Police brutality

In a Memorial Day speech at Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Marine Corps General Joseph Dunford praised the 40 million Americans who’ve served in the military since the revolutionary war. He also noted that 5,000 soldiers have been tragically killed in military action beyond US borders since America’s war on terror was launched after 9/11.

Thousands of families grieve daily for their fallen loved ones and the war machine that sent them to an early grave shows no signs of slowing.

These fallen military men and women, we are told, died fighting for our freedom.

The terrorists hate our freedom, George W. Bush famously said after 9/11. And, if this was true, they certainly have little reason to hate us now, as Freedom in America has plummeted since that fateful September day.

For the last 15 years, America has fallen across the board in indices rating the world’s countries by levels of freedom.

Americans are under constant surveillance, our every move under a microscope by government goons, “protecting us” from “terrorists.” We are under the constant threat of violence from the state for possessing a plant, or having a tail light out, or simply walking down the street.

Americans are constantly paranoid of those blue and red lights popping up in the rearview mirror that most always end in extortion and could very well end with a visit to the hospital, being locked in a cage, or worse.

In the Land of the Free, police killed more people in just one month of this year than the United Kingdom has in the entire 20th century.

In the Land of the Free, police kill at more than 70 times the rate of other first world nations.

In the Land of the Free, we are told to “fear the terrorists” but US police kill 58 times more people than all terrorist activity against US civilians since 9-11!

What’s more, while the death of 5,000 soldiers is most assuredly tragic, that number pales in comparison to the number of US citizens killed by police — many of whom are also soldiers.

Prior to May of 2013, there was no independent recording authority on how many citizens were killed by cops. However, the FBI loosely estimated that number to be around 500 citizens annually.

Simple math would show us that since 9/11, at the FBI’s rate, police killed more than 7,000 people. However, that number is even higher now that places like Killed By Police, Cop Crisis, and the Counted exist and detail every public killing by American police.

Using the most recent numbers from 2013 to the present, and remaining conservative by using the FBI’s ‘loosely’ contrived number of 500 per year before then, the death toll reaches a whopping 8,296.

In the Land of the Free, citizens are killed by public servants at nearly twice the rate of soldiers deployed to war. 

But these people are criminals, right? They deserve to be killed, right? Wrong.

While many of the citizens who’ve been killed by police in the last 15 years may have had it coming, all of them deserved due process. Not too mention, many of those killed simply came across the wrong cop while engaging in non-violent victimless ‘crimes’ like ingesting an illegal plant. What’s more, some of these victims are innocent children like 6-year-old Jeremy Mardis of Louisiana.

There is no doubt that criminals exist and present a danger to others. However, when the number of people killed by their own government vastly surpasses the number of people who died fighting for that government in foreign wars — something needs to be said.

Some will say that since the US is much larger in population than the UK, that is why American cops kill more. But this is a farce.

To expose this farce, we can compare the US with communist China.

China, whose population is 4 and 1/2 times the size of the United States, recorded 12 killings by law enforcement officers in 2014.

Law enforcement in the United States killed 92 times more citizens in the same period.

So why are police in the US so much more likely to kill than all of these other first world countries?

We will not pretend that cops in the US kill 70 times more people than other first world countries for one simple reason. However, part of the multifaceted situation which has led to the trigger-happiness of American cops is their training.

This excessive violence has gotten so bad that American police chiefs are being sent to Scottland to learn steps to change this deadly paradigm. A former hostage negotiator with the Boston police department, Chuck Wexler brought a team of cops across the pond in a last stitch effort to curb killer cops and his story was documented by Sky News.

According to Sky News:

As the two sets of police officers met, Mr Wexler described how if confronted by a suspect holding a rock an American officer would pull out his gun.

“You’re going to kill someone for throwing a rock. That’s what you’re gonna do,” said Mr Wexler.

“How would society over here think about you shooting someone with a rock? They would not accept it.”

The senior American officers, from forces such as the NYPD and LAPD, watched demonstrations at Police Scotland training centres.

Sky News cameras joined them as they went out on patrol in Glasgow, and watched as unarmed police dealt with a variety of potentially violent situations.

What the report showed is that cops in Scotland know how to avoid confrontation. Instead of immediately resorting to deadly violence, the Scottish cop will step back, use protective shields, or move behind a car for protection.

What the report also found is that American police have a knack for verbally escalating situations too.

Sergeant Jim Young trains hundreds of Scottish police recruits every year.

“The American style of policing, it’s very authoritative,” he said.

“There’s a difference of going in, straight up at this level, whereby you’re ordering people, you’re shouting at them. You can’t go anywhere after that.

