violin-animated1The RV will happen when the “Working Out” Vibration is strong enough that it reaches the Tipping Point and goes.

Even though we in Dinarland think we are helping the RV go, we are being Played by CABAL tricks to keep it from going. You are being used and you don’t even know it. Here is how they are “Playing You” to keep the RV from happening. There are two main groups that are being manipulated, the Un-Aware General Public, and the Aware Dinarland.

How Negative or Positive Vibration Influence Events

The whole point is that there has to be a high Vibration of Working Out, to support and Cause the High Vibration Working Out RV Event. Simply stated: High Working Out Vibrations Create Working Out Events. On the other hand, increased NOT Working Out Vibrations prevent good things from happening (Not Supported) and instead create/cause bad (not working out) things to happen.

How “They” Play The Un-Aware General Public

Of course, the General Public has no Idea about the RV/NESARA that will change their lives for the better. This is a GREAT (Working Out) event that is “Pending” in their future. When will it happen for them? Simple, when the vibration of working out is strong enough to tip the scales toward starting the (Working Out) RV/NESARA event.

So, what do the CABAL do to keep the General Public’s Vibrations low? They have shootings which scare people into worrying. They bring in immigrants to take their jobs so that the general public stress over that issue. They put lead in their water, pollute the environment, threaten Martial Law, offer unsuitable candidates for president. They do everything they can to scare people into worry and fear to keep the vibration low preventing “Good – Working Out” things from happening.

The Un-Aware General Public is being played just like a fiddle. Pluck this string and they are mad, pluck another string and they are afraid, and pluck another string and they worry that there will be war, or martial law or some other catastrophe.

However, there is a VERY HUGE benefit of all this manipulation of the General Public, for every pain, worry and sorrow, they wish for and hope for things to get better. This is creating a HUGE “Potential” working out vibration waiting to be activated. That is, when the RV/NESARA does happen, and they will realize that everything they ever hoped for is coming true, they will swing their vibrations to the working outside so fast and hard that everything good can start happening all at once. At that point, when you have the entire General Public move their vibration to the Working out, high vibration side, the CABAL are finished. there will be NO vibration support for their agenda.

How “They” Play Dinarland

It is easy to Play the General Public because they have no idea they are being played. They think that all these false flag events are real and everything on TV and in the news is real. But we in Dinarland know better. We know the game the CABAL plays with the sleeping Public, but, we are being played in a different way, and don’t even know it. Here is how.

Remember that the “Dividing Line” is between Working Out and NOT Working Out. They Play the sleeping public by using false flag events, for example, to get the General Public to believe things are not working out (Low Vibration). However, we think that we are smarter than that because we know that those events are staged and so we are not tricked or influenced to the Not Working Out Vibrations side.

Guess What? They know that play doesn’t work on you, so they use one that does. They infiltrate Dinarland with fake Dinarland members and they get you to think that things are not working out for you. They keep telling you that the RV/NESARA will not happen, or that it will be much later, or that the rates will be very low. That has kept you worried and stressed for a long time…. But times are changing.

While these “Plays” have been effective for a long time to keep Dinarland down in a not working out state of mind, their effectiveness is now dropping. We know the RV/NESARA is going to happen, and now we can tell that it will be happening very soon, and Dinarland knows to ask for the higher rates no matter what they have been told. This is causing the Working Out Vibration to rise up and get stronger and stronger. Frankly it is just about to go…. But, it hasn’t. Why not?

The “Plays” That No Longer Work In Dinarland

They lost the “It will never RV” play because everyone knows it will. They lost the “You have to be in a group” play because everyone knows that it not true, in fact you are probably better off exchanging individually. They lost the “no such thing as NESARA” play because clearly there is, and it is way bigger and way better than we ever knew. They lost the “ZIM won’t revalue or is worthless” play because as it turns out, it is the most valuable currency on the Planet. What does this mean? It means that you aren’t going to feel bad about the RV, NESARA, Exchanging Individually, or the Value on ZIM and the other currencies. In short you feel strongly that it is working out, and you should, which means you are bringing in RV/NESARA even Faster!!!!

The Newest “Play” Being Used Against Dinarland

They have a new way to make you mad, feel like things are not working out and to keep you upset generally. That play is the “Blame The GURUs” Play. This is a genius Play by the CABAL. The way it works is if they can get you to distrust and be upset with the very people who are bringing you the most information, they not only keep you upset, but they can also keep the truth from you.

Think about it for a minute. Who are the GURUs that are getting the most heat? That’s right, the ones who are bringing you the most behind the scenes info on the defeat of the CABAL. How they are being arrested, and all the other things that are being done to them and what they are losing etc. Don’t you know that is PSY-OPS 101? Infiltrate their group and get people in that group to distrust and hate the very people who are helping them. STOP IT WITH THIS GURU HATING ALREADY!!

