3 thoughts on “Books and how a Malawian teenager built a windmill.”

  1. I have a special love for the people of Malawi. I have learned from a missionary friend of mine that they are very resourceful people. Just think of what they could do if they had real tools and supplies at their disposal. Right now they are starving due to drought circumstances. The native people don’t have the same opportunities as the European immigrants into their country. I and we at Prepare for Change are planning to help bring abundance to these happy, loving people. Anyone else in cyberspace willing to lend a hand? If so, please write to me. Our help is needed now. They can’t wait for The Event! ~**~

  2. I would like to know more details… no links? Did he teach himself to weld? What type of generator of electricity did he use? How many watts were generated? Did he use any batteries? What kind of pumps and pipe did he use to transport the water? What books did he read? What language were they in?

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