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Cobra is a Pleiadian contactee and has been in contact with the underground for over 35 years. He has been told to remain anonymous by The Resistance and has ongoing communications with beings from Planet X that assist The Resistance Movement. As an earthly representative of the Agarthan network and the light forces, he strives to prepare humanity for the up and coming event horizon.

Our intention is to dissipate fear, clear up any misunderstandings, and add insights into what is really happening behind the daily headlines. For more background you are invited to read his blog archive totaling 803 entries to this date.  See: 2012portal.blogspot.com

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Transcript of the May 30th, 2017 interview posted on June 4th, 2017

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May PFC (prepareforchange.net) & Cobra interview 2017

PrepareforChange.net and Cobra Interview Transcript

Cobra and prepareforchange.net May 2017 interview.  

Lynn  – Welcome everyone for he May (2017) update with Cobra.  I will start today with the Malawi update. 

Progress in Chikwawa District of Malawi has been made since our last update. Less than one month ago this community installed their very own well. Instead of the women getting up before the sun, to make the journey to a distant water well they now have a water well in their own community. 

This is a major improvement! Do to this innovation the village, the “headman” gave Keyason 4 hectares which is equivalent to about 10 acres of land to use for the orphans and his community building work among the people. Thanks to the generosity of one of our European supporters, non-GMO seed was sent to Malawi for Maoni Orphanage and also for Keyason’s new project in Chikwawa. The seed has been growing for months now in Maoni and now that Chikwawa has clean water, they have planted the seed there. Keyason has also planted Moringa seeds which will produce very beneficial trees that will provide much needed nutrition for the people.

The first temporary dorm building has also been completed and will house 10 orphans and a care taker. It is only an adobe mud brick structure and will not last for many years but for now it will get some of the orphans out of the rain. There is still great need for food, mosquito nets, blankets and clothing. There is much to do before this community can be self-sufficient. 

Keyason is looking to the future and eager to learn new and better ways of farming to provide food for the people. 

As the Malawi project is also under the care of Prepare for Change, donations made  designated for Malawi are also tax deductible for those in the United States. Donations can be made by PayPal and designated for Malawi or by check to Prepare for Change with the notation at the bottom of the check “for Malawi”. Please mail checks to: 

Prepare for Change, 1441 Huntington Drive, Suite 1110, South Pasadena, CA 91030

On behalf of the orphans and Keyason, I thank you very much for your support. It is because of generous people like you that these people are being given a chance at life.

Lynn  – Welcome back Cobra, this is our May 29, 2017 interview and we’ll start out with questions about the upcoming solar eclipse on August 21st of this year.  There’s going to be a solar eclipse over the United States.  And can you tell us about the significance of this eclipse.

COBRA –  This eclipse as you probably all know will have it’s main zone of totality across the continental U.S. and as such it is a very important energy marker for that area, so this eclipse is an opportunity for the awakened part of the population of the United States to make some important decisions for the future of that country in a way that’s aligned with the planetary liberation program.

Lynn  – Will you be planing a special meditation on that day.

COBRA – It is not the highest purpose to answer that question.

Lynn  – So you’ll let us know later.

COBRA – I will let you know if it is the highest purpose to get meditation at the right time. (OK)

Lynn  – Is it true that a major Goddess portal was closed in the year 436 AD?

COBRA – Actually the major portal of Goddess portal was closed in the year 325 AD and in the year 395 AD.

Lynn  – So were they two different portals then?

COBRA – There were many portals and there was a lot of Archon interference.  At that point with the attempt to close the Goddess presence on the planet completely, so it was . . . I would say a major Archon invasion especially in the 4th and 5th centuries AD.

Lynn  – Ok. Does this eclipse represent an opportunity to re-open these Goddess portals.

COBRA – To a certain degree, yes.

Lynn  – Does an eclipse over the USA provide us with a tremendous opportunity to expose the shadow government of the deep state.

COBRA – Yes.

Lynn  – OK.  Does the sun shadow being cast across the heart of USA from west to east provide us with an opportunity to enlighten the American public once the shadow passes away and the light returns.

