Darkness is based on primary anomaly, which manifests as entropy. Entropy is a term used in physics to describe the amount of energy within a system that is unavailable to be used, because the components within that system are in disorder, not where they are meant to be.

The cabal has manipulated what is being taught in physics, and so they teach in universities that entropy always increases with time. This is what they would like, but this is not the reality. In truth, entropy decreases with time, as the Source transmutes all primary anomaly progressively, putting everything back into divine order and therefore liberating all energy to be used for its original purpose : Light and Love. This is the principle of syntropy, the opposite of entropy, which is the tendency for things to reach an increased state of order, and be where they are meant to be, and realize their purpose, and for all necessary amount of energy to be available.

This syntropic path of liberation and transmutation is the path to the Event and Ascension. Prison Earth is a closed system where entropy has accumulated over time, meaning that many components within that system are in a state of disorder, not where they are meant to be, and therefore a lot of energy within prison Earth is suppressed and not available.

All forces of Light are syntropic forces : the Galactic Confederation, Agartha, all Star Seeds on Earth, positive Dragon groups, all positive nature spirits and trees and crystals, etc.

Syntropy is an ever-increasing force that can gain momentum very strongly, meaning that small steps taken in its direction can snowball, and one element of syntropic force can spread syntropy into many other elements around it, in other words ‘spread like wildfire’.

As beings who choose Light and Love, we are meant to be syntropic forces, which is done via all the little choices we make every day.

Entropy is increased by keeping things confined inside a shell, a closed system of isolation. This is why the dark forces always thrive on isolating elements, confining things and people in boxes, prison earth, borders around countries, social norms and boundaries, etc.

Syntropy happens by basing our choices in our inspiration, in following our hearts, not in fear of survival. By choosing to not stay confined anymore in a bubble composed of everything we already know. By reaching out, facing our fears, trying something new.

Almost all of us here have things in our life that we know that if we did it now, it would make our life better, but we tend to always postpone doing it. Whether it is spending more time to do meditation and energy work, less time on distractions, eating better, getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, exercise more, spend more time in nature, quitting toxic relationships that are based on fear of survival and not on following your heart, spending more time with people we love, taking steps towards manifesting a dream, donating time and energy to help our community and to help our planet, etc.

Do it now. Do it today.

As syntropy gains momentum, we keep seeing how the smallest step taken in positive direction can result in the biggest changes. Maybe eating and drinking better today will result in you having more life force and feeling clearer, sleeping better, which in turn will allow you to have a breakthrough in dreamtime and remember it when you wake up, which will lead to life-changing solutions. This is one of many real-life examples that I keep seeing in me and others. The path to the Event and Ascension is composed of many small steps. Start where you are, start with what you can see in front of you, and do it now. By doing this consistently, we will end up seeing everything we dream of (and more) manifested in front of our eyes, quicker than we might expect it.

Liberation now

Source: http://recreatingbalance1.blogspot.se/2017/01/syntropy.html

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  1. Whats in a word? From all the meanings it {“syntropy”} is integrative. I assume it is derived from the Greek root “syn” used, with the meaning “with,” “together,” {in the formation of compound words}.

    a.) meaning of “syntropy” is the “degree of internal organization”
    b.) syntropy is “the tendency towards energy concentration, order, organization and life” (http://www.syntropy.org/)
    c.) syntropy in Medicine syntropy syn·tro·py (sĭn’trə-pē) n.
    The occasional tendency of two diseases to coalesce into one.
    The psychological state of wholesome association with others.
    A number of similar structures inclined in one general direction, such as the ribs.
    Google Search Results #1 item (just like the above article mentions: the ‘dark cabal’ takes a ‘good word’ and applies it to dis ease):
    syntropy syn·tro·py (sĭn’trə-pē) n. The occasional tendency of two diseases to coalesce into one. The psychological state of wholesome association with others. A number of similar structures inclined in one general direction, such as the ribs.

    I think Google needs to change the #1 meaning to “The psychological state of wholesome association with others.”

    Victory of the Light

  2. So, lovely and joyful. Yes, liberation now. Thank you so much. Victory of the light , love and peace forever more. Namastey

  3. As I perceive it and I’m an old hippie, in a way, born in Holland, the hippie and flower power movement was one of many energyshifts aka attempts, to wake up humanity and start changing our world. It’s still here, nothing is lost and the sleeping seeds are sprouting. This time it’s for real, we are victorious. There’s no reason for doubt or fear for our future children. We may be surprised how they happily jump around, agile and flexible in changing times, teaching us, old hippies, to live together in harmony and peace. And we, old hippies, may place a vinyl record of Ziggy Stardust on the gramophone and impress our kids, who listen with wide open eyes and ears lol

  4. I am an old flower child from the heart of the free-speech movement in San Francisco.during the mid 1960’s . We began the first breakout of creative power with love and service to others, when the West was running an aggressive socio-political-economic and military domination and control systems.

    Even though energy will always seek..the path of least resistance.

    We broke away and established non-hierarchical pyramids of control from the top down, and instead communities that were based on fully free expression as agrarian, egalitarian anarchists, that allows us to reach full human self-actualization, in love and service to others, that live in sustainable peace, love and harmony with our ecosystems.
    They are again cropping up now all over the west.

    We were in full resistance mode to try and wake up the establishment to realize, the insanity and the genocide that is the result, when your energy and time is spent in serving self in an aggressive mode of consumption,domination and control, that is managed by those who utilize the fiat money system that facilitates their ability to funnel what people produce.

    Which is the dark cabal’s primary resource in which to clamp down further global-domination and control, by the vast overlay of hired armed mercenaries they camouflage under the illusion that you need these people to protect you.

    When in fact they are used to pillage, plunder and thus further consolidate the monetary resources, that keep this recycling bin of what results in genocide, when all we do is take and consume, and give nothing back with unconditional love, that we know from conservation biology and fossil record, is why the most aggressive and predatory species are the first ones to go extinct in our living ecosystems.
    Collapse ougta be self-evident to everyone,as it was on Easter Island, when they cut down the last tree, because,they like us have failed to live in peace, love, harmony and balance.

    We saw this in the early 1960’s that was a pathway the entire global for profit system was heading on, because we have allowed for what we project through the greater accumulation of money to impress others, and feed an ego, becomes a collective mind-set that ultimately will result over time, in a mass extinction event, and why all the forensic evidence now for all to see from what we are measuring in the living ecosystems of Mother Earth, why they are all now in a state ofrapid decline.

    We are running out of time.
    The state of human consciousness needs to acknowledge this, and act with a sense of urgency, if we are to ensure future generations of our children to have a world they can be born into that is there for them..


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