The point of this article is not to try to exclude certain groups of people from one another or appeal to a certain type of audience.  The point of this article to provide comfort and a sense of relief to people who get bullied, called names, and judged for not fitting in with the rest of society.
by Steven Bancarz

Some people are just old souls and need to be accepted as such. If you are one of the people that gets called crazy for thinking you can feel people’s energy, or a hermit for needing to have time alone, or a ‘weirdo’ for believing in alternative things, the best thing you can do is continue to be true to yourself. As an old soul, trying to conform to a society that is hollow and spiritually void will only cause you pain and suffering. Don’t let authority figures or institutions pressure you into betraying your passions, desires, and natural state of being.

Here are 5 things that only old souls will understand:
  1. The need for seclusion and isolation  Every old soul knows the extreme importance of taking time away from life, people, and obligation and spending time alone in isolation.  Life can be overwhelming at times, and the energies of other people can be exhausting. Spending time alone in nature, or sitting by yourself on a park bench, or spending all day in your room are things which have become necessary for your spiritual health at times. Some people may call you a hermit or say that you are socially challenged, but you just know the value of spending time alone to detox, reflect, and nurture yourself.
  2.  The desire for growth  More than happiness and living comfortably, you want to live a life that encourages growth and expansion.  You value growth and experience so much that you are willing to go through pain, suffering, and depression in order to learn more about yourself. You take risks and go on adventures that other people may think are unwise, but playing it safe is just too boring for you.  At the end of your journey here on earth, you would love to have experienced a life full of ups and downs, suffering and joy, and amazing adventures as opposed to having experienced a life playing it safe.
  3. Being highly observational and intuitive From a young age, you have been able to get a really good read on people. From watching someone interact for just a few minutes, you are able to identify the characteristics that person would have and the lifestyle they live.  It’s almost like you have this software that allows you to look around and download the information on other souls.  This is because you have seen the archetype of that person before in a past life and are familiar with the general behaviour and psychology of that archetype.  You have interacted with thousands of people throughout the course of your souls history, so there is really no archetype you haven’t interacted with yet. This doesn’t mean you are judgmental, it just means you are observational.  You may find yourself at parties or social gatherings looking around every once in a while checking things out. Watching people interact, observing the exchanges of energy that are occurring during conversation.  You may even feel more comfortable as a distant observer than as a participant. It feels natural to you. Having the ability to get a good read on people has also given you a really good bullsh*t detector.  When someone is lying to you, you know it. You notice the disassociation in their eyes, the shift in their energy field, the change in the way they pronounce words.  You’ve been through this place many times before, so you aren’t socially naive, even though you may have not had much social interaction in this life.    You’ve always been hard to manipulate because you can see into the real intentions and desires of other people. You are just good at feeling people out intuitively.  Some people may call you creepy or think you are a wackjob for trying to be psychic, but it comes naturally to you to pick up on the thoughts and energies of other people.
  4. The rejection for anything ‘mainstream’  Mainstream music is heartless, passionless, and washed up. Mainstream media is polluted, biased, and deceptive.  The mainstream lifestyle is dry, boring, and disappointing.  Because you recognize this, you have adopted ‘alternative’ ways of thinking and living that may seen weird to other people. Personally, I listen to a lot of atmospheric metal and post-rock because it offers me what I desire to receive out of music spiritually and existentially.   I can’t stand the radio. I remember showing some people the music I liked and having them reply with “that’s not even music”.   I’m sure I’m not alone in knowing what it feels like to feel excluded based on your alternative beliefs, tastes, and preferences.
  5. The appreciation of the journey  You have learned to trust and appreciate the journey. You aren’t trying to be “deep”, you simply can’t help but be overwhelmed at times with feelings of gratitude, thankfulness, and humility. You understand that life is impermanent and don’t take anything for granted. Others around you don’t understand why you like spending time in nature so much, why you meditate so often, or why you stare at the stars all the time, but that’s because they are simply too distracted with worldly matters to see the big picture.
If you identify with any or all of these 5 things, then you can be sure that you are either mature beyond your years or you have lived a life or two on this planet in the past.
The vast majority of the human population does not understand these 5 things, and actually takes pleasure in ridiculing and making fun of those who don’t seem to fit in.
You aren’t trying to be different, psychic, intuitive, or deep. Your soul is just hardwired a different way. Don’t let anybody tell you that you need to change to fit the expectations of the world around you.
The world doesn’t need more carbon copies. It needs more individuals following the things that make their souls come alive.

 From: http://humansarefree.com/2016/03/5-things-only-old-souls-will-understand.html

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  1. That’s me to, I agree I was born old. I understand all of that and I am all of that.
    Great article, thanks so much, it does get lonely not having anyone around.
    Much love,

  2. Spot on. Always figured this afer I read Michael’s books some time ago. Nice reinforcement that I am not totally weird.

  3. The loneliness one feels as an old soul is indescribable. Relationships with individuals who are anything but an old soul, such as myself, are near impossible to hold onto long term. Friends stop responding to texts and messages after a while, family almost never checks on you to see if your still alive, and even the relationship I had with my ex which lasted 7.5 years before I ended it, gave me no satisfaction, and left me drained.

    It is quite depressing to realize that I feel just as lonely being single again as i did during the entirety of a 7.5 year relationship.

  4. I was born old – from my first conscious thought that I can remember I knew I did not fit in to mainstream. Thanks for the article.