COBRA – As I’ve said it’s a great opportunity to make positive decisions in all areas including this. (thank you)

Aaron –   Hi Cobra, This is Aaron, Lynn’s interview parter.  I’ll be asking half the questions this time.  First question is:  Some say Chris Cornell’s death on May 17th in Michigan was part of the Illuminati’s ritual related to the appearance of a black hole during this eclipse.  Chris even had a song called Black Hole Sun.  Are the Illuminati also trying to take advantage of the eclipse in some way.

COBRA – They will try.

Aaron – OK, and what is the best thing we can do to anchor the light during this total solar eclipse on August 21, 2017

COBRA – As I’ve said the most important thing to do is to make decisions, to make positive choices and the second thing is to do this in harmony with other groups.  So Unification of groups is quite important here.  (Ok)

Lynn  – Was Zbigniew Brzezinski a physical member of the Chimera.


Lynn  – Was he of the dark?

COBRA – Yes, of course.

Lynn  – What is happening to him now that his physical body is dead.

COBRA – Nothing is happening to him any more because he has been disintegrated in the central sun.  He does not exist any more.  That entity is not present in this dimension/universe any more.

Aaron – It is been said that star-gates take you up to a higher time-line Ascension and portals allow you to travel through space while staying on the same time-line.  Is this correct.

COBRA – Not completely.

Aaron – How do vortexes interact with portals.

COBRA – Actually vortexes are toroidal structures that create entry/exit points that potentially become portals if they are activated.

Aaron – How do earth vortexes interact with Star-gates.

COBRA – Actually stargates are wormholes which traverse through hyperspace between various star systems and stargates are only sending a fragment of that energy towards planetary surface.  (OK)

Lynn  – Cobra, is the sun a portal?

COBRA – Yes.

Lynn  – It has been said that in the past dragons protected portals and stargates probably more in the etheric realm.  They were restrained by the dark forces from doing their job.  Can you tell us more about this.

COBRA – Actually there was always a battle, a conflict between the positive dragons and the Cabal regarding the guardianship of those portals and this is on-going conflict is going for thousands upon thousands of years and it’s still happening.

Lynn  –  Are these etheric dragons guarding in the Congo portal now, after the etheric liberation in February 2017 of the Congo by the light forces.  Were they fully shut down to negative entities.

COBRA – Actually that vortex has been liberated.  We were very successful so there is a lot of positive presence there that is beginning to slowly transform the situation.  (great, thank you)

Aaron – Are there other stargates that are still compromised.

COBRA – Not stargates but there are certain vortexes on the planetary surface that are still compromised.

Aaron – Are they in the majority or the minority.

COBRA – I would say a great deal of them are still compromised.  I would not speak about percentage at this point.

Aaron – Is there a star-gate in the Kiev, in the Ukraine.

COBRA – There is not a star-gate but a portal, yes.

Aaron –  Is that the reason for all the fighting in Ukraine both now and WWII.

COBRA – Actually no, there have been certain underground locations of reptilian nature which have been cleared but they have been anchoring some very negative energy there and this has not been cleared completely.  The reptilian base has been cleared but the negative plasma associated with those places has not been cleared yet.  (OK)

Lynn  – Cobra, do we have stargates within our body.

COBRA –  We have miniature stargates we have actually have portals within our body within every cell especially in our DNA.  Our DNA is a bubble toroidal structure which is a portal to higher dimensions actually.

Lynn  –  Is it possible for us to access them.

COBRA – Yes, yes, it’s possible.

Lynn  – Is there anything you can tell us to help us do that.

COBRA – OK, this would be a little bit longer explanation so I can not do it within the interview but on my conferences I explain certain things about this, certain techniques that are part of the preparation for the ascension process.

Lynn  – Is it too long for you to go into on a blog.

COBRA – Actually it needs a physical presence.  It’s not that I can transmit this in written form.  (OK)  It’s not sufficient.  (got it)

Aaron – Can you give us any additional information on Do Mou?

COBRA – No not at this point.  When there is time for additional information I will release it from my blog.

Aaron – Is she directly influencing humans on the surface of the planet at this time.

COBRA – Yes, of course I have mentioned that already.

Aaron – The question is, how is this happening.

COBRA – In her consciousness she is meditating and she is actually transmitting, she is transmitting Goddess energies towards those on the surface that are ready for this.

Aaron – And how can we invoke her presence in our lives and what type of issues can she help us with both in our daily life and in activating us to our soul mission.

