We recently received some very good advice from Saint Germain to help us to navigate these times of turmoil.

Recently Cobra mentioned how things would start to speed up as we approach the time of transition. No doubt when this happens the level of stress for people in general will increase. If we are to support the anchoring of Light and Peace then its paramount that we avoid getting involved in the chaos and it is with this phase ahead of us in mind that St Germain would now like to give us some good advice. Saint Germain lived in Europe as the Comte de Saint Germain during a period of great turmoil and His words of advice are based on experience. He lived in France during times of ‘debauchery – starvation – war’ etc. and so He understands our ‘schizophrenic’ experience at this time. He ‘attended’ court and was witty and charming, using jewels to intrigue and teach alchemy and magic. He was asked sometimes by those with eyes to see “we never feel that you are part of us – why do you come”? He explains that He came to share the Violet Flame and to heal and open people to their heart consciousness.

Sacred Union and Partnership

Saint Germain wants us to understand that the Company of Heaven are working side by side with us at all times. We are being ‘injected’ continuously and we need to realize that we also access so many levels of dimensionality simultaneously. We are in Sacred Union and Partnership and that intimacy is only increasing as we move forward, “we are very close – in your breath – in the air – standing next to you – holding your hand – nudging you forward”. He truly wishes us to understand that our Spiritual Guides are fully aware that in this integration of our mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, in our stepping forward at this time, that this requires great perseverance, fortitude and patience on our part.  Yet He reminds us that “you are no longer in the old 3rd – all 12 dimensions are wide open – and – it was always intended that there be a free flow of energy between the dimensions.”

We Are Pivotal in This Transition  

He truly wants us to understand that “we are all pivotal in setting the stage for change”. To play the roles that we have come here to play at this time He reminds us from His own experience that “we don’t take part in chaos – we send and over-light and stand back and perceive – involved but not – (we are the) – watcher within and observer – not contributing to the insanity and not allowing it to penetrate and influence – (in this way) we can access what’s needed and send it.”

We have all heard the expression of ‘being in the world but not of it’ and this is what is required of us now.’ Saint Germain explains that when we are ‘observing’ we are actually influencing because there is an electrical (magnetic) exchange taking place. He explains that we are like “grounding rods – in action in balanced neutrality”. Sometimes we are more actively taking part but we ‘hold the energy’ in the acknowledgment that we “have this exchange going on constantly by the mere fact that we are here.”

3D Reality Dissolving Fast

The turmoil in existence all around us at this time is a clear indication that the old 3D reality that we used to exist in is dissolving and falling apart before our very eyes. Let us all avoid the temptation to be drawn into this chaos by engaging in any drama be it in our physical reality or via the internet.

This advice from Saint Germain is to remind us to “hold the space and not engage in the drama”. Engaging in any drama will simple distract us from our true purpose. Saint Germain goes so far as to say that it is “sick to be engaged in madness”. Let’s remember this advice in the coming months.

Please Note:
As quite a bit of the information in this piece comes from channeled information I must warn that reader discretion/discernment is advised.
PS: The notes in italics here are the ones that I wrote while listening and not an exact transcript. The transcript for these radio shows is usually available after some weeks and I shall add it here if its available as I publish this article.

The link to the In-Light radio show where Saint Germain gives the above advice;

Therese Zumi

First Posted on PFC 14th September 2016 at 1010 AM CEST

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  1. Thank you very much, for sharing this here, Therese. It’s so very welcome and uplifting. I keep this advise
    “To be in this world, but not of it” always at heart and hold the violet flame very close. As a child I witnessed the madness of a strict Calvinistic church institute, the separation of heart and mind, people preferring to be right and not to be happy.

    Creating schisms causing my larger family to split up, once in the 60’s and once in the 70’s. I lost a great many of uncles, aunts, nieces and nephews due to difference of opinion about the question if a newborn baby would be allowed to go to Heaven or not, when baptism hadn’t happened yet. It offered me helpful training to live in that way, in the role of the observer, when I look back at it. I’ve come at peace with all that, but it was a time of mad fanatism at war with compassionate views.

  2. Sometimes when I see people buying into the divide and conquer mentality. Pointing their finger at those the evil elite want us to hate so that we don’t point our finger at them. They just don’t see how they are being manipulated.


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