We Are The Key That Unlocks The RV/NESARA Event

People who are “Un-Aware” have very little influence on the World. They just go with the flow no matter which way it is going. It is not to say that their vibration doesn’t count, because it does, but, they are not voting for themselves, but we are. Since we know and are Aware, we DECIDE our thoughts and that makes us thousands of times more powerful than those who do not. So, how do we get the General Public to change their mind about how bad the World is, and get them on our side of “Working out?”

VERY SIMPLY BY HOLDING OUR OWN VIBRATION ON WORKING OUT. How can we expect the public, who has nothing to believe in, to think that things are working out, when we, holding Millions, Billions and Trillions of dollars worth of currency in our hands, knowing we are about to be living the life of our dreams, can’t think that it is working out?

If this were a corporation, we would be the voting members and the general public votes would be decided for them by us. WE MUST VOTE WORKING OUT AT ALL TIMES BECAUSE OUR VOTES COUNT!!!!!

Re-Think Where You Are (Right Now)

I mean RIGHT NOW, throw everything out the window and reset your mind.


#1) You are holding currencies that are worth at least Millions of Dollars, if not Billions and even Trillions. Think about that…

#2) You know that means that for the first time in your life you will really be able to do what you want to do and live your dream life. Think about that…

#3) You know that good times are coming which allows you to feel confident in the future which most of the world doesn’t get to feel. Think about that…

#4) You know that the Bad guys in the World are being eliminated and that this World will be at peace and you will be SAFE forever more. Think about that…

#5) You know that there will be a change in our government and governments around the World that will benefit mankind for once. Think about that…

#6) Speaking for the U.S., IRS and the Fed will be abolished forever and a much better and safer financial system will soon take its place. Think about that…

#7) You know that this is an unstoppable World event that is just about to happen. Think about that…

Now, take a moment and reflect on just how good things really are for you and for the World. Are you feeling just how good it is for you? Would you say that things are REALLY WORKING OUT FOR YOU? Good! Now stay there.

Does it really matter, in the big picture, if a GURU gets the date right or not? Will that stop you from getting everything that is coming to you or change all the good that is happening in the World? No! You know the answer is no. You cannot make a case for hating the very people who are trying their best to bring you all the info they can, at their own expense of time, and criticism they suffer.

How Pathetic of Us

How pathetic of us to be talked into hating our own? You know that other people are working and dying to bring this magnificent change to the World for our Benefit. Are we really going to let the infiltrators keep our hopes down and talk us into turning on our OWN INTEL PROVIDERS? That is a SICK CABAL PLAY.

I can easily imagine the CABAL Planning session, One evil doer says to the others:

“Those people in Dinarland are finding out to much about what is going on. Their Intel Providers are saying to much about us and the RV!!!! They are feeling great about the RV/NESARA no matter what we do!!!!”

Then they complain “What can we do about it?”

Then they hatch a their evil plan: “Let’s get them to turn against their own Intel providers, that way they will distrust everything they are bringing into Dinarland!!!”

Then they complain “How can we do that when everything they are saying is true?”

They figure out the way: “That is simple. Since most of what they are telling can’t be proved yet, we can say that it is all lies, and we can also say that they never get the dates right!!!! If we can get them to distrust their own Intel providers, they will fight among themselves and lower their own vibrations.”

Did this meeting actually happen? Maybe. We know that there are Trolls, moles, and nay-sayers in our midst. They all want to bring us down. Will they succeed? That is up to you.

Know This: You Already Have It Made!

  • You are holding Valuable Currency in a World that is changing for the good. You already have it made.
  • You will soon be living the life of your dreams. You already have it made.
  • The environment will soon be pollution free and our food will be good to eat. You already have it made.
  • You will be living in a World that is Safe in every way. You already have it made.
  • Bla, Bla, Bla… No Matter What… You already have it made.
  • The Guru quotes a Date that does not happen… So What, You already have it made.
  • The Guru says something that is unproven… So What, You already have it made.
  • The Guru says something that is improvable… So What, You already have it made.
  • The Guru says something that sounds crazy… So What, You already have it made.
  • Something happens, or doesn’t happen… So What, You already have it made.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that “You Already Have It Made.” Nothing else matters. The only question now is will it happen sooner or later? That my friend, lies in your hands. Will you stay in the hopeful, working out place of a high Vibration making it happen NOW, or will you fall for the Not working out tricks of the CABAL, causing your vibration to be very low forcing the RV/NESARA to wait a bit longer?

In Short: High Vibration of Happy, Working Out states of mind Speeds it up, while the Low Vibration of being unhappy, not working out, slows it way down.