COBRA – She is not here to resolve our psychological issues, she is here to bring us closer to manifesting Goddess presence that is a very strongly need at this point on the surface of this planet.   (OK)

Lynn  – How will the feminine energy within the goddess caves, post event, be liberated.

COBRA –  Actually there will be certain guardians of that energy that will be doing certain things, certain I would not say rituals, but certain energy work in those caves that will ground that energy and the guardians of the caves that are secret and underground right now will emerge and will begin to openly, they will begin to openly work with the energy of those caves.

Lynn  –  How will this effect the planet?

COBRA – That will bring a lot of positive energy to the planet.  The energy of the planet will soften and balance through a very very big degree.

Lynn  –  Can this energy be liberated prior to The Event.

COBRA – Not so because it needs very specific energy conditions that have not been met yet.  It’s part of the Compression Breakthrough.

Lynn  – Are there other Goddesses such as Aphrodite or Athena that we can invoke for different soul mission purposes.

COBRA – Yes, of course.

Lynn  – How can we find out more about how we can work directly with the Goddesses in our lives.

COBRA – There are many books and of course you have your own inner guidance and your own way to explore this.  There is a lot of information about this on the internet.  I have also provided some links in the past so you can simply start researching this. (OK, thank you Cobra)

Aaron – UFO sightings have more than tripled in the last 16 years as reported by John Austin at The Express and CBS news.  They are documented in a book called UFO sightings desk reference.  More than 121,000 reports from across the US sight various shaped crafts.  How is it these sightings are occurring and how is it these events are not triggering any toplet bombs.

COBRA – Many of those sightings are not genuine UFO sightings.  I would not say the number has increased I would simply say that more people are reporting them and more people have, for example have cell phones with which they can take photos.  It is that simple.  I would simply say that a certain amount of contact does not trigger the toplet bombs and the light forces know exactly how far they can go without triggering those mechanisms. (OK)

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Lynn  – Do you have any good articles or other resources that you can recommend to help light workers exercise better discernment.

COBRA – There is a very simply key that many people are forgetting and that is connection with your own higher self.  Discernment, true discernment can not happen on an intellectual level.  It can only happen on a soul level.  So if you have enough of that soul connection you you will begin to develop true discernment.  (good answer)

Aaron – What is the status of the situation with the electronic weapons.

COBRA – The situation has improved to a certain degree simply because the light forces have taken quite drastic action, have given quite drastic warnings to certain negative factions that were using those weapons and now the situation is not resolved yet but it is better.

Aaron – Have the light forces gained any ground to stop the Cabal for using them.

COBRA –  As I’ve said before actually, just right now I have already answered this question.

Aaron – What can we do as humans on the surface of the planet by invoking our free will choice to stop the Cabal from having the ability to trigger these electronic weapons.

COBRA –  It is very good to spread information about this.  I have posted a few of the links lately. If you begin to awaken as many people as possible to the reality of this the awareness of this will begin to resolve the situation faster.  (OK)

Lynn  –  You have told us that the RM representatives live underground and that their main off-planet headquarters is Planet X that is beyond Pluto.  Are the RM members using star-gates to travel back and forth between their underground bases and earth and their headquarters on planet X?

COBRA – They are using teleportation chambers and actually the whole teleportation chambers basically takes maybe 10 – to maximum 20 sec to teleport from here to there.  (wow)

Lynn  – Have they been rounding up Cabal members lately in Antartica?

COBRA – Certain number of them yes, but not as many as some people are speculating.

Lynn  – Are they able to participate in operations on the etheric, astral and plasma planes or are they limited to physical planes the way that humans are.

COBRA – The RM movement can to a certain degree also operate on those higher planes but they have special units for that.  (I see)

Lynn  – What is their main focus on the planet at this time.

COBRA – The main forces on the planet right now is to guide the planet through the transition through the transition in a way that the surface population will not destroy itself.  A few months ago we were very close to global war and this has been prevented.

Lynn  – How do our meditation help strengthen their planetary liberation operations?

