wouldyougmopotIsn’t it interesting the Federal government ‘won’t’ legalize Marijuana but Monsanto is working at genetically modifying it and patenting it.  Remember, you can not patent nature.  Greed – Control – Eugenics.  I am SOOOO sick of Monsanto.



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  1. I told Colorado growers to not allow Monsanto to clone and patent before it became legal in Colorado and Washington. To stop them before they clone it. Last year they cloned it. They will now infiltrate farms and claim the farms as theirs with lawsuits. Make it addictive which it has never been and make huge profits. Also make it weaker so you have to buy more and they jack up prices. At this point Growers need to sue Monsanto for trying to corrupt the product and customers and modifying cannabis to do so. . This is a big deal. Nope no one listens to Mark. smh. They will legalize it when Corrupt Monsanto gets it patent and in full swing. Best believe that.

  2. Roundup is now in food grown with their products (including at restaurants), and in local hardware stores. At local schools spraying Roundup on school yards and your local parks department spraying Roundup in parks. It is now EVERYWHERE and it is now in our bloodstreams too. and this is why Monsanto is so wealthy. We need to get their products banned from the U.S., as they have done in France

  3. 1. Research how Monsanto has wiped out farmers & growers of legitimate crops by proving they have “stolen” the GMO/patented version (from simple cross contamination). Once the pollen is airborne (likely already), any contaminated crop can be confiscated and the grower destroyed.

    2. Decriminalization takes it OUT of the hands of government. Legalization puts it DIRECTLY under government control.

  4. Here is proof on more poisons for profit coming to a dispensary near you by MONSANTO.. been talking about this for over a year… GMO pot will not fix anything.. time for all to wake up and get to be the source of their own grows .. or know their source is not GMO.. Monsanto, the multi-billion agribusiness giant, has announced today it has patented the first genetically modified strain of marijuana.

    The news that has been welcomed by scientists and leaders of the agriculture business alike as a move forward towards the industrial use of marijuana and hemp products could bring a major shift towards marijuana policies in the U.S.A. and ultimately, to the world.

    Under present US federal law, it is illegal to possess, use, buy, sell, or cultivate marijuana, since the Controlled Substances Act of 1970 classifies marijuana as a Schedule I drug, although it has been decriminalized to some extent in certain states, Monsanto’s interest in the field has been interpreted by experts as the precursor to “a major shift in marijuana policy in the US” as it is believed the company would not have invested so much time and energy if it had not had “previous knowledge” of the Federal government’s “openness” towards the future legalization of marijuana. THE SOLUTION IS IN THE LINK BELOW AT ICPW Solutions link below.

  5. We should have a big Monsanto day meditation & pour as much love over them as possible and cripple them. Who’s in? Do we have a list of the board and all the rest of them?

  6. Unfortunately Monsanto already DID patent nature. I give you the soy bean. They will patent it, they will own many strands of pot, then it will become legal, then you will get arrested or fined for using “their” patented product. It’s a vicious cycle.


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