obamabilderbergIn the upper right you can see that this video was posted on the Whitehouse.gov site, which would be pretty unlikely if he made a statement like the one that appears in this Youtube video. The below quote is directly from the video clip and appears to be spliced together to make it seem as if this statement is what Obama has said in a single sentence.  It may be that it is two segments crafted together to appear as if it a single statement, instead of portions of separate parts of a larger speech. For instance it could have been preceded by, “There are those that…”

We should ask the Whitehouse to release the entire speech made at the 2014 Bilderberg gathering in order to clarify what he really said, and meant.

“…and for the international order we have worked for generations to build. Ordinary men and women are too small minded to govern their own affairs, (…) order and progress can only come when individuals surrender their rights to an all powerful sovereign.”


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  1. Isn’t everyone there a double agent? That makes more sense as to why none of this makes sense….besides, wont all this come out upon disclosure, the event?

  2. all it takes for evil to exist in this world is a lack of empathy. and social engineering has done a good job of ridiculing these topics if you speak of them. conspiracy theorist and crazy labels. so it makes it worse for a person who has gone through something horrific to have to be victimized all over again by their peers. is that how sad humanity has become?

  3. I had a conversation with someone the other day about Beyonce. they were calling her all sorts of evil names saying how she sold her soul to the devil and now she’s paying for it and will rot in hell, blah blah blah. I stopped them and said, “do you honestly believe, a woman who all her lived loved christ and didn’t hide it, just all of a sudden said yes I will sell my soul to the devil and you have permission to clone me, possess me and make me a slave to the industry?” NO…it doesn’t work that way. are people really that out of touch that they just think celebrities are all evil and are making their own decisions? sad, so sad. like when people made fun of britney spears when she shaved her head. no idea it was an mk ultra breakdown which if any of us had been put under that would react the exact same way. again with amanda bynes. and recently selma blair had an mk ultra breakdown on an airplane that had to land urgently because of it. they are starting to break programming more and more and that is what happens.

  4. agreed how do we know that isn’t an obama clone making that speech? WE DON’T which is why we use discernment on everything, but we also don’t believe every single one of them out there are evil and ready to get us.

  5. Surrending “to an all-powerful sovereign”, need not be viewed as an act laced with malice. It is “natural” for persons to view this as a assault to personal integrity, but it does not need to be. This is based on fear.

    Take Jesus for instance and yes, I do realize that all do not yield to his actions. This is only and example.

    “I can of mine own self do nothing: as I hear, I judge: and my judgment is just; because I seek not mine own will, but the will of the Father which hath sent me.” John 5:30 Another modern day example are AA meetings, where aquiescence to a higher power is a mandate for change.

    At this point in human history it seems that yielding to anyone or anything is interpreted as a security risk. when in truth it a preconditioning for greater empowerment.

    • I think I understand what you mean, ellion. The reason why yielding to anyone or anything is interpretated as a security risk, I think, is that now many people begin to awaken to the truth that governments, churchleaders, kings and queens, are not our carers and are not in service to the wellbeing of their people. That’s what makes many of us suspicious. I don’t believe in yielding to anyone or anything, but I’m open to be inspired by any source or expression that uplifts my soul.
      As simple as that, my own experience and gut feeling is key here. No obedience to rules, not even
      to those my own mind has made up, as far as I’m awake and aware 😉

  6. I love Obama! Integrety and Truth he stands for!
    Were all people like him! The world would be a better

  7. ⚡️I already read/heard this speech partially & it did indeed have the aforementioned excerpt in front of the featured quote…’there are those that…’ He’s acting as a double agent to do good subtlety ‘secretly’ while being surrounded by corrupt cabal money mafia mercenaries of one type or another. Perpetuating this negative vibe blog blob does no good especially with so much verifiable negative players could be exposed here. Please consider whether info adds or detracts from the purpose of this site to inform & inspire….?

    • Very good point Brent Harrison, I feel like we’ve been bombarded long enough now, with all that is and might be negative in the world and that this site might have a bit more happy news about things that are good in the world and beautiful, inspiring. With “we” I mean those who’re going deeper and try to do research of dramatic world events, looked at from several angles. Although I’ve created negative vibes myself, when entering this site with caution, frustration and fury, fond of making up my own mind and not the one of others, ahem…. I’ve begun to see where it came from and where it leads to.

      I guess this place brings out the worst and the best in us, touching on deep seated issues, collectively and personally, combined with our journey through purgatory before the center of our
      galaxy starts sneezing. Ha, I like that expression!! I’ve got a vivid imagination and what I envision looks sooo funny and it feels sooo refreshing 🙂 It’s going to be an experience we all haven’t gone through in the long and short chain of our lives, not ever and it’s worth it to choose joy and trust as companions in the midst of drama and turmoil. It’s the best detox program for our dna, as I perceive it.

  8. Well, that’s the problem with content on internet and public media, all potentially controlled, infiltrated, concocted, contorted and phantasized. This is what we’re going to see more and more, confusing people and causing drama, emotional turmoil. It’s the means and the goal, just like the design of the tv series Big Brother of The Bold and the Beautiful. Rubbish, It’s why I place the virtual world on much more distance and pay attention to the reality of where I am in the world… with real people, out there, with all physical senses awake and my “6th sense” as guide. Making waves 😉


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