COBRA –  They help a lot because what they need is a strong network on the surface of the planet with people meditating because this strengtheners the light grid dramatically on the surface of the planet.  They can not do that because they are not living on the surface, they are living below the surface underground and only the surface population has the psychological structure that fits the surface population.  So the light workers can with their resonance field transform the surface population much more effectively because they are similar in their psychological structure to the rest of the surface population.  The RM is simply too different and they would not be as effective if they would try to transform psychologically the surface population and energetically the same.  (I see)

Lynn  – Cobra, is the RM the ones that give you feed-back on our meditations, you now the strength of it and the numbers.

COBRA – Yes, yes.  (OK)

Lynn  – Are we as surface humans  able to communicate with them telepathically.

COBRA – It is possible.  It has happened in a few instances but it’s not very common and very few people from the surface have enough awareness of the RM to hear that telepathic contact.

Lynn  – Would it be useful to show them certain situations we are experiencing.

COBRA – Yes. It is sometimes not simple for them to understand their reactions of the surface population because they are simply, I would say psychologically quite different and if you explain to them a little bit more, even telepathically or in writing you can even post an article on your blog and address it to them, that would be a great idea. (wow, that’s a great idea.  Thank you Cobra.)

Aaron – Negative nanites containing Artificial Intelligence (AI) enter our bodies through the air, water, viruses and even our food.  What can we do we to counteract the effect on our bodies our health and our mental functioning.

COBRA – I can not answer this question that way because it implies that I agree and I do not agree with that.  Nanites have been quite present decades ago but right now this is not the major concern in the planetary situation.  (OK)

Aaron – He goes on to say, is the plasma coming through our television and refrigerators part of the matrix control system.

COBRA – It is a minor concern as well.  It’s not one of the bigger situations that we need to worry about right now.

Aaron – He goes on to say: how can we protect ourselves from the effects of negative plasma attacks coming from these advices.

COBRA – The good idea is not to expose yourself to too much TV.  That would be a good idea any way.

Aaron – Is there a way we can shut down the nanites and AI as well as plasma interferences using our free will declarations.

COBRA – I have just answered that question before.  It’s not a big issue. (OK)

Aaron – He goes on to say, are there positive enhancements or technologies that can be used to shut down nanites.

COBRA – That technologies have been used already in the past and have solved the problems.

Aaron – What can we look forward to positive technology post event.

COBRA – We can look towards to everything basically.  Technologies that can heal our bodies, that will allow us to expand our consciousness, technologies that will give us free and unlimited clean energy.  All that will become available quite soon after The Event.  (OK that sounds great)

Lynn  – Cobra, can you comment on the link I submitted to you earlier of the tentacles being dissolved from Yaldabaoth.

COBRA – Yes, so you need to make a very specific question about that.

Lynn  – Is this an accurate representation.

COBRA –– I would state it this way.  This is not intel coming from the RM so I can not confirm that.

Lynn  – OK.  There will be a link in the transcript for the readers to take a look at what we’re talking about.  Can you give us an update on the dissolution of Yaldabaoth.  https://www.disclosurenews.it/en/yaldabaoth-tentacles-removal/

COBRA – Not at this point, simply because we are now in a very sensitive phase of the operations and as I have posted today on my blog I will give an update in the middle of June actually.  (OK)

Aaron – Since politics and religion seems to be the root of all major conflict among our human species, would it be fair to say that the number one enemy and obstacle of human evolution is dogma, more specifically religious and political dogma.

COBRA –  No, I would not agree with that.  I would say the main obstacle is the Chimera group with their technology because if that would be removed we would have first contact right now and all that dogma would simply disappear overnight.

Lynn  – Cobra, does this sound like a true statement to you:  To travel in time is to travel in space offset spacial divergence.

COBRA – OK, this is one interpretation of relation between space time continuum.  One interpretation of 4th dimensional space time continuum.  Space and time are 2, I would say, like yin and yang, like 2 reflections of each other and they are both product of interactions between the source and the primary anomaly.  (thank you)

Aaron – OK Cobra, I don’t know if you’ll agree with this but the questioner says, there is no death and in the essence we all experience each other’s lives.  Death is a human construct and it does not exist.  We will experience and have experienced every instance of the so-called life you, me, him, we are all instances of the same life, separated by what we call death.  Can you elaborate on this statement

COBRA – I think that death is quite real and many people have experienced it.  Death is a transition to another dimension but it’s quite real in my perspective.  (OK thank you)

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Lynn  – Instead of facing the concept of morality on just what is right and wrong, would you say that morality is like a concept of compassion and evidence as well.

