mass deception

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  1. Do what I do. Don’t watch it. It was crap back then and it still is. Nothing has changed and nothing is new. Same old tired crap being peddled.

  2. have watched the whole planet change at the hands of USA’s politics, which are not what USA citizens want or believe in, all because the media has lied, in 1969 was behind Iron curtain Budapest, saw what the so called government for the people did, & it seems the elite learned form that experiment yet masses did not. I watched Vietnam on TV, but not the Middle East wars? yet technology is much better don’t Americans find it strange? I’ve worked hard to educate people we are STEWARDS of this planet, there are ways we all can help. yet media shoots me down, publications will not publish, I finally get to have a small program on Animal Planet but important parts are cut out why? It is sad, those in power want to damage the Earth as much & as fast as possible, Tesla, who is always on my mind, has shown me things, even simple things that would help mankind, yet the global elites will not allow the info to become news. These Elite’s only live for evil energy, they are drawn to it, as they have no after life, they have no spiritual afterlife, so no need to for them to grow as destruction is what they think is good. In the cosmos there is the energy that flows inward & outward, neither is negative or positive, yet in our present state we are on the outward flow, everything in harmony with it is deemed good, which it is not time for inward flow, as with an outward expanding universe it’s going against the grain. Evil grows on doing the opposite & as we have just been living on the spiral flow on the cosmic end of 24000 year cycle around the center of cosmic energy, for the last 12000years, we are now on the other side 2012 of the rift, we should be gaining, the positive side is on our side, we need to change the negative energy since the Sumerians. War is not needed we need to help each other along with nature as Mother Earth is a key to the source for those of us, who ae made of this planet, whose blood flows from the energy of this planet, we are made from the elements of Earth.

  3. Yes they are Propaganda and Mind Control that always Lies, Deception, Facade and Fraud News which beyond their interest or even against their elitist. So they are an Prostitutes Mainstrem Media that having by Cabal/Illuminati to say the world what must to be done. Victory of Love and Light, Namaste.


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