Disclosure Music by Tribal Tree – 2016 Earth Harmony Foundation

Hello all beautiful people, I am sharing a fun and interesting piece from the Earth Harmony Foundation created by Dov & Judi.

I give thanks to Dov & Judi and am blessed to have two beautiful people that are and have been apart of my life.

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YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVkCMlBGvwJLk_CYcTdPT-A?

Here is the musical video: 


2 thoughts on “Disclosure Music by Tribal Tree – 2016 Earth Harmony Foundation”

  1. This music was meant to assist in humanities awakening and to contribute a energetic vibe of higher conciousness of the times we live in. There is more coming from
    Dov and I. Blessings. Tribal tree

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