How to Be a Spiritual Entrepreneur


Earlier this year, Joe Vitale asked me to make a video for his Awakened Millionaire program. I was touched, honored and inspired. And out of all that, came this video. My partner in goodness, Ross Pittman (Editor in Chief of Consciouslifenews) and I came up with these 3 big tips that we individually experienced while creating and expanding our conscious businesses.

Want to grow as a spiritual entrepreneur?

Watch this video! (Please click on the ‘article title’ above to access video)

And learn the details of these three keys:

  1. Listen to Spirit — Even in untraditional ways. Spirit is everywhere and “listening” might entail looking for signs, listening to the subtleties of your body and remembering to ask for guidance from above.
  2. Take Committed, Consistent Action (even if the what spirit is telling you sounds a bit crazy). My Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos were a really “out there” idea, but getting a root tattoos changed my whole life, so I KNEW temporary chakra tattoos could help those who didn’t want to get a real tattoo. It’s key to remember, you may not necessarily feel inspired every moment of every day, but if you hold an inspired VISION, you will always find the energy and purpose you need to keep going.
  3. Serve Others — This is the natural outcome of listening to Spirit and taking action, because Spirit wants us to serve and love each other.

In the last part of the video, I share a cool insight on why making money in the way spirit guides you literally takes you directly into your heart.


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