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  1. Hmm, won’t we all be sovereign at some point after the Event? or do we actually have to do what this man did? I applaud him. Can’t image how much time/energy & red tape that took though.

    • As I perceive it, thatcrazytoaster, we’re not going to experience the Event in a passive mode.
      Standing at the side of the road, applauding the chariots in wings of gold rolling by.
      We’re right now in the process of claiming sovereignty, imagine this for a moment, doing just that.
      It’s up to you, to me, to all others, individually and collectively, for claiming our sovereignty is being the Force and using it at the same time. Does that sound okay to your ears?

  2. See “Season of Treason”, 1, 2 and then the “Best” #3, then to “Privatis.Me”…, for the blogtalkradio shows of 10.30.’13 thru 1.(+-) 18th of 2014, then You All Shall Know Moor Truth…Peace And Agape!…Kurtis Kallenbach is the “Man…”

  3. Thank you, Edward, great video and very clear. I’ve been in a lecture in Holland, 5 years ago, where a man shared his experiences with “the law” after claiming his name. That’s how the Dutch group calls itself “Claim your name”, with members leaving the government’s fishing net, through holes that are made by using the same rules of law against the government.

    It takes time and patience, to figure it out, how to leave the net. When claiming your name, you follow a formal procedure, requesting the Queen or King of your birthcountry, for a document with a declaration that you claim your name, meaning the dismantling of the strawman. This is a legal procedure, no law can prevent one to do this.

    The Queen of Holland, 5 years ago it was Beatrix, needs to reply within 6 weeks, to such a letter.
    That never happens, but the law says, that when no reply is given, you may see that as confirmation of consent. Cool, huhh?

    From than on, you’re sovereign, on paper that is. This man, sharing his story, had 5 years of experience, living as a sovereign citizen. He had made himself so familiar with the tiniest details of the law in Holland, that he knew by now how to respond to the taxman, ringing the bell of his frontdoor.
    I can’t convey the details of those conversations, but he managed, by arguments and an attitude of absolute trust in his own position, of sovereignty, to send them away. Imagine the sum of non-paid
    taxes that had built up during 5 years of not paying tax!

    I can remember that this man used the following argument “This tax letter is addressed to the strawman, representing me, supposedly. I’ve claimed my name, I’m sovereign. This isn’t my
    affair any longer.” or something of that nature. See how it’s done? Using the government’s invention of the strawman to his advantage, was the core of his argumentation. He may have used different words.

    I noticed that more than half the work, making it a succesfull endeavour to claim your name, is having the guts and conviction to be free entirely. With that comes responsibility and great strength, amidst a river of fish swimming in the other direction. With an occasional shark aka governmental effort, to swallow you. This man was well on his way to transform old paradigms, without leaving mainstream society.

    Those that flee to the wilderness, choosing freedom, enter another form of freedom, often on their own.
    To be successful in such a way of life takes a whole different sort of strength, more flavored by survival on a physical level and maintainng sanity in loneliness. Both ways can work out well I think. I prefer the stance to live like that while living amongst other people. Being sovereign is in essence a quality of the spirit and not a signed document stating it. To embark on the way of confronting the government is a trailblazing journey, without a chance to grow complacent. At least, for the time being.


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