in the air.expecially at the same ground level where we live. when put higher in the atmosphere it will effect the magnetic pull of the sun and planets once to much concentrated form is reflected back to space,concentrateing things in one spot is not good that promotes imbalance in nature.diversity adds to survival, that’s why its not good to plant all of only one kind of plant in an area.imbalanceing the insect world and cause plagues and famine,. many different types should be used as diversity adds to survival,many differents kinds are good… that’s why the bible says in Isaiah the proifit WOE TO THOSE WHO BUILD HOUSE NEXT TO HOUSE AND LEAVE NO ROOM FOR THEMSELVES IN THE LAND.in other words it should be a house then a field then a house and a field, don’t concentrate things, like solar panel farms spred it out..towers and panels should never be at ground level. also to much concentration wont be good for the o zone or sun n planets as electromagnetics bounceing back to space can make the planets disalign and throw them off orbit, too much magnetics, also too many waves can piggy back nuclear fire on the waves setting much of the earth on fire,DUH ? in jesus name stop the concentration of waves.and consider the holy people, protectors of the earth.as all could become electrosensitive after they absorb to much radiation over time and relize their mistakes too late. a prayer dear father we repent of concentrating too many things togeather on your earth father, help us to be good stewards of your earth father, help us to learn the art of diversity,help us to do companion planting many different types of your plants and not concentrate them. protect us and help us correct our mistakes and obey your written word and instructions when it come’s to this subject of concentration and save the earth…in jesus name, amen and amen

    • Radio waves & Micro waves we're invented by Marconi. He had 6 heart attacks during his life. His blood was badly coagulates. The 6th heart attack killed him while working with microwaves. The doctors said (the beginning of a century old cover up) he died of "unknown causes".

      I'm not a (fake) doctor. Im an ELECTRICAL engineer and also have a 2 yr in HVAC. The exact issue with these towers for 5g is due to the higher frequencies operate on a smaller wavelength. Smaller wavelengths are able to use smaller antennas. Unlike 4g and before, 5g phones will use PHASED ARRAY ANTENNAS and be allowed (by the FCC)to use 10x more power to create a concentrated laser beam from tower to phone & phone to tower. It's called BEAMFORMING. 4g phones used 1-2 watts. 5g will use 20 watts to (supposedly) be able to go through walls and people's hands and bodies So you can download 5hr movies in 2 seconds. Or some uselessly fast speed. Whatever.

      These "Ultra high Frequency "beams proved to be a effective as a weapon and bad for communications. Look up "1976 Millimeter wave ioligical Effects" study and you'll see many similarities between "covid" and Radiowave Sickness (Aka microwave illness, EHS). Done by The Soviet Union with Eastern European countries. One proven effect was heart seizure using only a 5 microwatt/sq cm beam. Another was blood disorders and coagulation., loss of taste&smell, headaches, extreme fatigue,,,of course it's just coincidence…also the myelin gets destroyed. It's the skin on nerve cells used for electrical signals from brain to wherever. The nervous system is the electrical wiring system of us humans and they function off of tiny amounts of electricity. What's happening is they're getting fried

      The exact problem today and for the last century is BigPharma with their"plandemics" every 4-5 yrs. and most of us don't even notice when it began or ended. List of fake diseases: swine flu, bird flu, SARS, MERS, SARS-2, THE YEARLY FLU, Spanish flu, Hong Kong flu & even HIV. The flu began in 1889 in cities where electricity was available. In 1917 the military introduced radio waves globally followed by AM radio waves the next year and "Spanish flu" begins and ends after the vaccine. Fun fact: Aluminum is a great conductor of electricity. Fun Fact 2: Good conductors of electricity are good conductors of heat. And where are you not supposed to get wet if you're ever in the frozen cold. Of the 2 areas (I'm not going to say so you can research yourself) you use one to hold your phone while it's emitting invisible clouds of Electricity/Radiation. Fundamentally, it's PHOTONS being absorbed causing a magnetic effect on blood, which is polar. With magnets likes repel, opposites attract. Also boy & girl. Haha. Blood happens to be (-) while photons (+). Coagulation (the root of the problem) happens because blood cells begin sticking together, like magnets (+)(-). Followed by inflammation, damage, other damages will follow because the blood is still clumping. Diabetes wasn't as big before 1920. There were not that msny overweight or diabetic people. There was but boot like nowadays. This happens because something halved to the ELECTRON transport chain and the cell had to store the sugar instead of using it for energy. The ELECTRON was robbed!

