Life in Syntropy

A short and genial documentary on the wonderful work of Ernst Gotsch in Syntropy agriculture. How this great man managed to turn 1,200 hectares of desert area in an oasis of life and abundance of food, a perfect balance between large-scale agriculture and ecosystem. He managed this so well to the point of having changed the climate (!!!) and soil of his property !! There is hope in Humanity. Yes, we can. Share it, spreading this seed together we can make a difference !!

3 thoughts on “Life in Syntropy”

  1. awesome! I have 2 (soon 3) Raised beds in my garden and a herb garden and it is so empowering and fulfilling. Got my sewing machine working and a food dehydrator for storage and longevity of food stuff. All good investments.All of the above! it’s good to plan and put that plan into action.

  2. That is very inspiring . I live in North Germany and would apply that to my garden. Presently I just .. try to keep a bit of order and let nature grow for all the birds and bees. My garden is garden full of flowers and shrubbs herbs and some trees. Is there any book about it how to apply it on a garden ?

  3. This is marvelous! I have no words! I have a small farm and i am trying to grow vegetables and fruits organically and using all the resources i have in my farm. I would love to learn about the syntotropic agriculture. Please contact me with information at [email protected]
    Thank you so much! Susana Martinez

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