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  1. Thank you for this, nice synchro, after reading Cheril Goodrich’s blog-letter I found a related subject in here this morning. Cheril is an internet-friend of mine and she’s found tools and insights that may offer support in transformational work. As I’ve learned to see later in life, at some moment in time deep grieving can be seen as a doorway to living from the greater heart, overcoming personal merciless judgment, which sometimes is part of the grieving. More or less accompanied by crocodile tears… so to speak: self-pity without remorse. We humans can be so very clever, turning a blind eye to ourselves. I’m speaking for myself, mind you 😉

    Tuesday, January 26, 2016
    Exchanging Guilt for Love in Time

    The purpose of miracles is to reassign guilty value to innocent value to everything we see in this world. Because what we have learned to see in this world is filled with the deception of guilt, it is only possible to save our world by offering it the means to exchange guilty fear for innocent Love.
    Miracles are individualized expressions of whole perfect Love. Because the purpose of the miracle is to assign whole Loving value to anything that has been assigned to guilt, the miracle provides new evidence to see beyond guilty appearances that are accepted as being real. The only way this is possible is because of the fact that guilt is not real, and Love is.

    This way of learning is so revolutionary, it will replace everything we have learned to believe about the past guilt we have accumulated in our personal life. This will also shift the global historical value that we have learned to accept as our inheritance. Guilt is NOT our inheritance, Love is.

    Because all guilt is occurring in time, and because miracles work in time, the means to change the meaning and purpose of time is now possible for us as individuals. Investing in time without guilt will prove to be the saving Grace for us individually, and to prevent the complete collapse of our realty, the way we understand it.

    A miracle is new evidence that causes us to question the guilt that has encompassed our global reality into a global society of unreal expectations. These unreal expectations are war, hunger, disease, differences, paper laws, persecution, injustice, and material value that is defined as being greater than Self Value. Without guilt, these false global assumptions would cease to exist.

    All things that carry false value in our world carries evidence of guilt. Undoing this guilt is a major Universal undertaking that the people of the world must become involved in. People must become aware of their contribution to personal guilt, and the miracle means to collapse the guilt in time that is hovering over our world.

    Miracles do not destroy the evidence that we are dependent on to understand our reality. Instead, they re-interpret this form into Value that can be wholly appreciated with New Earth understanding. Learning to assign the empty space that has been left once guilt has been dispelled allows the miracle to be assigned to this form.

    Because the exchange of guilt for miracles is a revolutionary approach to dealing with individual, as well as global problems, we are entering a new phase of conscious learning. Once this phase of learning is complete, our world will at last know global peace. Thus, the Miracle Revolution is to first define Global Peace, and then we will individually have a creative say in redesigning a Whole New World.

    Before we can step into the paradise that was promised to us thousands of years ago, we must first deal with the deceptive guilt that is hovering in time. Until this is taken care of, entering the New Earth will be delayed.

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    Source: http://www.themiraclealchemist.com/


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