Vaccinations injecting parasites

Mother, warrior and natural practitioner, Robin Goffee shares her research on parasites from vaccinations and the connection to autism, other developmental and seizure disorders.  This is a must watch for parent’s of children with autism. This woman is healing children by removing these parasites from the body and detoxing the children. Our children are being poisoned and this must stop once and for all!

I also wanted to share this video form another wonderful warrior woman by the name of Kristen Tibbets.  She shares the research she has done on the connection between vaccinations and parasites.



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  1. where is the original AutismOne video of Robin talking about the parasite eggs they found in vaccines? Also, has anyone else read the short document called, "The Secret Doctrine" ?

  2. Marian, thank you so much for your reassuring thoughts regarding nutrition and spiritual awareness. You have the experience and your a professional, very rare these days, thank you again

  3. With the permission of Mr. Paladino

    Below is the link that provides 15 days of free Scalar Energy Treatments.

    God Bless

  4. Focussing on the shadow side of life attracts creatures living on the compost of what is grown and has become mouldy. In the same manner, our digestive system is representing our capacity to digest our life experiences and transform them for our benefit or not. The 2nd chakra, or the life-force energy focal point (in Chinese our Chi) is ruling our digestive system as well. Look at nature, how it thrives and evolves, we can find many answers to the riddles of our digestive system functioning. With that shadow side of life I also mean the astral plane and its often delusional nature, where we can be immersed in our covering up of pain, creating a virtual world as a sublimation of what is true, but seems to be too painful in our life to be addressed.

  5. Here I am again with a recommendation for caution, not to blame unwelcome visitors to our body, for having ailments like allergies and other dis-eases. I’m a nutritionist since 1973 and never in my experience have I found that such ailments were existing on themselves, without a relationship with the emotional and mental state of the person involved.

    It’s my, to some of you possibly, bold and unusual view on health and being at ease, that is, being without dis-ease, that no-body falls ill unless one’s immune system is “under the weather”.

    Our immune system is affected by our physical, emotional and mental state, closely related to our ability to love ourselves and care for ourselves. The glands in our body are directly connected to our electro-magnetic energyfield, the field that is around every living being (including mineral life-forms).

    In many walks of life, like attracts like, as in being in resonance with each other. Just like the string of one guitar, when plucked, brings the same string on a second guitar, nearby, in vibration. Once a disbalance in the energy-field of a human being occurs, the door is open to invaders, metaphorically speaking. Invaders, not from Mars, but tiny creatures like a parasite, baccillus and virus. Similar to a plant in a bad condition, lacking sufficient nutrients from the soil, attracting dis-ease or lice, which take advantage of that condition. The immune system of the plant is weakened. It’s a law of nature as much as it happens in all living beings with a natural form, affected by the elements. Growth and decay.

    As much as emotional issues are wayshowers to our condition of emotional resilience, physical ailments contain often similar pointers. The wisdom of the body is huge and welcomes to be tapped into. We’ve lost it almost entirely, that wisdom, that communication with our physical bodies, our senses too.

    This isn’t about being right or wrong, this is about cause and effect. Root and fruit, with all processes in between, bringing something to fruition. We reap what we sow. Be it one’s soul-purpose: a creation of art or craft or a project and who knows what sort of imprints, gained on the long and winding road through several lifetimes, may pop up along the way. Learning curves that are beneficial to our body-curves, serving our wellbeing.

    Our willingness to open up to our inner knowningness, in this case, mainly on a physical level, is most helpful to restore our wellbeing. And to learn to communicate with our ailments, our creaking bones or sore skins, hearing the message they love to tell us. Not denying the value of natural remedies and therapies as treatment, to be clear.


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