  5. These 5 things only old souls will understand should be 6 things only old souls will understand. The 6th item being: We have very little to no time for the unawakened or young souls what so ever. This is due to the fact that we do not have the time for such nonsense in our daily lives. This fact has nothing to do with being distant and cold toward the unawakened and young souls. Our time is very limited and shall not be wasted for a cause that we know will never be understood by them.
    I use to try and explain things to them without any success ever and finally came to the realization and conclusion that they are incapable of understanding what we know to be fact and the way things are.
    If and when they awaken they will understand what we already take for granted.
    I distance myself from the unawakened and young souls as much as I can. I pick and choose my friends which are old souls as I am. We always get along and understand we do not need to be together for our bond to be strong and unconditional.
    Our light energy is at a frequency that is above everyone else here that is not an old soul.
    We know this is a learning place and no matter what happens here it really has no bearing on our souls what so ever. I believe this to be true because we as old souls who make our own reality here as we want it to be. Every thing that happens here happens because we want to experience it.
    Old souls have a big advantage here in 3D fun land and we will weather this coming storm just as we have done many times in our past. Things are about to get very nasty for those who are unawakened and young souls. They will experience things they are not ready for and it is all apart of their up bringing process. They do not have the ability to let things bounce off of them. They will consider what is happening as it being directed directly at them personally when in fact it is not. This will be a very trying time for them and they will come through it with a wealth of understanding and self growth.

    • Do not cut yourself off as once you were a “young soul”. They need our guidance and association especially with the massive changes that are to come soon.
      I do however understand where you are coming from as it can be frustrating as hell.

  6. Wonderful read, and so right you are. You hit the nail right on the head. My response to this is…….it is so very hard being an old soul, you truely do not fit in where ever you go. People don’t understand you or even where you are coming from on most issues. I have often received the question “what planet did you come from?”. I think the hardest thing for me is reading people and people’s energies or thoughts. I tend to absorb people’s energies and feel their hurt, love, joy, excitement etc. But when you can feel people and what they are thinking, I have found it not to be a gift at all, more like, rather depressing. Because I am so different and people think I am strange, I feel them and I feel that they truely do not want me there or around them. I feel them saying it thinking ” wow, she is different, let’s go over here and mingle, etc.”. I know when people don’t want me there and I often wonder why they invite me in the first place, and then again, I wonder why I go LOL? Well, inspite of my differences, I do love meeting new people. No matter how smart you think you are, you will always learn something new, even from a child. This is why I like meeting new people just so I can learn others insights on life or learn a new hobby I would like to embark upon. However, being so different I do prefer the company of animals. I only feel comfortable in nature and rather enjoy being alone. However, that too poses another problem in ones relationships. When you tell your mate, “can’t you just go do something so I can have some alone time?”. They have a tendency to feel like they have done something wrong, or that you are up to no good, or that there are major problems in the relationship and possibly coming to an end, when none of this is true at all. They have no way to comprehend what you are feeling or even why you want to be alone so it sets off insecurity issues. Raltionships tend to be more of a job for an old soul because I feel that you always have to defend yourself more than the average person because of how you feel and the things you like, which is so different from the mainstream path. This is how I feel anyways. I wish I could connect with another woman who also is an old soul. I haven’t found a friend like this yet. How special that would be for me. I know some wonderful ladies who I enjoy for short period of times LOL, but wish I could find a friend more like me. I just don’t understand why most women enjoy the things they do. They always want to go shopping, or have make up, Marry Kaye parties, things like that. I love to fly fish, camp, kayaking, gardening, study herbs and natural cures, things like this nature. As you see, these are all basically “alone” activities, things you can do all by yourself. But, being I can do all of these things all by myself, I would rather enjoy having a friend to do them with once in a while. Then, when I do meet someone new, they really enjoy me and the knowledge I hold on a lot of different levels and want to come visit all the time. This is where the problem comes in, they make me feel like they are smothering me. Damn, let me breath a little bit! Do you have to call everyday? I am still here! Do you have to hang out all the time? I don’t have time for that, or should I say, I refuse to do that. No, I want my time damnit! Then they feel like they have done something wrong or that I don’t like them, when that isn’t the case at all. Finally, after refusing to allow them to consume me, they go away because they feel I don’t want to be friends because I don’t want to go shopping and I don’t want to hang out all the time. Really, I don’t think it’s me at all. I feel a lot of people are empty and need to find a way to try to fill a void when they can’t even find themselves. I am sorry their soul feels so empty but I just can’t fill it for them. People have to learn to love themselves and the short time they have here. However, they have a tendency to loose themselves in other people because they don’t know who they are. Cant a person just understand that I like them and I am here but I don’t NEED to see or talk to them everyday to prove my love, devotion and friendship? There just isn’t enough hours in a day to do everything I want to do, or to learn everything I want to learn. I love being me and learning new things everyday. I think it’s hard being an old soul. I think I will die and hardly no one will understand me but my dog and God!

    • You sound a lot like me. I too would like a friend like us. Reply with your email if you want to connect, don’t worry I don’t think we’re strange at all, just the minority.

    • I wish I have discovered the Old Soul “thing” 15 years ago so I could deal, understand my brain and society better. Reading this article and your comment amazes me,terrifies my, hits me to the core of my mind and heart. I feel like I lost unnecessarily some years of my life. Its even harder to be and old soul at the edge of not being super young anymore but old enough to expect people my age to start being more like me but they are not. Now its like they refuse to get mature and want to behave even more ridiculous.


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