“There is a lot of entertainment on the Internet, and as the Cabal writhes in its death throes, the desperation is apparent.”

During his last Cobra situation update on: 04/22/17, http://2012portal.blogspot.com.br/2017/04/situation-update.html, Cobra made a post informing all Lightworkers and Lightwarriors that because the Cabal has not been able to start World War 3, they have tuned to “electronic warfare” against key workers and warriors of the light . He also issued a strong ultimatum –a warning–to the Cabal, stating,  “Anybody using a directed energy weapon against a civilian target, either knowingly or unknowingly, is committing a crime against humanity and may expect to be dealt with.“ He further stated that an “international diplomatic and political scandal with far-reaching consequences, exposing certain key people from the United States, responsible for use of those weapons against civilian population, may explode soon.“

Cobra also said that this is an obvious attempt to remove the workers of the light from the surface of the planet, as the Lightworkers and Lightwarriors with the power of their unified consciousness are one of the main obstacles in the Cabal’s plans to create global war. He further explained how these weapons are used by the Cabal agents worldwide, torturing a very important segment of civilian population. He asked everyone to spread far and wide the following information explaining what “directed energy weapons” are: http://nesaranews.blogspot.si/2017/04/urgent-national-security-and.html

Cobra has been warning us for years about the energy and plasma scalar devices that can negatively influence and harm our physical bodies. The Chimera Group uses these devices to attack Lightwarriors and Lightworkers by influencing their body functions, disturbing breathing and heart pulse. The Chimera Group also uses plasma scalar lasers to project thought forms into minds of Lightworkers, plasma infrasound to lower the frequency of auric membrane of Lightworkers and plasma ultrasound devices.  It is the ultimate spying and surveillance machine.

Uncovering and exposing the Cabal’s latest attempt to stop the work of the light hit a nerve and created an immediate backlash on their behalf. Basically now The Cabal ITSELF is claiming that  “Cobra is The Cabal,”  when in reality, Cobra is the furthest thing from the Cabal. Anybody who believes that Cobra is the Cabal is, quite frankly, a fool. If you believe such lunacy, it would be best to educate yourself on this topic prior to making unfounded accusations.

Some websites have stated correctly that these recent wrong-headed comments floating around  that “Cobra is the Cabal” simply reveal that the person who is writing such things is ignorant to the facts, has not followed Cobra’s work, or done any research. Balanced people who have done the research can clearly see through the latest attempt from The Cabal to discredit Cobra and his organization. Here is one of those balanced comments:

– I, personally, perceived no intent whatsoever to “fear monger” or “fear porn” in the latest post by Cobra, referenced above. Rather his post was a “be aware of this” and “here’s how to protect yourself from it” article. That  “other article” made the accusation, that Cobra’s post was fear mongering and creating fear porn.  That article appeared to possess an intent to discredit Cobra (and his Light community) and the work they have done and are doing to prepare us for Ascension.  This is an old tactic. What else is new? –

If there is no danger to humanity at this point from the Cabal, and disinformation and lies are no longer permitted in this country, as the accuser who goes by the strange name,  “One who knows” claims  then, why CNN News site and all the other MSM websites were still filled with blatant “fake news” this morning? why not give us Disclosure now then? I’m talking about Disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence.  ETs, both positive and negative, have been here for millions of years.

If there is no danger to Humanity from the Cabal because the “One Who Knows” and his team have it now all under control, then why are wars still raging in the Middle East? Why are the banksters still taking homes from the people and running unchecked, stealing everyone’s money? Why is there still untold amounts of suffering everywhere and why are millions still dying of starvation if the Cabal is already under “Their” control? Where is the RV & GCR that the disinformation agent that goes by the “One Who Knows” claim will happen always “NEXT WEEK” or NEXT MONTH……why “next week” or “next month” never comes while the battle AGAINST the RV and GCR has been going on non-stop for the last 10 years?

Why is this person, who calls himself or herself  “One Who Knows,” (who has, in the past, made other malicious accusations)  now saying Cobra is not spreading truth but is “fear mongering.” “One who knows,” doesn’t know much.