      If you paid attention in high school you'd know PHOTONS & PROTONS are(+) and ELECTRONS (-).
      Haha I'm getting sleepy but I don't want to not post this. And I was going to write short answer.
      FUN FACT 3: The underside of your feet & palms have the lowest resistance to electricity. So those areas restrict less, allow more. electricity/radiation/PHOTONS in.
      Fun Fact 4: The surface of the Earth has energy. The natural surface (dirt, grass, sand, water) has an almost unlimited supply of ELECTRONS (-).
      Fun Fact 5: Being barefoot outdoors supplies ELECTRONS immediately through your electrical wiring system. Remember skin conducts electricity and it goes right through the nerve cells which are connected to your brain via synapses (like electrical fuses) .
      Fun Fact 7: Grounding sheets protect you from all radiation including the corona. Buy one. Connect it to the ground outlet or the actual ground. Dont use the neutral because sometimes neutral and hot are switched. In a perfect world you could use the neutral because it's the same as ground. Neutral from the wall outlet just goes to the WIRELESS smart meter to see what you're using then it goes straight to the ground.

      all forms of wireless technology (dumb watches ESP) elevate your body voltage. Ideally should be ZERO. Carry a phone in pocket 1.5 volts. Stream a video. 3 volts AC. Play a game on an app using bad signal data connection 5 volts AC. CHARGING your phone AND HOLDING it with both hands, while texting, play game or watch youtube (like you always do) I frickin hit 26.6 VOLTS AC!!! Borrow a meter that checks AC voltage. Stick one of the leads in the ground (the universal reference point) and just hold the other or step on it barefoot whatever as long as your skin is making contact. Now plug in the phone and just grab it and send picture text of the voltage on your meter to whoever. Lose the phone and watch the voltage also get lost.
      They're FRYING US. So far the immunocompromised and uninformed have gone down but I see lots of division and disbelief to the facts and people jave lost their entire sense, which ised to be common.

      We are in a holy war. The satanic are fighting us without bullets. Chemical warfare. Microwave warfare. The US knew of the spanish flu and yet they killed our own with the vaccine 100yrs ago. 20 yrs ago our government killed and bombed the twin towers. You really think our government isn't trying to kill everyone. Remember the goal was to have just 5% of male (slave work force) and 35% of female population (for breeding only). And we're all just sitting back allowong tgis ti happen. I'll 40 don't have kids or wife/gf and I see idiots fighting over useless mask wearing for an unproven virus (made up on a computer program "in silicon" and not isolated from a positive covid patient. Hasnt been proven to exist. As of today, its just a lame conspiracy theory that it causes covid because there is also NO EVIDENCE from any government anywhere that shows the consciousness of the missing virus. So far its a WILD GUESS the mystery virus is causing "respiratory" symptoms like heart palpitations, arrhythmias, Blood coagulation, loss of taste & smell, Thyroid issues, autoimmunity. Also the "virus" harms animals and every biological organism. Coincidentally, micro waves cause injury to animals too. And they want you to take magnets in the vaccine so you can function like a microwave oven. They use the magnets to catch the energy and FOCUS it on the food, specifically the WATER content. Im sure you know YOU are made up of 70% agua.
      Good night y'all. I hope this helps at least one cool dude who'll spread facts and inform friends. God bless

  6. This is not fiction or a joke please take warnings from honest people there is a danger with cell towers and solar panel farms , I know im a survivor of being burned and electrocuted by these devices. many times, Praise the Lord for his miracle intervention. Im just a economically and financially poor person but feel very rich in the lord. Amen

  7. My name isn’t important, but what is important is that I work on these site every night. 11-5 am. Those thick black cables are called jumpers. They create an environment for the radio waves to travel up to the amplifier at the top. Alpha, Beta, and Gamma. They are named after the Greek alphabet, not the radiation types. The jumpers are made of a copper line about 3 cm thick, surrounding by foam, and then a rubber outside. These jumpers go from RRHs, remote radio headunits which are power by a power station and around 12-20 48V lithium ion batteries. Those “transformer” boxes you see are actually transformer boxes. However the other cubes that you see that don’t say danger high voltage are just holding containers for the Eccm and bcem computer cards which relay and read all the information. If you want to be worried about something that could kill a lot of people look up arc flashes at power stations. Arc flashes are easily the most destructive force in an area with out a bomb handy.

