3 thoughts on “Hemp Plastic – if we still need plastic”

  1. I designed a shoe for horses using plastic because its properties were known and we were operating on a tight budget. We prefer to use a sustainable material, and if possible, one that allows the horse’s foot to connect through the material to the earth’s energy while wearing the shoe. From the photos, it looks like hemp will disintegrate within a few weeks, hence, it doesn’t appear to be safe enough to be nailed to a horse’s foot – many horse owners do not get new shoes when it is time, they extend until the nth hour. Am I missing something?

  2. Bring Hemp back. It is only logical. It was taken out of circulation for a reason and it wasn’t because “its good for the people” reason, it was for a ‘I want to make a huge profit & I don’t care about the consequences” reason. Time to turn the tables and get back to what works for everyone,for every single being.

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