Why is he saying in his article he posted in the Dinar Chronicles that Cobra is a “female” when everyone who knows Cobra or who has listened  to his many Youtube interviews posted online knows for a fact Cobra is a man.  This alone is a huge lie.  “One who knows” doesn’t know much dear ones, always remember: “By their Fruits You will Know Them?” (Matthew 7:15-20)

All the promises and predictions made by the agent provocateur that goes by the name “One Who Knows” have never come true, though he claims to get his intel from the highest sources and from the Grandfather (whomever this is)  himself!  Wake up people, how many times do you have to be lied to, in order to spot a liar?

Unfortunately, other disinformation agents have now taken this opportunity and are piggybacking to spread more lies about Cobra and his organization. Other disinformation agents are saying that Cobra said that marijuana was bad because it had nanites. “How Evil that sounds right?” This claim is simply a wrong, incorrect  paraphrase of Cobra’s words. Read Cobra’s last interview. You will see that he was only answering a question about marijuana.

Here is the portion verbatim of the interview transcript:

Aaron – “Next question.   I found the following statement and I’d like you to tell me what you know about this: The statement starts by saying: Do you really think that you are getting pure marijuana, or clean marijuana? Think again! This is the marijuana especially the legal medical grade which is cataloged in Quantico, Virginia at the FBI; implanted and chipped with nanotech.   It’s all GMO, nanite compatible, very tiny computer systems. Same as with all smokes, vape, junk foods, etc. He’s asking Is this true?”

COBRA – Yes it’s true.


Do  you really think that the marijuana being specially nurtured and grown, produced, crafted and nicely packaged just for you by your CIA, FBI & MONSANTO friends is being carefully created having your highest good in mind?

The bottom line is that all those so-called truth seekers or so-called blogs of the light need to start using higher discernment when posting articles with such vicious and unfounded accusations against sister organizations who have proven throughout the years their worth and dedication to the light.

When you continue to post or interview people who have proven AGAIN AND AGAIN their information and claims are incorrect and untrue and their many predictions always turn out to be inaccurate — this is just purely irresponsible! By helping spread lies, knowingly or unknowingly, including on Youtube channels and blogs, you are making yourselves the opposite of what you claim to be. You are becoming the indirect channels and tools of the dark.

This whole drama have taught me a sad lesson: Our community of “awakened” blogs and sites are really not much different that the “Fake News” MSM channels, we are just as sensationalist and as easily manipulated as them. At the very least, if you feel the adrenaline rush and the urge to be the first one to post “something” take the time to do your own independent research before hurting or staining some true Lightwarrior’s image just because the news looks “sensational” enough to be posted in your blogs or Facebook pages.

This link,  http://2012portal.blogspot.com/  says:  “This blog is the official communication outlet for the Resistance Movement.”

The Resistance Movement is Pleiadians who are members of the GFL (Galactic Federation of Light) who are here to liberate this planet from the Chimera Group who control it. Dear friends, there is a war in the Heavens.  You may be ready for the “Event” if you keep listening to those who are here to lovingly guide you and  help you through the process by telling you TRUTH.

Or, you may instead listen to the agents of the adversaries who are here to keep you confused by telling you beautiful lies that you want to hear. Remember the advice Cobra have given us several times to spot disinformation agents: ” A person who goes out of his way to publicly attack and discredit others of the light credibility is a sign that the attacker is a disinformation agent”

I leave you with the following message which is part of our Prepare For Change Organization Mission Statement: “Man must confront that which IS so that he can change of it into a path of glory instead of a path into slavery and destruction.”

You might ask, “How does knowing these truths set me free?”

Remember this:  The truth may not always be pleasant to know, especially in these times.  Once you know, you can prepare yourselves and remember how to allow God’s co-creative mind to assist you in making strategic plans of action for returning balance to all unbalanced circumstances.

On the other hand, when you are ignorant of truth, which is unfortunately the “state of affairs” for most people on our planet,  you will not be able to prepare to make the necessary balanced changes. You will, instead, suffer the consequences of your inaction or unbalanced action, which is a result of ignorance.”

Truth is quite disagreeable and unpalatable at best.   Do we wish to upset you or vanquish your joy?  No–but truth will set you free and bring you joy.

But joy alone will not bring you freedom.

We love you.