  8. Please read about silent sound. It’s a patented method of mind control. Yes I do believe these towers are capable of being used for hypnotizing large masses of people. Think of this new Pokemon Go game as a method to see how many people buy into virtual reality.
    But silent sound or SQUAD, can be delivered by FM antennae, satilite dish… just about anything, anywhere.
    And silent sound is very real.

  9. “That cellphone towers are wired with the capability to release millions of watts of microwave radiation”

    where’s the evidence of that?

  10. Hello guys, if the tower was inspected then I would expect the inspector would know what he is inspecting. The shed is called a “shelter” and the new transformer boxes would be called BTS cabinets. The thick power lines would probably be DC Cables caring -48 Volts DC. The 3 new DC cables most likely lead up to new RRUs. Remote Radio Units. This is where the magic happens now days. It only takes a small amount of “power” to make the RRUs work. It powers the RF Generators inside the RRUs. If I could add photos I could show you guys the truth about how this works. Later I’ll post a link to Actual on site photos of these.

  11. I just inspected one of these towers and at the base the data transfer wires were there leading to a shed ,where no doubt the equipment was kept , now the tower itself and the shed undoubtedly had seen a lot of exposure,, as well as the fencing around the small compound .
    However two brand new transformer boxes were also there obviously installed much later also a transfer box and a lot of power , 3 thick power lines from the transformers and leading up the other side of the tower opposite the data cables, also a back up generator also a sign barely legible something about exceedig FCC limits for radio frequencies, so clearly modifications have been done.

  12. Wow, this is unreal the BS that everyone is believing. The author of this video has NO CLUE as to the details of what he is taking about. Simple fact 1) these are NOT cables as you would understand them. 2) they would MELT if 3,000,000 watts ran through them because they are WAVEGUIDE’s. That means they are foam filled Dielectiric that allows the wave form to pass through the inside of the “cable”. Once the wave form reaches the antennas it then broadcasts out as a frequency wave. Don’t fall for every fear mongering story out there.
    There are numerous antennas because they operate at different frequencies. The antennas have a max capacity they can operate at too.
    I know because I have been in the industry for many years and I speak out about this as well.

  13. Yah uh I installed these things the death zone is like 5 meters infront of the towers antennae lol rf frequency weakens with distance and work like microwaves speeding up molecules not mutating. Tower climbers wear sensors that go off when you enter red zones you need to get out of them within a minute or 2 before you get cooked from the inside. Ugly scabs form over the cooked area of your body where it occurs. Good day to you and keep your eyes open. All the antenna on this picture are not military grade hardware btw.

  14. If your opinion has wavered at all reading these comments you are not yet equipped to reliably come to a sensible conclusion. If you feel you must do all your own research (who knows why) then you will have to start at the basics of electricity and electromagnetism.

  15. Good luck finding a library in the UK – most of them have been closed down! Makes you wonder why that is after reading all this!

  16. Ok I had no knowledge of the subject so I followed the comments all the way through.while reading through I was swayed by both sides several times and ive formed my own opinion based on the things both sides of the argument said .both sides made valid points and provided sources but ive come to the conclusion that they are indeed capable of transmitting the waves of death but are not outfitted as is claimed to emit the waves.ive heard facts ive heard opinions some good some nonsense .now im going to go do some research as my curiosity is peaked by the phones and id assume tablets are the same and wifi transmitting devices the very idea that we are being poisoned by radiation without knowing it demands investigation and if its true im going back to trudging to the library to use a computer wont have them in my home makeing myself sick and knowing I could avoid it

  17. A couple questions for the science guru.. What’s the range on than little microwave pee shooter ?? How much power would it require to knock a drone out of the sky ?? Just curious !

  18. @ Lorenzo: You don’t understand how anything works – least of all telecommunications towers! Do you think no engineer would query why power supplies capable of 300,000 were being installed? Any idiot who knows even the fundamentals would want to know why huge installations capable of transmitting hundreds of kW were being equipped with such equipment.

    I guess you have no idea what a microwave antenna capable of transmitting this sort of power looks like – it can’t be stuck on a 100 ft mast that’s for sure!

