Let’s seize the advantage… maintaining the momentum of the Solar Eclipse Breakthrough!

We have managed to accelerate the timing of the EVENT by half when we reached critical mass with the Etheric Liberation Meditation on February 26th.

Let’s continue to accelerate our own liberation with another mass meditation on the Spring Equinox on March 20, 2017 at 10:28 AM (GMT).

This is (all on Monday):
12:28 am HAST Honolulu
3:28 am PDT Los Angeles
4:28 am MDT Denver
5:28 am CDT Chicago
6:28 am EDT New York
10:28 am GMT London
11:28 CET Berlin
12:28 pm EET Cairo
5:28 pm ICT Bangkok
6:28 pm CST Taipei
7:28 pm JST Tokyo
9:28 pm AEDT Sydney
11:28 pm NZDT Auckland

See the time and date calculator for your time zone here:



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WE HOLD THE KEY TO OUR OWN LIBERATION – By strengthening the light grid on the planet we can completely dissolve the plasma octopus and allow the EVENT to become a reality.  Your participation in this important meditation can greatly accelerate this process:

To join the worldwide synchronized meditations on the PFC COEO site, click here:


Remember – the full meditation lasts 16 minutes – and it is synchronized worldwide in many different languages to maximize its effect on the planetary situation.

For guided meditations in multiple languages, click here:


Please check the link posted above for a guided meditation in your language, as more meditations will be added every day.


1. Use your own technique to bring yourself to a relaxed state of consciousness.

2. State your intention to use this meditation to trigger the complete and final dissolving of the plasma octopus Yaldabaoth entity.

3. Visualize a pillar of Violet Flame rotating clockwise towards the center of the Earth. Visualize another pillar of Violet Flame rotating counterclockwise as it rises up from the center of the Earth. Keep these pillars of Light active for a few minutes.

4. Visualize the final removal of all remaining obstacles to the EVENT.

5. Now visualize a rainbow colored Goddess vortex, expanding outwards from your heart throughout the whole Earth and then from there throughout the whole Solar System.

6. Visualize the Goddess descending through this rainbow vortex, bringing peace, kindness, and healing for all beings on Earth – spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

7. Visualize the Goddess spreading abundance and joy to all beings on our beautiful planet Earth, throughout the Agarthan network, and throughout the solar system.

8. Continue to visualize this Goddess vortex, as you raise your arms to the sky, rotating clockwise, and say the mantra “iiiiiii” for a few minutes.

9. Drop your arms and continue to see this Goddess vortex expanding as you the mantra “aaay-ahh”, rotating clockwise. Do this for a few minutes.

7. Visualize the Event finally taking place, bringing peace, abundance, and joy to all beings on Earth and throughout the solar system.

Liberation Now!

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  1. Is there any intel regarding the success of this meditation? We are most interested in hearing some news. D. Rockefeller has moved on from this physicality according to MSM. Is this related? Thank you!

  2. Shaswat Pranam Param Mata Mahamaya , Param Mata Gaia , Param Mata new Gaia , New Sophia , New Atlantis , Nova Earth. Mother is liberated and so we are with the victory of the light , love and peace forever more. Namastey. “JAI HO Mata Ki”

  3. Thanks, I’ll join, Throughout the 16 minutes it takes according to Cobra, we shall be united as we should. Fot 16 minutes be ONE.
    A request for the next time: a more mature voice. It may be tempting to men but it irritates me. Again no world with people older than 20.

  4. Thank you for these info, thanks to you I have shared in different languages.
    We are going to make it my dear friends !! This is our time, now !
    I am so exited words are missing to express it !!
    Love and light to all !!

  5. Thank you so much for the information. Victory of the light , love and peace forever more. “JAI MAHAMAYA KI”. Namastey

  6. The Time of Victory is Now!

    If we are successful in dissolving the Yaldabaoth entity, we shall be in course to a bright future! The ripple effect though the dark hierarchies will leave them exposed, since much of the illusion of power will fade with the loss of “dark miracles” and sorcery which has plagued humanity. This will in turn cripple the ability to manifest timelines such as New Babylon Endgame et otherwise.

