Cobra interview by International Golden Age Group – December 2017

Welcome everyone ! Today is December 23rd and the new year 2018 is around the corner. Again, we International Golden Age Group(PFC-IGAG), a Mandarin-oriented Prepare for Change Group, are very happy to interview Cobra just before Christmas eve. The year 2017 is so intense and all lightworkers around the world have completed many remarkable achievements … Read moreCobra interview by International Golden Age Group – December 2017

Gaia & Yaldabaoth/Plasma Parasites – Detachment Meditation


I’m posting here below a powerful article written by two dear friends of mine : ————————- In Cobra’s post on October 12th he referenced the article the War on Consciousness : This comment is posed in the article: How do we win this war? We fight the Archons like the ancient Gnostics did: with … Read moreGaia & Yaldabaoth/Plasma Parasites – Detachment Meditation

Smaller Negative Plasma Entities

negative plasma entities

The subject of this post is quite gross, but unfortunately the truth that sooner or later we must come to terms with is that the state of this planet has been really gross, with few exceptions. As Cobra has been writing about, recently yaldabaoth is getting weaker, and various other smaller negative plasma entities are … Read moreSmaller Negative Plasma Entities

Play of Mirrors

Let’s consider again the graphic below : As stated before, the four highest planes, plus the 3 highest sub-planes in the mental, are so called spiritual realms of pure Light, where, among other aspects, our spirit (monad, anchor of will) and soul (atma, anchor of love), reside. The dotted line in the middle of the … Read morePlay of Mirrors

Heaven and Earth Technique

  This is a powerful technique that can help to increase life force, protection, and aid in healing. 1. Stand up straight, and as you breathe in, lift your arms up slowly above your head, and while you do that, visualize your intention/will/brilliant white Light, flowing upwards from your Earth star chakra (which is 20cm … Read moreHeaven and Earth Technique

Energetic Dissuasion and Free Will Manifestation

Energetic dissuasion has been a very widespread issue on this planet, that seems to not be well understood yet even among Lightworkers. The dark have a system in place to dissuade people from doing positive things, which they have set up in a way to try that people do not realize it is happening. They … Read moreEnergetic Dissuasion and Free Will Manifestation

Please Share – Full Moon Turning Point Meditation ~ September 6, 2017

As many have felt, the energy has drastically intensified in the last few days, especially since Cobra posted the ‘black alert’ post on september 1st. After the recent important victories of the Light forces, the dark is reacting and the Light forces are working full time to clear this, which will lead to another breakthrough. … Read morePlease Share – Full Moon Turning Point Meditation ~ September 6, 2017

Cobra Interview by International Golden Age Group – 29th June 2017

Welcome everyone ! We are International Golden Age Group. Our group is Mandarin-oriented Prepare for Change Group, so our members are all over the world. We are very dedicated to Event, disclosure, first contact and ascension. We have many platforms, resources and activities and you can make good use of it and share them with … Read moreCobra Interview by International Golden Age Group – 29th June 2017

New Atlantis Alignment

There is a very interesting alignment of power places which is very connected to the creation of New Atlantis. Before I continue, I need to explain what is meant by New Atlantis and some of its history. Atlantis is a name used to describe the creation of a world of Light, the new society that … Read moreNew Atlantis Alignment


Behavior and action are defined by choices, and choices always stem from belief systems. I would like to invite people to really reflect on this. And to inquire and question what they think is possible, especially in their own lives. We are working to manifest huge changes on the planet, the end of duality, massive … Read moreChoice/Belief