Your Tax Free Donations Are Appreciated and Help Fund our Volunteer Website

Disclaimer: We at Prepare for Change (PFC) bring you information that is not offered by the mainstream news, and therefore may seem controversial. The opinions, views, statements, and/or information we present are not necessarily promoted, endorsed, espoused, or agreed to by Prepare for Change, its leadership Council, members, those who work with PFC, or those who read its content. However, they are hopefully provocative. Please use discernment! Use logical thinking, your own intuition and your own connection with Source, Spirit and Natural Laws to help you determine what is true and what is not. By sharing information and seeding dialogue, it is our goal to raise consciousness and awareness of higher truths to free us from enslavement of the matrix in this material realm.


  1. Why is this being reposted? I read all this 6 months ago.

    “One Who Knows” is a Dinar/Zim, Global Currency Reset (GCR), Revaluation (RV) proponent (along with many others). If you have followed COBRA you would know that GCR/RV is completely incompatible with COBRA’s description of the Event. If you like that stuff that’s fine but I just ignore ANYTHING having to do with “currency”, and I don’t understand why a site based on COBRA’s material would give this “currency” stuff any attention at all?

    According to COBRA the event comes FIRST. THEN the money supply and currency are SLOWLY altered into a (more) fair and just system. People who make money from corruption are slowly removed from the system and all global currencies will be based on REAL productivity, NOT financialization. Also keep in mind that the REAL state of our technology is THOUSANDS of years ahead of where we believe it to be. All this wastefulness and artificial scarcity are to keep us one paycheck away from homelessness and producing misery loosh for the Archons.

    This battle is spiritual, not economic.

  2. Here’s the thing. Even though I’m careful to take away too much from what Cobra says, simply because he cannot always give the full details yet and this may lead to me coming to incomplete conclusions, I do keep lots of what he tells us in the back of my head. My truth radar (my gut) is responding very positively on his info, and this is mostly because, how bizarre and unmentionable some of the stuff is he shares with us, it NEVER strikes fear in my heart and it also does not make me judge the dark forces unkindly, because he clearly confirms that even the worst entities still believe they are doing the right thing, and are just really misguided and victims in their own right. On a deeper spiritual level, I have no doubt that all of us at the side of the light have been on the dark side in many previous lives and passages. Like a healthy cell would not judge or hate a cancer cell, so shouldn’t we. Instead, our goal is to heal the malfunctioning cells, or keep them from harming others in the meantime.

    I never freak out at anything Cobra shares. I use it as a means to better interpret all that is going on and has happened in this Universe and on this planet. Constant self-awareness helps to discern lies or mistruths from truths. Cobra scores the best points on my radar. Many other sources come off as very accurate too, but here and there my radar will spot anomalies, even in genuine, benign sources. It’s about not having the entire picture. Even the intent of a source can be discerned, not by the content, but by the energy and emotion it evokes inside. Years before I knew about anything spiritual, I already was able to gauge people in regards to being authentic and truthful, in a matter of minutes after meeting them. I was never able to tell why or what, but I have always sensed anomalies when they occurred. Looking back, I believe it is partly because I always had a very good knowledge and awareness of the archetypes in personalities and first, spotted when they were faking an archetype they are not, or second, knew the expected behavior patterns, motivations, weak spots and fears etc

    But I digress. My point is, we all have the truth inside of us, and if we are in tune to and aware of our inner responses to the input we receive, we can eventually always discern the truth, or at least understand when we are being lied to.

  3. I am proud to be part of PFC and especially proud of Cobra’s intelligent ,strong,no-nonsense demeanor,i smile, when i hear about who he is when people who know’s him with his wife how they are a very happy and loving couple that compliments each other (soul-mates)i am grateful to be with mine,would love to hear cobra laugh happy with joy but not now later voice alittle weird now. very sorry about One Who Knows i guess human nature we hear what we want to hear and see what we want to see ,I found his post comforting to that Soldier in me that can’t waite to Help save Humanity Gaia and all upond her wow what a thought, no what a Feeling. well Cobra would say “no , the RV ,GCR will not happen untill the Event” many other’s would say this( week) this( weekend) Merry-go-round for years now.Not about money it’s about the freedom and ability to fight back against, The Against evetrything Catholics against Muslims , Blacks against Whites, Good against Evil, Man against nuture and of course RICH against POOR Victory to the light