    To push that frequency down, to quarantine the negativity of historical future enveloped by the spacetime of this entity. It likens to a mechanation, as there is no originality to Yaldabaoth. He is the puppetmaster of Plato’s Cave… but now is the time to hold hands, leave this cave, and walk together into the daylight.

    Warfare with Yaldabaoth is that of the next moment in time, turned against you. Since The Demiurge (aka Yaldabaoth) is not a true creater, it can only mimic the reflection of the divine nature of things.

    Inspiration is the divine weapon of choice against this entity. Imagination leads to taking the waveform vibration of thought from divine source. That is why painting, music, the arts, and other creative potentials will be the most devastating against it.

    You cannot out think an entity who is analysizing every particle, so to be Neo in this matrix, how do you outsmart The Architect? The answer is within your divine spark which penetrates the veil and manifests heaven on earth!

    Victory of the Light!
    – Fates

    • You know what I think about the victory over the deceptive dark matrix, Fates de Whynot? After reading your good and clear comment? I truly believe that the source of life and evolution of free expressions in life will always outsmart the source of artificial and imagined life. By its very nature of being alive in freedom without trying to influence anything or any being.

      That darkness birthing source, the deceptive matrix, is a reaction to the spark of life, trying to make it dimmer and replace it with an illusionary light that shines like neon-light and Swarovski crystals, cold.

      I believe that Lucifer, who seems to have been the Creator’s best buddy, according to esoteric texts, asked his best buddy if he could design or proclaim his own creation, see what would happen, the Lucifer experiment, called by that name in large old dusty books. Maybe this involved the 3D condition.

      There may have been some sort of “alien” consciousness present in this, an invasion of some sort, and an awe for what Lucifer’s best buddy created, sparking a desire to equal such an achievement and play with The Force, enjoy the adventure of going into the unknown territory of limitless possibilities.

      Of course Lucifer was free to do this, for to me, free will is ruling in all nooks and corners of the Creators Light realms, in the heavens and on planet Earth. As principle, not necessarily practiced.

      The Creator may have foreseen what would come of this, there may have been an interest in what would come of this Luciferian creation. Proper sparring with life and experience its endless facets isn’t possible without polarisation and a challenge, at least on planet Earth in the 3rd dimension.
      With the feminine and masculine energies separated in women and men.

      The concept of Lucifer is much pondered upon by Rudolph Steiner in his visions and books. His legacy, the antroposophy, calls the illusionary aspects of life Luciferian and the material, mind-activity aspects of life Ahrimanic. The first is the world of imagination, art, illusion and mirage.

      The second is the world of cold aka mind-calculation, ratio, machines and creations with artificial intelligence as a product of it. I guess the Archons are in the world of Ahriman, just like Saruman came under the influence of Sauron in The Lord of the Ring. Antroposophy isn’t trying to destroy Ahriman, it’s working towards balancing these two forces in life, allowing them their proper time and space.

      For example, the world of physical form, human body and robot-machine is accompanied by our minds and imagination, by our practical thinking and our fantasies, our dealing with physical form in real life and our use of the senses, smell, touch, taste, hearing and seeing. We can use these senses in the 3D world as much as in the 4D world, where we can fantasy and tell ourselves that they’re true.

      Lucifer started to create what he felt was an adventurous experiment, but is was an abomination of life in that it caused the Light growing dim of the true spark of life, where intelligence and wisdom are in harmony. Like the two fishes of Yin and Yang, reflecting each other’s opposite in the eyes.

      I’m moving away too far from what I meant to present of my thoughts about the victory over the deceptive dark matrix, so I’ll return to the subject now.