COBRA – OK, morality, I would actually agree with that description you made.  It’s actually. . . true morality is a reflection of the inner voice of the soul which tells you what is right and what is wrong.  It’s not somebody outside telling you that.  It is simply your inner voice which doesn’t want to harm, but that wants to create good.  (thank you)

Aaron – Cobra, will you update us on the controversial energy weapon attacks that have been going on.  He goes on to say: can you also give us an update on the removal and deactivation of the toplet bombs.

COBRA – OK, regarding the directed energy weapons I have given the answer before.  Regarding the removal of toplet bombs.  I will be able again to speak about this since the middle of June and not before because right now we are in the middle of a very sensitive operation which I will not speak about. (alright, thank you)

Lynn  – Cobra you said at the Taiwan conference that the currencies people have expected      to revaluate will not be valued as high as people expect but you also said that because of the combined vision of all the people insisting on that money being released to the people that this will ultimately happen.  You’ve also said that people have been working on this RV project for over 10 years now and they will continue until it finally becomes a reality.  Since this is such a popular subject among your listeners, is there anything else you’d like to add to this Cobra.

COBRA – OK.  I would like to add that there are many interpretations of the financial re-set and some of those interpretations are not based on reality.  It is not about a revaluation of one particular currency.  It is not even all about revaluation of all particular – of all currencies.  It is basically a complete restructuring of the whole financial system on the planet and revaluation is just a small part of this and not the most important part of this.  It is not some ‘get rich quick scheme’.  It is more of a healing process for the world’s financial system.  It is an upliftment of the vibrational frequency of the global financial system.  It is putting the global financial system on a solid base that will allow humanity to go through the transition to a higher level of consciousness.  (thank you for that added explanation Cobra.  I totally understand that.)

Aaron – The Event will be a special kind of light from the sun that permeates the earth and humanity.   It will calm humanity in the light and love energy.  It’s an energy not seen before on earth.  The banking system will stop, accounts and currencies reset and arrests will be made.  Any other new updates or reminders you’d like to make to your audience today about The Event today Cobra.

COBRA – That is a very good description I would agree with that. I think that’s sufficient.   If people would hold that vision the transition itself would be easier.  (OK)

Lynn  – Cobra means Compression Breakthrough.  The surface of the earth is inside a sandwich feeling pressure (intensely increased light) which brings up anything needed to be transmuted.  It also means that the point where the light forces from underground meet the light forces coming from space right on the surface of the earth.  Is there any other reason why you should choose the code name Cobra to identify yourself?

COBRA – No, that was the perfect reason. (OK)

Lynn  – What would you say to those who claim that this is a negative reptilian representation of you.

COBRA – OK, I would say that every person that gets that triggered they need to ask themselves why they’re perceiving it badly,  maybe it’s reflecting something in them because I have given a clear explanation of what that means and I have nothing else to say about this. (thank you Cobra)

Aaron – Some self proclaimed guru’s claim that The Event is happened already,  I think not because you have said that The Event will be a dramatic moment in time and when it happens  everybody’s going to know about it.  What do you have to say to those to ay

COBRA – I have nothing to say to those that claim The Event is happening now.  But I am saying to everyone else, if you want to check if The Event is happening right now just look around yourself and if your day is ‘business as usual’, The Event is not happening yet.  (OK)

Lynn  – Is there such a thing as soul transfer technology from one human physical body to another?

COBRA – Yes.  (thank you)

Aaron – Can a human being physically survive without a soul?

COBRA – No, it’s not possible.

Aaron – If so, can they think, speak, walk and so on. I guess not, right.

COBRA – The soul inhabits the physical body.  Without the soul the physical body will just be a robot.  It’s not a living being.

Aaron – Because it is said that bout 6% of humanity are psychopaths because they are soulless individuals who lack the total empathy and other basic –  feeding from the energy of human suffering.  What are you thoughts on this Cobra.

COBRA – They are not soul-less but their conscious connection with a soul has been severed.  Their soul still exists but it is not connecting consciously with that part of the physical brain that activates empathy.  (I see, thank you)

Lynn  – Cobra, do Archons have souls.