  4. I waited for days to hear, read or see some kind of response from cobra or a representative of PFC TO THE Accusations made by “One who knows” the day of I actually informed and contacted Denny Hunt from youtube site “Why is this true” He calmly told me to just to observe ,and let it what ever was going on happen, my concerns was obviously Cobra but mainly was the PFC Members which i am very proud of am constantly “recruiting” for the lack of a better word new members to assist us free humanity. i also lost respect and trust in Gary Larrabee especially Kent dunn , But the night of this post by one who knows i went to Mr. Larrabee site he actually impressed me he said he was not sure of this he found cobra to be sincere and lets waite and see if any confirmation will come, not judging or taking sides.Good for mr. Larrabee.Of course am aware of the harm one can do by going all over the place to hear what i want to hear All of the so call “RV ” infor. sites saying Oh its going to happen this week this weekend , Then i chech in with Cobras infor . and he simply says cool,calm and Collective “NO” the RV or GCR will NOT happen until The Event i accept that , Participate in my sunday meditate then monday ,looking again for what i want to hear just a little click, a peak – in to see whats going on befor i know it am back on the Merry-GO-Round this week / this weekend all i can say i am better than i was last year and Victory To The Light

  5. Dear Friends, at this point we could be betrayed by anyone as humanity is under the influence of believes, practices or religion set to suit the objectives of satan despite our own will. Remember that from the very beginning of our history the archons persuaded the Angels send from heaven to play on their side and after, positioned themselves as the God’s on earth among humans – Why wouldn’t do it a second time? They created religions to keep humans separated to best manipulate them and they managed very well.

    I have discovered that the Illuminati as they call themselves, do believe that satan brought the light to this planet – They are using all our sacred symbols, seeking the light as much as we do, believe in self-development and becoming his own God. They are expecting the Antichrist as much as we are expecting the “Event”. Both need the intensity of energy to take place.

    Besides, they also are claiming now that religion separate people and want to create a unique spiritual trend among humanity. If you listen to the speech of the Pope, it goes in the same direction. Even more, some Illuminati members are convinced that they are not worshipping satan at all.

    My conclusion is that we are being manipulated but we don’t even notice it and there is a lot of people thinking that their believes are much neutral and opposite to others but we are ALL being pulled from different directions, to the SAME POINT. However there are only two main currents whether we are with GOD, the Creator or with Satan, although he also calls himself God and this is how we end up worshipping satan without knowing it and with our won will.

    One satanic strategy is to make us believe something when is the opposite – They enjoy doing that because is smart and in the line of their believes.

    Have you heard about a city called ASTANA the capital of Kazakhstan, which literally means Satan in Spanish. A city ready to welcome the Antichrist where all the religion-representatives of the world meet together in order to negotiate one single spiritual trend – A pyramid of the peace have been constructed making people believe that they are neutral but behind this country, there is a strong satanic structure that is advancing in the accomplishment of their plan. Their president is one of the most powerful satanic members on this planet –

    Last month while we were doing the meditations given by Cobra, they were opening the portal of hell in CERN Switzerland. So the same work is being done by different people who think they have different believes.

    The message I would like to pass to everyone is to observe, listen to you intuition and try to verify the coherence between the speech and the outcomes.

    Blessings to ALL.

  6. Edward, great post! I support PFC, RM, and Cobra. Sometimes I have been critical, but that is healthy for debate.

    The dark is trying to divide the Light worker and truth seeker community right now. First, the disinfo ops from Dinar Chronicles attack Cobra.

    Now we also have Project Avalon’s Bill Ryan attacking Corey Goode and David Wilcock as fake. I don’t buy that. My discerment says Corey and Cobra are both the real deal.

    I left that forum long ago because I could see there were disinfo people embedded there fooling good truth seekers. And Bill Ryan does not have great discernment at all. Everyone thinks he has some master intellect, and yet he fell for the disinfo operation of “Charles” years earlier, who almost destroyed their forum, and bullied him. He has lost much credibility on any so called vetting or discernment.