      The essence of what I try to describe and clarify is, my view on the nature of the dark and light forces, is that in the presence of freedom and light, with the embodiment of Yang and Yin, fullness and empiness, light and dark, no illusionary world can sustain itself when it intends to move away from the practice of that balance, the acceptance of light and dark both, within and without.

      It’s where the illusionary world pretends to deny the presence of reality, of what is key in practical matters of life, the half of the Yin-Yang sysmbol pretending the other half isn’t there, that it’s beginning to lose its power and reign.

      Living a lie and believing in an illusionary world always comes to an end. KIeping up appearances is fun as a game, it’s what keeps us intrigued as an audience in a theatre with actors and props on stage.

      It can’t stand the presence of truth when it’s a deliberate agenda to harm and control life and when programs of mirage and secrecy cover up evil, it won’t stand the presence of truth and it can’t withstand the transforming force of love. To me it’s a law of life no being can escape from.

      • Wow, profound and enlightening Marian, I really enjoyed this perspective. The importance at this time is to forge or find a path towards a desired outcome, Yin and Yang, Darkness/Light.

        Here, we have a crossroads, where the choice in the next moment either works towards Source or Chaos. Although many are gaining in awareness, there is still a Clound of Pleroma containment we are in which is termed The Demiurge.

        “For Yaldabaoth said, “I am God and there is no other God beside me.”Yaldabaoth, According to the ancient Gnostic texts, there is a creator God named Yadabaoth (Ilda-Baoth or Ialdabaoth ) who is described as the Child of Chaos, and was the son of Sophia (wisdom) in Gnostic Cosmogenesis. ”

        “He is the ruler of this world who is the Chief Archon who is the son of the creator God of Genesis and the demiurge of Platonism. The meaning of the name demiurge is maker which makes him the “creator of the material world.” This fact is key in understanding the meaning and role of Yaldabaoth over the material world or the Gnostic Matrix.”


        I have experienced spiritual warfare with this entity, during the 2012 timeline, which lead to a physical stroke, ending my ability to think abstractly for a long while. From experience, I am presenting what I have come to understand the conflict between Light and Darkness within this pleroma matrix.

        I however choose to fight for the Light and a bright future, and provide the tools to others. The demiurge wants to keep the hall of mirrors going, which is an unacceptable future timeline…

        • Thank you for your appreciation and a deeper explanation of Yaldabaoth plus the link of gnosticwarrior, Fates de Whynot. If this entity or being is the “creator of the material world” it certainly suggests a creation of the world of George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” or “1984”. Control of the mind without the companion called the heart.

          Your 2012 physical stroke and loss of abstract thinking, for a long while, must have been an experience with a very deep impact on your life and path in life afterwards,
          I assume. Your abstract thinking doesn’t seem to have a hard time anymore, when I read your comments 😉

        • Thank you, that was a good explanation for me. I am tying him to the goddess son myths…Isis/Horus, Ishtar/Tammuz . It is interesting that he is always sacrificed.

  7. I know there’s an extra ‘oomph’ when everyone meditates at the EXACT same time, but maybe it might be better for people to meditate 2-3 times all day long on the 20th because of the overly early time? Sun up, mid noon, and sun down wherever you are. It would be like a relay race with zones of people turning on at different times ALL DAY LONG.

    I’ll do the normal time, but I’m an insomniac and don’t have work on Monday.

  8. dear Hearts! it is Spring Equinox on the northern hemisphere. It is Autumn Equinox for the other half of the planet. Can we include all of us & change the name to MARCH Equinox please? Thanks you & so much LOVE! Victory of the LIGHT!

    • Gilbert, I suggest to keep an eye on the YouTube channel with these videos, more languages will arrive in the days before March 20th. The Spanish version will arrive at some point too. Maybe the Portugese version of this page is helpful, the instructions for the meditation are presented in that language.

  9. allegedly the timing of The Event has again been sped up even after the Feb 26 meditation.

    the removal might be in the final stage – Universal Dissolution in progress
    Victory of the Light


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