COBRA – Yes, they have souls.  (thank you)

Aaron – It is said that the Archons are at the top of the food chain on earth, that they feed from human emotions, is this accurate.

COBRA – They are close to the top of the food chain.  The Chimera group is at the top of the food-chain.

Aaron – Will you now enlighten us once again who are the Archons and what is their role and effect in our human societies and on the human consciousness.

COBRA – They’re a part of the certain soul group that came from a certain region in the Andromeda galaxy and they are the ones that are actually engineering the incarnation process, so-called Lords of Karma and other descriptions that we have of them. They’re the ones who are suppressing humanity spirituality.  They are the ones responsible for creation for monotheistic religions, so called religious dogma.

Aaron – So they’re fairly negative, correct.

COBRA – Yes.  (thank you)

Lynn  – Cobra, will you explain what is the Chimera and what is their current role on the planet.

COBRA – It’s another soul group that came from the Andromeda galaxy that is more technologically oriented and their purpose is to maintain quarantine status of the planet earth to keep humanity isolated and enslaved.  That’s what they do.  (got it)

Aaron – There is a claim that the Draco’s have a strong urine smell because it is said they excrete their waste through their skin they sweat it out.  It is also said we should watch out for their blood because it is caustic to humans.  It will burn you and they have most of their vital organs located on most armpits and their groins.  Are these claims accurate.

COBRA – Some of them yes, some of them no.   Basically they’re I would say physiology is similar to the physiology of certain animals on this planet.  It’s not that much different.  (OK)

Lynn  – Is the sun and the sky a liquid crystal matrix.

COBRA – It is not actually a liquid crystal matrix.  It is I would say quasi crystal grid that is a reflection of The ONE.  (OK, thank you)

Aaron – In the latest interview with Rob Potter, you mentioned that a negative military has lost their underground bases years ago.  Also years ago Tolec mentioned that the Andromidans with he help of the Procyons and other 3 dimensional  E.T.’s informed 5D interdeminsiaonla  were working together to take out and remove as fast as possible all remaining reptilians and underground bases.  If this was done many years ago, could you explain who’s controlling those in power to do evil deeds to the rest of us on earth.

COBRA – The reptilians have not been cleared years ago.  There is still a small amount of them around not a long time ago. The ones now doing the negative deeds and also before on the surface is the Cabal.  (OK)

Lynn  – You mentioned in a previous interview that North Korea was an experimental laboratory for certain factions of the Cabal controlled by the Jesuits and the West.  Could you explain what their real agenda is and what they are trying to accomplish over there.

COBRA – OK, basically the Archons behind the Jesuits that are controlling North Korea would like to create a state that is one big concentration camp and if that would be successful to expand this throughout the planet.  That is their agenda and of course that will never be allowed to happen.  (I’m so happy to hear that)

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Aaron – In reference to the current money systems we have in the west, The Fed, IMF, World bank and Swift and in the east we have the PBOC, AIIB, BRICS and CIPS.  The east created their own money systems to no longer be dominated by the west’s failing fiat money system.  It is my understanding that the west’s petro dollar system is still very strong and they’re is heavy competition for the Eastern money system.   What do you see as the status of the two current money systems right now and in the near future and in the US and the world.

COBRA – It is simply that the eastern new alternative system is getting stronger.  The western old Petro-dollar system is getting weaker and at a certain point they will be equal and then the new alternative system will become stronger than this one  This is a process which takes some time and this process will drastically accelerate around the time of The Event.  Then the new eastern system will be the back bone of the financial reset.

Aaron – And that will be a good thing for the planet.

COBRA – Yes, of course.  Yes of course.  (OK, thank you)

Lynn  – Is the pedophile network the achilles heel of the Cabal and is it what will finally take them down.

COBRA – It is one part of what will take them down.  Everything they do is part of what will take them down because they have gone too far in many aspects, this being one of them.

Aaron – Like Rob Potter, I have studied the Urantia books extensively.  It mentioned God as a 7 fold being which one of the beings is called a paradise creator son.   There is one creative son assigned to each galaxy.  Among the 100’s thousands of galaxies in the Universe.  Each creative son has the same name of Michael.  Our Jesus Christ was the Michael of our Milky Way Galaxy.  Was this the same Michael you talked about as the leader of the RM movement.