    They are really trying to divide us now, and they are confusing a lot of good people who are fighting for disclosure and compression breakthrough. I hope Cobra and RM are monitoring these situations and have some response because we risk losing our critical mass of meditators and PFC-ers to cabal confusion and factionalization within our community.

  7. Ask “One Who Knows” why we are still being attacked with chemtrail bombing missions almost every day and much thicker than ever? C’mon “One Who Knows”….tell us……..

  8. BRAVOOOOO, ED!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have no words to describe the JOY and the excitement i got, because…… To be honest, it’s like in some parts, i was reading my own words. To show you that i’m not being a show off, here’s the email i sent to “enerchi” from Ascension with earth back in February. (Sorry for doing this. I wish i had your direct contact info). When i saw that he kept posting these nonsenses….. I STOPPED following his site!


    Feb 7

    to enerchi
    Dear friend,

    I’m contacting you because of the last intel about president Trump’s resignation. Have you noticed how many people decided to check it as a NOT TRUE intel?

    I think the time has come to ignore AAALLL articles/vids about the financial BS these people have been playing with us. Year after year, month after month, week after week, they say this is coming, get ready that’ll come soon….. But NOTHING has happened yet.

    For how long we should wait to see A SINGLE REPORT by them being true?
    Fortunately, more and more people are awakening, and are thinking clearly, and realizing that NON of these is true.

    And once again, it seems that Cobra is right. MOST of these people, (or groups/organizations), ARE BEING inflitrated by the darks, to make us more confused and DIVIDED by our believes about ANYTHING!!

    HERE IS WHAT I, and YOU should remember. (I say this becuase i know that you’ve been following Cobra since the very beginning. I remember seeing your comments under “enerichi’ back in early 2012).

    The most reliable source, the only person who PROVED to be right is Cobra.
    And he said over and over that NO MAJOR FINANCIAL REFORMS/PROGRAMS WILL TAKE PLACE BEFORE THE EVENT! (Yes, things, plans might change. However, so far, he is RIGHT).

    Also, if i WERE YOU, i’d ignore Kent Dunn’s nonsense reports as well. It took me to listen to his first few messages to realize that -He knows so little about… Well, almost everything he is passing to us! Tooooo many dis-info, toooo many wrong pronounciations of the names….. Tooo many things to mention.
    Thus, i just knew that he’s NOT A CONTACTEE.
    HE IS CHANNELING. And it’s so obvious who’s he channeling…. he’s being manipulated by THE DARKS “god’s voice” technology, i think.
    I could say more about him, but i’ll stop it here.

    Just check how many dislikes and not true reactions he gets.

    I wish you’d make the best choices. It’s better to have just a few RELIABLE/trusthworthy articles posted, than a bunch of NOT RELIABLE ones.

    With many blessings,

  9. I think most of the time truth is about sobriety and lies are often wrapped in pump and circumstance. To me, we’re becoming a large amount of waves, surrounding planet Earth, allowing us to live in truth without making efforts. Truth doesn’t need defense, it’s lies that need it due to being weak at the core.

    A poem for you, in German and English:

    Gedicht von Hermann Hesse

    Wie jede Blüte welkt und jede Jugend
    Dem Alter weicht, blüht jede Lebenstufe
    Blüht jede Weisheit auch und jede Tugend
    Zu ihrer Zeit und darf nicht ewig dauern

    Es muss das Herz bei jedem Lebenstufe
    Bereit zum Abschied sein und Neubeginne
    Um sich in Tapferkeit und ohne Trauern
    In andre, neue Bindungen zu begeben
    Und jedem Anfang wohn ein Zauber inne
    Der uns beschützt und der uns hilft, zu leben

    Wir sollen heiter Raum um Raum durchschreiten
    An keinem wie an einer Heimat hängen
    Der Weltgeist will nich fesseln und uns engen
    Er will uns Stuf um Stufe heben, weiten

    Kaum sind wir heimisch einem Lebenskreise
    Und traulich eingewohnt, so droht Erschlaffen
    Nur wer bereit zu Aufbruch ist und Reise

    Mag lähme der Gewöhnung sich entraffen
    Es wird vielleicht auch noch die Todesstunde
    Uns neuen Räume jung entgegen senden
    Des Lebens Ruf an uns wird niemals enden
    Wohlan denn, Herz, nimm Abschied und gesunde!