    I know there are the technically illiterate who want to believe all this rubbish, but even a little critical thinking will reveal it’s all nonsense – even to the densest idiots.

    Perhaps the author of this garbage can explain why I’m wrong…

  19. Comment on tower spec: “This seems to me to be rather excessive. Watts = Volts x Amps Therefore, 240 volts x’s 800 amps = 192 Kilowatts per hour x’s 3 phase = 576 KWH. Transmitters at microwave frequencies normal only require a max of 1.0 watt, not kilo watts. If this is true then there is covert agenda going on. This type of supply and fusing system will be mega expensive. I don’t know what to say, except run for the hills. Power is a square law, i.e. Amps (squared) x’s Resistance in ohms. So if you double the voltage you square the power. Nasty.”–Electrical engineer http://whale.to/b/celltower.html

    all the rest http://whale.to/b/covert_q.html http://whale.to/a/electrical_h.html

    also Earth is flat, satellites don’t exists, and they were transmitting a signal over the Atlantic in the 50s, yet we are meant to believe they need 1 tower per 2,000 people? http://whale.to/c/flat_earth.html

    Roke to adapt mobile networks for radar http://whale.to/b/mob1.html
    How mobile phones let spies see our every move http://whale.to/b/mob.html

  20. Well I’m an electrical engineer myself with almost 20 years experience and I know for a fact through experience they do emit microwave band radiation, just like all ghz band communication’s, albeit initially not at the dangerous end of the scale, however the higher through the frequencies you go the more dangerous it becomes, I used to use wireless all over my home wireless speakers, routers, mouse, keyboard, miniature relay satellites, cell phone, I started to become extremely ill, lumps growing out of everywhere, to cut a long story short my friend came round with a radiation detector and what he found was radiation levels of considerable alarm, all these so called engineers that install these devices don’t know most of the time what they are installing, I asked a sky engineer other day how the dishes work, I have alot of experience with parabola and antenna and rf, now he knew the basics that he was aligning a signal from the satellites, when I asked him what the signal was he said the television signal, I asked him again what type of signal was transmitted to bring the picture to the box and tv, his response,.. I do not know,.. Just like the majority of people like this, the only thing you guys have expertise in is doing what you are told, they give you devices and instruments that you have basic understanding of just enough so you can do your job but not enough so you can become an authority which is why you quote standards not potential’s,cause you only know the standards, this also isn’t the first time iv questioned people like this, I do it all the time, judges, police, mp’s, doctors, I find this to be a shocking re occurrence and I’m actually amazed we manage to run things as well as we do, keep quoting your standard textbook descriptions, and just remember things can be perceived as a singular perspective or they can be perceived with the infinite, the guy that taught me electrical engineering is one of the best in the uk, worked at nasa, was the main man that organised and supervised the construction of the nuclear power station in south Africa and he worked with both sonar and radar in the Falkland’s, I never met someone so confident or competent with electricity and rf/emf, he reminds me of tesla abit, trust your own instincts, not that of blind men who think they can see, after getting rid of all WiFi signals in my home all lumps bone pains and other ailments disappeared, they are putting iron in your food to increase you magnetic potential and then changing the frequencies in the atmosphere to alter you physical state, kill you off whether intentional or not, this is what’s happening, more and more getting ill due to this, instead of complaining about it or debating, do your research into rf and what it actually is, then look at how we use rf and protect yourself against its harmful frequencies by repeating such processes everything that receives can send and vice versa, everything is a two way vortex or gateway, educate your children that is most important,

    • well if you “choose” to believe all the lies about all that voltage, all the lies about cell towers being primed for weapons use then so be it. Yes, they put out radiation, yes microwave dishes up there accept/displace RF radiation. BUT….if you are NOT up at the antenna’s/dish, you stand very little chance of getting RF blasted at you. You all might want to reconsider those radios you carry around that you call PHONES. They are NOT phones, they are radios and you are putting RF into your noggin every time you put those up to your head. THAT is where your REAL danger is. NOT the cell towers. There is no secret government plan going on at cell towers…those big fat black cables are in deed hollow and have fiber, power and ground cables inside them. Go to any site that is being serviced by tower climbers, have them show you a cross hatch of one of those terrible black cables and you’ll see what I mean. American’s are so gullible these days for every conspiracy that you’ll believe lies more than truth. Remove the blinders, don’t care what you think of me, you don’t know me but I know my job and I know it well.

