Exposing subliminal sexualizing content aimed at young children from Hollywood, TV shows, Movies, and the pedophile fashion industry. Disney channel and Disney movies exposed. Young girls being turned into miniature sex kittens. Illuminati brainwashing and destruction of Morality.

‘Illuminati Hypersexualization of Children Exposed! Disney Pedophilia and Satanic Role models’

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  1. illuminati = J e w s

    They are behind all this just like the porn industry.

    That’s it. I learned this from the unredacted version of William Cooper’s book Behold A Pale Horse. What they (Jews) redacted was the chapter of The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, and in the first page of that chapter it says that the word “illuminati” should be replaced with “Jews,” “Zion” with “Sion,” and “cattle” with “goyim.”

  2. May I just say what a relief to uncover somebody who actually knows what they’re discussing on the
    net. You definitely know how to bring an issue
    to light and make it important. A lot more people
    ought to check this out and understand this side of the story.

    I was surprised you are not more popular given that you definitely have the gift.

    • The reason why we aren’t that popular is because of massive “censoring” and because truth itself is not that popular among a sleeping population.

  3. An outstandіng share! I’ve just forwarded this onto
    а friend who was conducting a little research on this.

    And he actuаllʏ bought me lunch because I diѕcovered
    it for him… lol. So allow me to rеwoгd this…. Thanks for the meal!!
    But yeah, thanks fοr spending some time to talk about this matteг
    һere on your blog.

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  6. Rihanna isn’t for children and what does Wonder Woman have to do with anything? She’s a DC comics character aimed at an all ages audience, and the cartoon is by Warner Bros, not Disney. I agree with the general point you’re trying to me but it would be good if you could at least be consistent.

  7. I don’t get American culture, then. Hasn’t it always been that freedom to express oneself mean also to show off the body to gain popularity and acceptance? Why is it not ok for your kids to dress skimpily and show their bodies to wannabe paedophiles when you yourself wear the same when you’re in your teens and worry about sexy and boobs and butts when you’re in your 30’s? And you despise people wearing the hijab, for wanting to cover themselves, saying the culture is to show all… so really, I am confused to what is ok in the US. Skin or no skin.

    TV shows have always been about young people sleeping around, exchanging partners, affairs and popularity contest. Its all about looks. Young Talent can be groomed if you’re willing to dance provocatively with skimpy clothes. Ariana Grande songs, have you even heard the lyrics? Its in the top ten. “Boom boom?”. Come on… you guys like it, sing it and share with your kids. Your kids see the music video too. They love the song. They imitate…

    Disney and child “triple threat” are good or bad?? Really, I am confused.

  8. Its just so sad that the world is getting worse. People forget about God, love and many nice things. Its true and being more real now that the Bible says that there will be many bad things happen related with the coming of Jesus.

  9. I think that Rurouni Kenshin screenshot should not relevant for this topic. The setting was a Sumo wrestler friend of Kenshin protecting the kids from the troublemakers confronted by Kenshin Yaiko and Kaoru

  10. I don’t understand why it took a video like this for people to open their eyes to it all. I’ve been noticing these things for a long time and wondered why their kids were allowed to watch these shows or to participate in activities that were nothing close to age-appropriate.
    I voiced my opinion many times to friends and they thought I was overreacting. How do things go so far? People follow the crowds so quickly.

  11. I agree with what you say. That said, it is much more complicated than the way you present it. For example, how do you define who is Jewish. Not all Jews are from Judah. It is very complicated. It can take years to work out the truth, and maybe there are People who can work it out in just a fews weeks.

    • Within all ethnic groups exist this “1%.” Not to be judged but blessed in recognizing their presence to be much more than the one that is seemingly portrayed. May it be The I AM Presence in All of Us that transforms these 1%’s, and that we All, humanity, perpetuate this positive energy into the Eternities! So Be It! And So It Is!

  12. Please don’t blame Jews as the problem: It is the bad Jews, and their multi-racial allies like the European Illuminati and the Cabal which are the engine of this. Jews have contributed mountains of blessings to society; like the Nobel Prize winners. They have nothing to do with the perverted 1% of Rothschild Zionists and others in Power.

  13. Stephen, no one would argue that that is NOT the case, but this is about the media taking a shred of responsibility for sexualizing our youth. The Jewish cabal that owns (and freely admits it as well) and controls Hollywood, though, is trying its level best to pervert the young kids of today, because for the most part they (especially Disney) are pedophiles and gleefully exploit the children that parents willingly turn over to them.
    My 4 year old is now being taught about how wonderful Disneyland is, by his mother and grandmother.(it is very close by– about 20 minutes away) and also how awesome the products from Disney are. I fight against this constantly.
    The current controllers of Disney are responsible for messing up the minds of so many of their “Mouseketeers” who go on to become stars in Hollywood. take Lindsay Lohan, who only recently said her life had changed because of a mind-altering chemical. Finally!
    But for others they may never get past the mind control.
    THIS is what people are addressing here and elsewhere about sexualizing kids in the media.

  14. Wow! I’ve never ever watched something so crazy. This toys/dolls have been out since I was a little girl, never once have some crap like thid crossed anyone’s mind. Whats has this world come to, always have to find the negative in everything, what happens to this world!

    • My little girl had most of the Brat items while growing up. Never did she (I asked her about it) or I never thought of them as, or made them into sex kittens, nor did she feel less than… in fact she didn’t compare herself to the dolls.

  15. For many years and more years to come there will always be inappropriate behavior in the world.But it is the parents responsiblity to educate their children beginning at a very young age.A consent reminder to their children what is right and what is wrong.A consent reminder to them what is more important to a person than style,fashion,makeup.A consent reminder of respecting ones body and not exspousing flesh to show off.We live in this big world and can’t control peoples actions,so the best thing to do is educate educate educate…..