    Poem by Hermann Hesse

    As every flower fades and as all youth
    Retract from old age, each life phase flourishes
    Bloom every wisdom and virtue
    In their own time and may not last forever

    It must be the heart at each life stage
    Be ready for parting and start anew
    To enroll in bravery and without remorse
    To enter into other new bonds
    And every beginning holds a charm
    Which protects us and helps us to live

    We will walk cheerful from room to room
    Unattached to none as if it’s a Home.
    The cosmic spirit won’t bind us or keep us small
    He wants to lift us step by step, expanding

    As soon as we are indigenous to a life-circle
    And have grown homely, weakness will threaten us
    Only those who are willing to pack and travel

    Like the crippling addiction to desire
    It may be that even the hour of death
    Will send us new rooms in youthful engagement
    The call of life to us will never end
    Well, my heart, bid farewell and become whole!

    Peace be with you and with planet Earth. Blessed be, Marian Baghor.

  10. The main point being missed is Cobra has always come from a place of love and light. All his info is always to inform. Never from a place of fear. His latest Intel was to inform and let us know how to protect our self with the pillar of light and I AM presence. in case we were feeling effects of the cabal. It is our ability to seek inner guidance and discernment that allows us to function in this matrix we are currently living in.
    I have been following Cobra for many years and he had always resonated from heart first. Even when attacked he has always been able to know his inner truth and rise above the drama. I believe as we get closer to everything imploding, the attacks become more ruthless. More personal to discredit and steer away souls from finding his light. Be strong and know there are many of us that can see through the veil. Victory of the light has been your message from day one and I am proud to know we are so close.

    • Thank you, Will, for your beautiful and concise comment. It’s empowering to me. We need to be prepared for attacks and attempts to discredit our shine and loyalty to our truth. We also need to prepare ourselves for discernment of past experiences in a longtime existence as human beings on planet Earth. Old memories that are stirring in our DNA, awakening, triggered by daily stronger evidence of attacks on reputation and person both. Some call it seed-fear.

      The beauty of life’s wisdom is, as I perceive it, that we’re now offered a chance to come from a very different stance, armed in shine and loyalty to truth, veterans, seasoned warriors, supported by legions of light. To me, the main part of our work is of a transformational nature and thus, the pump and circumstance of material manifestation, for better and for worse, is only the outer layer of our reality.

      When transformation is key, not to say that I now ignore the world of physical objects, we’ve got all that we need within. All it takes is “Know thyself” not as a frozen statement in time, but as a verb and tool for discernment, finding our path to the bridge that connects our personal Heaven with our physical being on planet Earth. It’s as much about ascending as it’s about descending, in a way.

      Like in our invitation of the truth and our loyalty to let it be true, automatically that “probe” sinks, or descends, deeper in our unconscious inner bowels, our dungeons. Lo and behold, fleeing from it is impossible, for life’s wisdom always seeks balance. As above, so below. Count your blessings!

      Peace be with you and with planet Earth. Blessed be, Marian Baghor.

  11. I didn’t even take those ‘attacks’ seriously. We could as well just ignore them. I didn’t feel threaten to the least.

    And of course, I agree. Before reading Cobra’s intel, I was quite confused about the apparent malevolence of this world. Things didn’t add up correctly. His intel really let me put things into perspective. I still can’t say I totally understand what’s been going on; but, if we drop Cobra, do we have any alternative to replace him? NO.

    P.S. I wish they didn’t choose a name that resembles ‘Cabal’ so much when they are put next to each other: Cobra-Cabal

    I like cobras though, they are cool animals. I have a cobra statue at home in fact.

  12. A lot of us began our awakening process because something we experienced produced an inner feeling of untruth and/or deception. The feeling triggered our the journey down the “rabbit hole”.

    As we did our research, we were motivated to awaken others to our new found awareness. Likely in most cases, we were laughed at, scorned, basically rejected in some form or another. But still, more of us began to awaken and as that critical mass started to grow, the cabal needed to take action to quell it by paying trolls to provide disinformation and discredit those spreading information contrary to their agenda. The cabal has many resources and thus many tactics at their disposal to “sway” the minds of the population.