COBRA – No, NO, absolutely NOT.  (ok thank you)

Lynn  – Can we really trust that the nuclear and EMP weapons are under the control of the galactics and that no harm will come to us from these weapons.

COBRA – As many people have already experienced, the galactic forces do not control fully all those weapons.  They control the majority of the EMP weapons but not the directional energy weapons, so I would say that this situation is getting better but it’s not completely resolved yet.  (thank you)

Aaron – As the main stream media (MSM) continues with their fake narrative of Russian collusion with the Trump administration, can you give us reassurance that Russia is one of the good guys and is not meddling with US affairs.

COBRA – Russia is not meddling with US affairs and of course I think there is a lot of evidence that the deep state within the US have created this Russian interference meme to interfere, I would say to engineer the situation in the US,  to actually cover up the very existence of the deep state.  (OK)

Lynn  – If the 2 political parties, Democrat and Republican are two wings of the same dirty bird, this constant assault by the liberal lunatic Democrats on the Republican party with Russian meddling and other such garbage.  This seems to be deliberate and by design to keep us all busy and focused on lots of nonsense so we miss what is the real issues in the world.  Can you please comment on this Cobra.

COBRA –  Actually the, I would say, the top members of the Cabal are engineering polarization between left and right politically to create as much conflict within the left and right as possible, to divide the population and they have been quite successful. Especially within the last year since the election in the US there is a very strong polarization which serves only the Cabal.  It’s not that the left is bad and the right is good or the other way around, it’s simply both parties are manipulated by the top members of the Cabal to create as much division as possible.  (thank you, wow)

Aaron – In reference to chemtrails in the sky, GMO’s and poison in our foods, garbage in the oceans, pollution of our ground water and of course vaccines, is there any progress made to stop this constant chemical assault on us.

COBRA – Actually it’s a war right now on this front also and what is happening is that there is much awareness among the surface population that was not present a few years ago.  That helps a lot the light forces to contain this to ascertain degree otherwise the situation would be much worse.  (thank you)

Lynn  – The recent projections by the UN state that by 2015 world population will be at 10 billion but considering their Agenda 21 and 2030 plans as well as their eugenics programs, can you comment on these as well as the state of world populations in the future.

COBRA – Actually the world population will grow slowly and depopulation agenda will not be successful as has not been successful in the past.  After The Event the population will not grow any more because it will reach a new equilibrium.  (thank you).

Aaron – Recently I heard a report that older muslim refugees assimilate just fine in the countries they finally arrive at.  It was said that the young muslims who are not very  educated and are vulnerable to radical Islam and ISIS are the ones causing all the migration problems.  can you comment on this Cobra.

COBRA – The whole situation again has been engineered by the Cabal and a certain percentage, you could name them terrorist, have been infiltrated in genuine refugee waves to  destabilize, especially Europe.  It was part of a larger Jesuit plan.

Aaron – Are they making any progress to diffuse that problem

COBRA – There are certain things happening behind the scene that I’m not at liberty to report but I would say that the problem has been contained.  (good, thank you)

Lynn  – Speaking of young people it seems that the Democratic party caters to the young and un-informed as well as the music and entertainment industry.  It seems that many young people don’t pay much attention to politics and believe anything they hear from main stream media.  On the other hand older people who have been around awhile and are more likely to spot the truth with things and are less gullible to the Democratic propaganda.  Could you comment on this Cobra.

COBRA –  Again I would say here that this polarization on the left and the right is artificially created.  I would not agree that left bad, right good and I would not agree with right bad and left good.  Both parties are just tools in the hand of the Cabal to polarize public opinion.  (got it_

Aaron –  Recently I heard DW talk about giant humans living in the earth and inside the moon in an era a long time ago.  He said these beings are 70-100 feet tall.  I’ve never heard of anything like this.  Could you comment on this if it’s true.

COBRA – I can confirm that there were giant beings living on this planet in the past, but I can not confirm the size.  (OK)

Lynn  – The murder of Seth Rich last year was said to be a botched robbery by the DC police even though his wallet, watch and cell phone were not taken.  It was alleged that Seth was one that leaked the democratic e-mails to Wikileaks.  This makes complete sense why the Democrats want to blame the leaked e-mails on the Russians and any attempt for a thorough investigation are somehow being blocked.  If the truth were to somehow to come out, do you see this as an opportunity to completely destroy the Democrats/Russian narrative.