“But if you start down low you can adjust your communications to suit.”

Basically, what this experience is showing is that American police are aggressive both verbally and physically — and it’s deadly.

The good news is that there are cops out there that know this and they are taking action, like the chiefs going to Scotland, to correct it.

“It’s about time that we step up and this is our chance,” said Mr. Wexler. “It’s a crisis but it’s also our chance to do the right thing.”

Below is this eye-opening video of American cops learning to be less violent. This training cannot happen soon enough as America is already on track to kill another 1,000 citizens in 2016.


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  1. Many people do not know that all the US law enforcement agencies are trained by the Federal Government to implement a “state of emergency” or martial law. This began with Nixon, who in 1968 was confronted with massive demonstrations over the Vietnam War and any public policy that indicated the war was not being ended would result in large crowds in the street.

    When he first took office in January of 1969, he wanted to interrupt Viet Cong supply lines being routed through Cambodia by bombing them. He was advised that such an action would cause massive crowds demonstrating in the streets. He and his advisors soon decided to change the way police policy treated demonstrators: Instead of separating and arresting the hoodlums in the crowd, they would use them as a pretext to disperse the crowd as a danger to public safety. Because it had only been a couple of years since the riots following Martin Luther King’s assassination, the assertion that crowds were a threat could be argued. Of course the real reason to prevent peaceful demonstrations against his policies.

    The change that was implemented using the National Emergency Training that spring was to instruct the police to use the first sign that the crowd had become violent as an excuse to “disperse” the demonstration by rushing into it swinging their billy clubs and shouting for everyone to get off the street and go home. Anyone remaining on the street as a peaceful demonstrator was regarded as disobeying the orders of a police officer, beaten into submission, and afterwards hauled off to the station under arrest.

    Soon peaceful political demonstrations became a risk to life and limb as the Police becam militarized and now routinely wear military assault suits and carry assault weapons whenever they are enforcing the law, such as arresting a deadbeat dad or serving a warrant for possession of anything illegal.

    This continues today, as the same policy is in effect.

    What this represents is a federal policy of intimidation of the population. Training local law enforcement to regard the people they are hired to protect as, in fact, criminal perpetrators who they are ready to treat with deadly force at the slightest provocation is the work of the Rothschild Crime Syndicate, who have been working to prepare the United State for their armed takeover for two generations.

    Nothing that has been done in terms of law enforcement legislation since Nixon’s time is at odds with this analysis. Certainly the Patriot Act offers total substantiation for this point of view. After it went into effect, all law enforcement came under the control of the new Department of Homeland Security, which coincidentally is run byIsraeli/American dual citizens and openly staffed by Mossad operatives.

    After the Event we will have to disband almost all existing law enforcement above the state and local level, then we will have to retrain all of those remaining based on non-violent principles.

    Further we should ban all those who have worked for the Federal Law enforcement departments from employment in law enforcement or private security. They need some serious self-evaluation in order participate in a peaceful society.

  2. I totally agree with everything you said. It’s a tough issue. it’s the result of complete manipulation by media and only causing fear. show shootings every day on the news. people get scared, buy more guns. i’ve been robbed before, I wasn’t home. but I thought about what would I have done if they were armed & I was home? so i wanted a gun to protect my family. until we remove the criminals running this country and the manipulation stops then we can work towards a NON trigger happy society. and the military is going to have to turn over their big toys first because we’re not stupid!

    when we stop spending money on wars the people in poverty who sometimes turn to crime would considerably drop. we get held back. pushed down. our own government working with mexican drug cartels is one of the biggest problems. they do everything they can to get us addicted to a drug. whether it be from big pharma (which they are one in the same all owned by same scum) or via illegal street drugs. it’s insanity.

    it always boils down to money. whoever has the money can do whatever the hell they want to anyone and keep the rest down. their time is running out though. more and more people are completely aware of this.

    our fight or flight response can be beneficial, but also causes us to be overly aggressive and react before we process a thought or use logic. so maybe if you were being chased by a bear the fight or flight response would be helpful. but trying to guess if another human being is violent or not is another story.

  3. Great initiative, it makes me proud to live in the UK, today. The fact that US citizens are allowed to have a gun or revolver in their home and shoot any trespasser on their property, makes matters worse of cause. On the other hand, it may prove to be a strong point in preventing the military forces to take over entirely. It’s such a strange world in the US, everything has become enlarged to the umpth degree.
    In general, I don’t think weapons can secure peace, it’s a contradiction in terminus, only our minds don’t get that. Until our brain is blown…….


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