    In this current information environment, it can be difficult to know what is true from what is false, especially when truth is being deceptively used as a lure to steer you towards falsehood. For us awakened folks, discernment in this current environment is becoming a challenge now. We know how to look within and use the energy of our hearts to aid us in discerning. But those in the process of awakening will be very vulnerable in this environment. The cabal and their accomplices know this and they use the very catalyst that awakened many, an inner feeling of untruth and/or deception, as a means to take down those of us who work for the light, who are the “unofficial” ground warriors of the Resistance Movement awakening the consciousness of the many.

    Let’s be aware of what the intentions are of those who publish “revelations” to discredit the ground warriors of the Resistance Movement. Some do so intentionally and others blindly, but the false message is still spread and will steer some away from the path of light, not necessarily towards darkness, but let’s say towards the shadow so that the veil continues to obscure their true potentiality.

    I will close with this.

    I do not channel any entities, nor do I have any known psychic abilities, and have not had conscious or unconscious contact with any non-terrestrial entity. I am simply someone who goes to that quite place within for wisdom and for guidance, like many of us. The message below has evolved over time and perhaps it is time to be shared. It will touch who it needs to touch and spread where it needs to spread. It is given unconditionally to all.

    We are all,
    Sentient Autonomous Sovereign Beings,
    each one of us a Unique Expression of Consciousness
    that is entangled with all Unique Expressions of Consciousness
    as the benevolent and ubiquitous Unified Consciousness,
    manifesting as the Omnipresent, the Omniscient, the Omnificent, the Omnicompetent,
    and the Omnipotent Unified Oneness,
    permeating the radiance of its Unified Energy,
    the quintessence of Unconditional Love in harmonic resonance with Unconditional Forgiveness,
    throughout each realm of every dimension within each universe of the Omniverse
    That is who We are.

    Victory to the Light!

  13. The guy who created the video in question featuring “The One Who Knows” was Gary Larrabee, the same source who provides the fraudster Kent Dunn with an audience. Larrabee himself recently claimed to be under the very same attack that Cobra warned about. Now suddenly Larrabee is trying to discredit such attacks.


    Larrabee made zero effort to argue anything that “The One Who Knows” said. This is extremely disappointing because just a few weeks prior he allegedly landed in the hospital and had his computer allegedly ruined by “frequency weapons directed at his apartment”. So he apparently has first hand experience with these weapons, yet he says nothing to rebut or challenge the claim from “The One Who Knows” that such attacks are pure fiction. Apparently Larrabee used the opportunity to get his viewers to donate $$$ to buy him a new computer. So… a new computer… that was apparently all it took to get Gary Larrabee to sell out to the dark.

    • i stopped listen to Garry Larrabee,,,,,i do think that this Man understands very little of what is going on,,,
      if anything at all,,,,he knows or knew nothing of all the events that have transpired or people involved etc,,and yes,,,he was sick,,one could see that and he is not in the same place anymore,,,he now looks taken care of,,,,,he has a very small audience now,perhaps 10,,,at least that is what i observed,,,,,

      i believe the most important action is to raise our frequencies,,,when we each reach the thresh hold of
      density there is nobody that can pull us down,,,,the lower frequency cannot reach us anymore,,,plain physics,,,,the Dark cannot overpower the Light,,,,,,we must remember who we are,,,, unconditional Love and Compassion are our weapons,,,,and we also have “Armies ”
      we can do it,,,this is the last and worst and also the most important stand for the whole of the Planet
      and the Universe,,,,,,,
      my words are simple,,,this is not my Language,,,,,i just feel to infuse Light and Love into this Pages and all our Light workers and Warriors and actually all of Mankind,,,,,,,

      i love you all,,,,

  14. Hello you all! EDWARD don´t bother to keep explaining and trying to convince. Real conscious people don´t need to be convinced of anything through logical argumentation. Instead, we should use the DISCERNMENT OF THE HEART. Engaging in discussions and responding to accusations is everything the darkness wants; this is how they lower our vibration and weakens the light in our hearts; They always feed doubts in the mind.

    • I see your point Carla.

      Why do we have a REAL logical linear hemisphere if we are NOT suppose to use it..

      I played that game since 2012; now, i see a union between both hemispheres and ones own physiology.

