When Spouses Don’t Agree on Vaccines


…And What Made One Husband Change His Mind About Vaccines

Many of us have been there. One parent/partner starts to question vaccines, or perhaps knows with every fiber of his/her being that vaccinating his/her children is not an option, and their partner isn’t on the same page. Sometimes it’s an endless uphill battle even after a decision is made. Sometimes the other parent comes around. Sometimes they just have to agree to disagree. This is a story of an acquaintance of mine, who shares it to show just what finally made her husband actually thank her for not vaccinating their daughter.

***I am making this edit 20 hours after first posting this last night. I literally just got back from seeing Vaxxed (premiering in NYC right now). There is NO way that a person can see this film and continue vaccinating. There is NO way that a doctor can see this film without questioning everything that he/she knows about vaccines. The pharmaceutical companies know this. That’s why it was pulled from the Tribeca Film Festival. They don’t want people to see this. Support it today by getting yourself and everyone that you know to NYC to see it there so that it will be picked up by other theaters and seen around the country. I actually got to meet, shake hands and talk to Andrew Wakefield and Del Bigtree. What amazing human beings who have dedicated themselves to helping others, especially the children of our world. The TRUTH will prevail. ~ Dawn

Ready for Vaxxed? The world needs to watch this film!

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Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe Official Trailer from Cinema Libre Studio on Vimeo.

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  2. Its silly how some can not see until it becomes mainstream, the evidence has been there for years. And any truly learned medical professionals know that what the records tell us about vaccines is simply not true…

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