    • Yeah, you are right. There’s a ton of stuff online about electromagnetic, microwave radiation also., and the Remote Neural Monitoring ( Directed Energy Weaponry) Satellite Terrorism is a major problem in America, and probably worldwide. Barrie Trower has YouTube video called The Cooking of Humanity that explains microwave weapons. That’s what the black operations of government are doing cooking allot of people. I think the professionals repports need to be given out to smarten people up. Many came forward on microwave weapons and Military mind control. Officers put reports online that came out of the CIA, FBI, Military, they reveal truth how dangerous microwave radiation is. And these people know because they were in government jobs. Robert Duncan has information on v2k weaponry. I think people like Julianne McKinney were ethical to help the public become aware of the danger. But all of America needs resources, and education; because, the Military basically had an electromagnetic, concentration camp built up around America. The branches of Law Enforcement like Sheriff Deputies, State Highway patrol, and FBI would benefit from YouTube testimonies by Ted Gundersen on pedophille rings running in a bad batch of the Military, he does mention CIA mind control. But good people out of CIA have come forward on many topics of government corruption.

    • I meant to reply to you Jimbo , when I said you are right. Somehow I posted it under Michael Partins comment. So my reply to you went under Michael Partins name.

  21. Don’t know what to belive. All of you who have “worked” in this field of antennas or cell communication. You all really belive if they really had an agenda like that they old disclose it too employees? Yall are fools. This is where individual research comes in and even then we won’t really know because I’m sure t hey won’t put actual facts on the Internet about how many watts amps that they were actually made to put out. Might as well not beat yourself up about it.

    • well, I am in this field and I am a RF engineer. Those large black cables are HOLLOW and contain fiber, ground and a power lead. Nothing close to 300,000 watts! Those cables are thick for a very important reason….PROTECTION from ice, birds. Yes, ice can and DOES cut through that hybrid cable and yes, even our birds can.

  22. Not even close to true since these cell towers don’t have the Electrical power to generate those amounts of transmitting wattage. Even cell phone Hub centers which are bigger (but not that big) and also which have microwave transmitters that travel long distances by line of sight tower to tower don’t have electrical services to provide that amount of power. I know this because I worked for a major cell company on all electrical service and generator equipment . Just not even close to true. The technology is conceivable but not at these locations with the current equipment in those cell huts and or towers. Great fiction novel maybe.

  23. This video is just bollocks. Those cables are low-loss RF Heliax, not thick cable carrying 300,000 watts. The power is only a few hundred watts. They are thick to prevent losses from the transmitters in those cabinets to the antennas at the top of the towers.

    Why do people post this nonsense? The technically illiterate will believe all this c**p.

  24. Where to start. That guy is so full of shit its hilarious! First, cell phones and cell towers are NOT in the microwave spectrum. Cellular phones when they first came out were at 900 megahertz. After that was PCS (personal communication system), and they operate in the 2 gigahertz range. We call them “cell phones” because that’s what the first portable phone was called. Microwave energy is much further up the spectrum. The thing he referred to as a magnatron on the tower was in fact a “feed horn”, basically a square hollow tube. The big cables on the tower is called “waveguide”, also hollow. Every energy on the spectrum is a “wave”. A transmitter is at the bottom connected to the waveguide connected to the feed horn. The signal travels up the waveguide through the feed horn and out to the dish where the signal is sent to the next tower.

    The cellular (PCS) antenna operates more like a radio antenna, where the signal travels up the waveguide to the antenna and radiates from the antenna in a directional pattern, that’s why there are 3 sets on each face of the tower.

    The magnatron he has out of a microwave oven is operating at a energy on the spectrum. He is basically comparing apples to bannas, and doesn’t have a clue.

    How do i know this? I installed these systems for 20 years.

    • Hi william.

      Maybe you should take a look at this documents http://www.humanfirewall.com/PDFGB/BrainwavemodelBevolutionGB.pdf , http://www.wifiinschools.org.uk/resources/Wi-Fi+papers.pdf , http://www.globalresearch.ca/prolonged-exposure-to-even-low-level-radiation-increases-the-risk-of-cancer-world-health-organization-who/5485386 , https://www.rfsafe.com/scientists-end-13-year-debate-proving-non-ionizing-rf-microwave-effect-causes-cell-phone-radiation-dna-damage/ and http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/scalar_tech/esp_scalartech08.htm .

