Cintamani Grid Database

We have been keeping a list of all Cintamani stones buried so far that we know about, and since many people are burying stones around the planet right now, I would ask people who have buried a stone without organizing with us to please email me at [email protected] , and tell me in which location you have buried, so that we can avoid doing some places twice, and optimize the efforts.
Victory of the Light

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  1. Meanwhile, when the waiting for order-completion of Cintamani stones seems to take some time, there’s another way to plant something in the soil that may have the same effect, potentially. When you’ve got a clear quartz crystal that is pure and clean, for example, after it’s been in your garden for a while, in sunshine and rain, or overflown by springwater, or cleared by your efforts on an energetic level, you can program this quartz crystal with an intention that may bring a beneficial effect similar to the effect of a Cintamani stone.

    Not that I pretend to know of the effect, by experience, of Cintamani stones, but our own creative potential to change energy may be a tool for powerful transformation of energy, in a location where the stone or crystal is buried, that might be equal to the one created by the Cintamani stone. I’m just presenting an alternative method to clear up energy, for I’m in favor of creating these tools through the work of our own hands and hearts. As long as we’re clear about what we’re doing and the purpose of planting crystals and stones in planet Earth in a supportive way.

  2. When I receive my cintamani stone to plant outside, it will be in Batesville, Indiana, which is about half way between Cincinnati, Ohio and Indianapolis, Indiana.

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