      My understanding equates to body + logic + creativity = union. To much or too little equates to dissonance.

  15. I always follow the intelligence of my heart/brain and body., and special during the last month it was very interesting to be able to recognize the anouncements of Cobra about the attacks of the head as truth by the sudden pain of the implants in my head. First the left some weeks ago and last week the right. At first I had the pains and could not explain them. Later on Cobra did in his message.
    Maybee a painful proces, but also nice when your body is helping you recognizing truth.
    Besides that I always say:* As long as the chemtrails are still in the air, and they are…..Victory of the Light is not yet complete*. and being attacked by the cabal a lot of times, for years and years, I learned how to protect myself by putting me in the Pillar of Love/Light of many colours.
    One of our tasks is, to learn to distinguish truth.
    Every person and every situation is functioning as an always interesting mirror in our earthly learningproces.
    So let it be that way and consider it that way.
    Spare your energy for the highest good of yourself and all Life on this beautiful Planet and keep your mind on Victory to the Light…..
    Love, Light and Gratitude
    Jelina Light

  16. Further information from Lightworkers:
    “I Stand My Ground and Nullify Consent”…
    Source: http://eventreference.org/2017/04/22/electronic-torture-i-stand-my-ground-and-nullify-consent/
    “With that “other article”, however, it appeared to possess an intent to discredit Cobra (and his Light community) and the work they have done and are doing to prepare us for Ascension. So what else is new??”…
    Source: https://kauilapele.wordpress.com/2017/04/24/about-cobra-cabal-and-all-that-holy-crap/

  17. Thank you Edward, I will check it out.

    It is not about one person, but many persons who seek the 8. I am C♯ and was born on 8/8/88.

  18. thankyou I appreciate this information at this time. Please can you tell me why you still have two Event is coming accounts on YouTube? I thought one was hacked the 36,000 subscriber account. However I noticed a blog you shared at the same time recently, as the other one did so that’s why I am asking??

    • Dear linkac, we are NOT the “Event is coming”, we are “Prepare For Change”; they are a separate organization so please ask them why they have 2 accounts.

  19. I was called a cabal Cobra drone, and sad sack that my healing of ritual sexual abuse came about because of the lighter workers connected to the resistence movement. Then, they found out OWK is channeling info. Omg I had the last laugh. What pisses me off, the ones following Richard, Zorro, are telling people all the children are safe, all the pedo’s have been arrested, there will be no sacrifices April 30. While they are drooling over their supposed gcr the child sacrifices that feed this evil continues. I told them I hope you enjoy ever dollar you make, because do you know how them financier know where to invest? They torture children into trance states then extract the info. I was one of them kids. So enjoy your wealth, your wealth managers, your dividends, while you hide behind fake name and blank pictures. I’ll put real face out there and my real name and tell who the abusers were and what they wanted.

  20. Being “a man of few word”s (if you have read my often lengthy, posts, you’ll understand the joke -LoL) >> Well Put!!

  21. If what you say is ‘true’, please explain both creatively and logically. If what you say is true, GM has already done its job for integrating nano chips into humans and many animals across planet Earth. Globally, only a tenth of the world’s cropland includes GM plants. U.S., Canada, Brazil and Argentina —grow 90 percent of the planet’s GM crops.

    Sugar, Corn, Tomatoes, Rice, and many others have all been changed. If you eat food, most likely, it has GM genes in it. For me, I was born into this blasphemy.

    So how long has this been going on? The longer it has gone on, the more of an impact?

    I do not know why you have shared fear only with no sources. Even if no source and is true, why not share a proven remedy or solution to rid thyself of such? Even to try and grasp the idea of a nano chip inside ones body, is like a fairy tale to billions of people on this planet. No way someone can imagine this both creatively and logically. We can imagine it creatively, which puts thoughts in anothers noggin, which is dependent on ones conscious level.

    The logic or knowledge to which the seed(idea) is trying to sprout, has no proof of concept or explanation for such a important stake at hand..

    “My ability to respond is limitless, but my ability to act is limited. I am one hundred percent responsible for everything I am and everything I am not, for my capacities and my incapacities, for my joys and my miseries. I am the one who determines the nature of my experience in this life and beyond. I am the maker of my life.” – Sadhguru


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