      You know, the issue here is not if the radiation is the microwave spectrum or not. The issue is if the corresponding frequencies match our body natural frequencies AND the length of exposure!

      • Some people are already brain damaged from microwave radiation exposure, that’s why they are denying the problem exists, its either they are brain damaged or toxic poisoned from the government Satanists that chose to poison most of Americas population with chemtrails. Or its all the Military mind control operations combined that have damaged peoples brains. Plus, the Military Mind control programs are explained in many YouTube videos where people that worked inside with CIA and the Military put out reports on these microwave programs. Julianne McKinney, Robert Duncan, Barrie Trower, And Ted Gundersen Former Head of L.A. FBI has information on a bad batch in the Military involved in Satanism and pedophille rings.

  25. 3 oz is correct on the Orgonite ( tower buster) but,and this is important,it must have as much metal as possible in it that 3 oz to work.Lots of folks are making and selling basically paperweights.

    The Vendors section at EthericWarriors.com is the real deal.Always was.

    Chem-buster was a name given to the Croft-style Cloudbuster in the early days and is no longer valid.Again,some on the interwebs are using this name incorrectly on purpose and some are not.

  26. Hey, Wax Malker…can you disprove this point? Or do you simply revert to seventy-year old clichés, a la tin foil hat? Safer than having to strain your brain cell. In words, Waxy, provide some logic for your “comment,” some proof. All of us can’t wait for your positive, professional reply……..seriously.

      • There’s so much more information about these Microwave, radiation problems in YouTube. CIA Robert Duncan and Tyrone Dew have a YouTube interview where two men in the video were targets of the Remote Neural Monitoring ( Directed Energy weaponry) Satellite Terrorism. It’s Military mind control and YES it is already happening. And has been going on for a long time. The two men in Tyrone Dews interview were driven on killing rampages and suicide missions because of the government V2k weaponry, its the military, CIA radio communications system. Its voice to skull where microwave radiation like audiograms puts the Militarys voice in peoples skull. And they have created a genocide in USA borders. They are driving people insane and cooking people alive. Barrie Trower has YouTube videos also. RNM was patented in the 70s so its been around a long time.

    • I work in this industry, those cable that run up the tower have multiple pairs of fiber, grounding and power. They are not 300,000 watts or anything close to that. The big white things are antenna’s, the grey boxes are the radios. On some towers there are small dish’s, these are for microwave backhaul VS fiber backhaul. Microwave is done in very rural areas where fiber is not laid. No one is going to get zapped by any cell towers folks…

      • An example of a new cell tower being constructed and the composition of these cables. plus the rating of the meter loop to the tower the actual cutting open of the large cables shown ascending the towers
        would calm many . Cant find any real time video of the constuction or power rating of a new tower.

  27. Well i wouldnt ut the foil on unless u survive the radiation otherwise youll just burn your head off like…well have u ever seen a fork in a microwave?

  28. Oh my god! Are you people for real? Should I get the tin foil out and make mysef a hat? This is the best laugh I have had in years!

  29. Interesting, even fascinating disclosure of information here, but one thing is seriously lacking… the SPIRITUAL quotient that has been left out of this scenario. There are benevolent beings here among us, below us, above us and in other dimensions who are both here and afar watching, guiding and protecting us during this crucial time of personal and planetary evolution and ascension. Nothing so massive as the dark scenario you have outlined here as a likely possibility will ever be allowed to materialize within this 3D realm in any time-line. Just my take on all of this. I for one believe the EVENT will happen followed by disclosure. Peace and Namaste!

  30. I have 4 words: IT AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN. They’ve been planning our demise for aeons and they’ve been thwarted time and time again. Every time they try to nuke something, the nuke is inoperable.
    WE DID NOT GET THIS FAR IN THE GAME TO BE EXTINGUISHED. It is not happening. At least not on my timeline. Please. (Yes- Orgonite, aka: Chem Busters are great!, you can get some on Ebay, put them around your property, under your bed, in your veggie garden, you get the picture).

  31. Knock these out with orgonite. One 3 oz piece is enough to convert the tower into a positive orgone emitting tower. The cabal hates this. Much love.


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