    • Nadia, I think you meant ‘constant reminder’, not ‘consent reminder’. Consent is, ironically, what we are all trying to delay or prevent, hopefully!

  16. Its up to the parents to teach their children that dolls are dolls and not sex toys so why do the children that have responsible parents should pay for the other parents that dont discipline their kids so dont blame the industries you should go to the source bad parenting

    • What do you mean by “why do the children that have responsible parents should pay for….” Stephen?
      What is it that they pay? Or pay for? In my own view, apart from unaware parenting, I don’t condone the creation of such toys, or encourage girls to dance naked with feathers. As I perceive it, toys, Walt Disney cartoons and performance styles on stage, are sometimes clearly meant to “program” or “delude” the mind of children (and their parents which see them as idols). Look at that bottle, the little Japanese girl holds in her hand. And the way girls are represented in glossy magazines, pretty much de-humanized, closer to being a plastic doll like Barbie.

  17. What kind of jacked up world are people living in! In no star system under any constellation in any form fashion method of medium as any of that video right! SCREW LOOSE!! That ‘ paedophile city’!!!! With a mayor of ‘I’ll have that baby any day’!!! It’s almost as bad as that women and men sharing bathrooms antic! I hope someone got the stuffing kicked out of them for that!

  18. It is a situation that may answer, to a certain level or degree, your question of, “what the hell are these sick people thinking?” If you were to put in your search tool on the internet: “disclosure before ascension,” there is a host of source material that may begin to explain The Reality in which we live here on earth. Have you ever heard of the phrase, “Things are not as they would seem?” On many occasion I referenced this idea/question to an abstract notion or correlation to maybe a hidden message within a message or a children’s show implementing group comparisons as a learning process. No…This is much bigger as it is complicated, and has a history that goes back several millennium. I am referring to operatives within this world, from other worlds, that lurk in the shadows not wanting to identify themselves so as to create havoc among us humans, Through their very advanced systems, a matrix has been in place creating illusions depicting a world of disinformation. Even though I believe as many others do, we have been contacted by benevolent beings from other star systems, there are those too that are here working in their own best interest at the expense of humanity. I also must tell you that the minions to which I refer containing malevolent qualities are up against an alliance working behind the scenes whose purpose is to ensure humanity’s success in bringing into this reality on earth the qualities characterizing and affirming Life’s Positive aspects that I believe is on grand scale the innate dreams the citizens of earth have in their subconscious and if not already, the fantasies living in those dreams will begin to more fully emerge and again be recreated. A sad story but with a happy ending for which I choose to believe is the outcome but not without the stories like this one of hypersexualization which is real and extends into the depths of darkness as to what compare to that of the abounding light from which Source will subdue the negative aspects of this world transforming all belief systems to be written without the condemning and negative circumstances introduced into humanity known to it as duality.

    • Thank you for a beautiful expression of your truth, Norman! Slowly and gradually, my anger and fury is turning into (the acceptance of) the realization that the suffering from this truth, this dark side of 3D duality truth, can be turned into a strengthening of my soul’s purpose, to bring an end to the cause of it, including the cause created by me, in the sense that the condemning of what in my eyes are evil-doers is often the denial of my own dark side. I begin to feel that on many more levels “they are us and we are them”. Not meant in a way that condones any of the actions and delusions, but in surrendering to compassion, which to me, is the way out for “US” as well as for “THEM”.
      Know what I mean? Sometimes I feel quite alone in these sort of acrobatics of my soul 😉

      • I normally choose to deny the word, “Hope,” the definition we humans offer because it is as though I’m enabling a entity whose source is suspect to what this world has gone through upon accepting that we have been lied to. Yes, I have to take and say, what good and positive aspects have evolved from, for instance my religion. For there, I choose wonderfully upon a host of things that have formed my family, friends, relationships. They are truly my world as I know it on this blue orb we call Earth. But, I choose the positive aspects of my belief(s) and transmute the negative ones. Giving a way for my power to be stolen from me again is not an option so, I must not hope for me but Hope for all humanity, that there is a tomorrow that can be created by the most high thoughts within my dreams as are those you create or about which you dream. My eggs all seem to be in, “One Basket,” here but I ensure you that I cannot do that anymore. Putting my entire life in a belief system that yes, has developed seemingly wonderful and with people I love…yet I have grown tired, confused, and easily to anger to accept any belief system if it has taught me to look towards/for the differences in people. That can only place me in an elitist position where I am better than you? That only accomplishes what this entity wants us to believe. This keeps us from developing/returning to that from which, I choose to believe, is my Divine Right as a True Child of The God, Mother-Father God. Humanity represents that “True Child of God!” My God is not defined by one who pits us against each other by separating us into tribes, giving itself attributes such as jealousy that to me can destroy relationships? In order to survive this reality and with, “Hope,” give a chance for The Reality that lives within our minds to somehow make sense, and to be manifested in a way that surpasses those dreams. In that place I want to meet and embrace you to share and travel The Universe and just BE!

  19. I am simply dumbfounded after watching most of that video… what the hell are these sick people thinking? I mean, really… is there no value of innocence whatsoever anymore? The development of body, mind, soul and spirit have stages throughout life. If these children are locked into the physical/narcissistic view of themselves and the world at such an early age, the result will be HELL for themselves and the society they live within for decades to come. CHAOS! (Take note… it’s not men who are encouraging this little girls to act this way, it’s the undesirable sick women who make their living from this exploitation.)


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