3 thoughts on “You Are STRONG and You Are BRAVE.”

  1. Great empowerment, thank you! Today I discussed the concept of an alternative world with someone I walked with. She said “Capitalism is coming to an end, but what’s going to happen afterwards? We need to eat and live in a home”

    I said “You could begin by sitting down and imagining, dreaming the reality that you wish for, while being the best version of yourself, so that you create your life exactly as you like it to be. Write, or make drawings and find it out that way”

    She said “I want to do practical things, I don’t want to dwell on abstract ideas”.

    I said “The way to start making things practical is first by having a clear idea about what it is you like to do and how to do it. And than make it your reality, based on that idea.

    It’s creative imagination. All artists use it and applying it to the creation of one’s reality isn’t different from making a work of art. When reality becomes a work of art it will be very enjoyable, I think”

    I noticed in her face that she had to chew on it for a while, taking it in, in silence. I realised that we
    all have our level of understanding and connecting of dots, training new muscles for a new reality.

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