As for me, I am staying very excited, expectant, and happy for whatever information I am offered. I know that it doesn’t matter whether it is accurate or not, so what! I am still holding valuable currency in a World changing for the good, meaning I already have it made. That is my Vibration and I am sticking with it no matter what!!!!!!

How about you?

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams


Signed: One Who Believes

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  1. You are what you think. You have a mind to think for yourselves use it. When
    you band together your power is beyond all limitations. use it and let no one put you under This is a message from God, The one and only. Why are there so many religions in the world, I am only one God.

    • I picture you sitting high and far removed from the human playground here on planet Earth, God. If God is genuine, he/she is able to understand why human beings need to try out many interpretations of God and Truth, in order to find out what works for them or not, with the veil still firmly held in place.

      It’s a way to bring creation to fruition with consciousness and free will. The God that is truly in relationship with you and me is the one present in our own heart. Having said that, I’d like to see you busying yourself with your own God within. Let others explore their own reality, with God or the Devil. Playing God is a tricky game.

    • God doesn’t need to ask questions. God already knows the answer.
      We are children of God, so we should be the ones to ask questions.


  2. I have always believed in a better world and I know I am here to help heal the world. My body right now is exhausted from trying to survive day to day. When you feel this way, as I am sure many of us do, it is difficult to hold that wonderful vibration.

  3. Ok I guess i’m stupid or slow or both but what does
    RV stand for?
    working out mean?
    NESARA stand for?
    and where is Dinarland?

    • I suggest, Paul Richardson, that you dive into Cobra’s Portal. The link is at the right hand side of this page, with other links offering background of who, what, where, why and what for. Or Google the words you like to understand. There’s a handbook published by Cobra, called The Event. It’s valuable reading, take time to make yourself familiar with the place.

  4. I am new but yes I agree, this world has always been a good place,we choose to see, thus the saying there is good in all people would never have been, Love All that is the words 9-9-9

  5. Thank you, Dane Arr, I’m in the legion of truth with you and work out on all levels, building up muscles and agility for strength. And I don’t mean physical strength and agility only.

    After reading this excellent text, I began thinking that it seems that the thing that many people are in need of finding out, about themselves, is their attention to the presence of their consciousness.

    Observing their reactions coming from instinct, while there’s drama all around and people in denial, struggling to make a living and taking it out on them in a manner like this, yelling in desperate anger

    “You should be in my place, ha, so easy to talk like that, you’ve got it easy on your pink cloud of roses, with your escapism and silly dreams, you’re the one who needs to wake up!”

    To me, there are always two different ways aka choices, to look at and act in a given situation.

    One way is by identifying with the other person’s drama and opinion, in emotional turmoil with always some sensitive buttons being pushed hard. Spring cleaning, clearing our attic and cellar seems to be inevitable.

    Or, the other way, by focussing on the awareness within that you’ve made it no matter what, in joy and at peace with the reality unfolding in dramatic ways and at the same time being able to witness these reactions inside, see it for what they are and NOT identify with them but allowing them to pass by, leaving a dark agenda unserved.

    Attention is consciousness in motion and in all these aspects of mind, soul and spirit, we human beings on this heroic quest, are always in a free will condition, which, to me, is the only foundation for creation.
    Think about that for a moment, ponder on how much potential is hidden in the embodiment of that natural law.

    And to make matters even more bright (to some in bitterness it seems worse) if we are compassionate with our own progress, stumbling or steady going (slow to our judgmental mind) we always leave a door open to another room, finding new opportunities and renewal of intention, of our energy to make a new choice.

    I’ve discovered by experience, that my health and physical condition is a creation of my own in a way that it’s my steering of the rudder, on my little sailing ship, that counts. It’s about finding the compass for one’s life that is hidden in one’s heart. Took me a while, about 3 lifetimes in one life cycle.

    No one has the program for life in the hands, at birth. Unless you believe yourself to be in a theatre, consuming other people’s plays, the script will be written by someone else. I was very bright from the start, but there was a lot of cover up of it, later in life, believe me. Fortunately I’m a born and bred explorer and I never give up on me, on life and on love 😉

  6. I am also wondering if the Cabal have the upper hand on the Guardians and Accended Ones who are working along with us for Love, Peace and Abundance to flourish on the wonderful planet-Earth. Someone please explain because blaming those of us who are part of the Dinaland family feel as those we are indeed being played or, things are working in our favour behind the scenes and some of us are not fully aware of the greater plan for humanity.

    • Not all but a big chunk of channeled material is fact this:


  8. Great article, its about growing into truly being the creators we are, which is what this shift is all about..
    its good to stay with material that reminds and inspires us of this as we grow and evolve into bcoming more of this.

    • We never left? we have always been here, and we are not here to save ourselves, we are here to help humanity save itself ,any questions?


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