COBRA – Again there is a deeper agenda here and the deeper agenda is the deep state wants to remain the deep state. They don’t want to be exposed.

Aaron – Since the election of Donald Trump there has been a renewed sense of patriotism.  The last 90 days it seemed there was major progress on putting our country back on the right path.  In the last 2 months though it seems that the swamp and the deep state is taking a toll on him.  Cobra, is there any way you can reassure us that positive progress will continue for our country and the world.

COBRA –  Positive progress will continue but not through Trump and not through, I would say, surface or political machinations.  Positive progress will happen through transformation of global consciousness when people will become aware of what’s going on and take some action individually and collectively.  (OK)

Aaron – Next question:  Isn’t it strange that President Duarte decided not to go along with US creating conflict in China over South China Sea islands.  Instead he made friends with China and Russia which seem to be arch enemies of the US.  While visiting with Putin in Russia, the Islamic state took over Mindanao.  President Duarte declared Marshall law.  It seems U.S. is punishing the Philippines in proxy army ISIL because they re not following the script.  Can you comment Cobra.  (OK)

COBRA – The president of Philippines knows what is happening and he has definitely chosen sides as can be seen clearly in his actions.

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Lynn  – Why is president Trump openly promoting that it is Iran that is the financier and promoter of Global Terrorism when in fact it is the opposite.  Why is he doing this.

COBRA – He is doing this simply because he is the instrument of the Jesuits that have fixed their agenda to deepen the split between the US and Iran and the same situation is behind Trump and the Saudi Arms deal.  (I see)

Aaron –  What is preventing the US from invading Venezuela and initiating the regime change that it has always wanted.

COBRA – I would say there is a very positive group in south and central America that is preventing that from happening.  (OK)

Lynn  – Cobra, do you have any comments on the Manchester bombing which appeared to be an obvious false flag attack but curiously happened 17 days before a crucial UK election.

COBRA – This was engineered to increase the police state in the UK.  That is the only comment I would make here.  (OK)

Aaron – This past week the Rothschild tried to force all NATO countries to sign a NATO agreement to give 30% of their countries entire budget to NATO.  Is there anything you can add to this Cobra.


COBRA – This is just their dream.  This will never happen.  They are having problems getting money.  They are actually begging around the planet because they are running out of funds.

Lynn  – The Rothchilds have claimed full ownership of the Cestui Que Vie Trust also known as the Birth Certificates or Straw-man.  This action was blocked.  Any comments Cobra.

COBRA – Actually they can claim whatever they want but they were never real owners of all the world’s wealth.  They were just caretakers of that for the Jesuits and for the Vatican.  Also certain actions were taken to lessen the influence the occult influence of the Rothchilds on the planetary financial system and those actions were quite successful lately.  (thank you)

Aaron –  President Trump also visited Saudi Arabia this past week to sign an arms deal.  Since the US has been bankrupt for several months there is a desperate need for cash.  Saudi Arabia via OPEC has threatened the US with price manipulation through cashing the dollar.  It is said the money will be received but the arms will not be received.  Any comments Cobra.

COBRA –  Actually all this this is the old story which goes on and on for a few decades now maintaining the petro dollar for deals like this.  This was happening for decades.  It shows clearly who Trump is working for. (OK)

Lynn  –  President Trump visited the Pope this past week.  In a closed door meeting, Trump was told the truth, the Rothchilds are not nobility and have no clout or sovereignty.  A promise was made by the Rothchilds that the Pope would be giving Trump assets.  Do you have any additional information on this meeting Cobra.

COBRA – Basically it’s common knowledge that Rothchilds are not true nobility.  They can not prove that.  Actually they originated from a merchant family which was part of the merchant class in the 18th century.  It’s one of their, I would say, inferiority complexes they are trying to hide.  This is part of psychological operations to decrease the power of the Rothchilds.  (thank you)

Aaron – The Rothchilds tried to crash the transferring banking system SWIFt and CIPS.  They are desperate to hack money out of this system.  It has been said we are now in the final stretch  Do you have any comments about this Cobra.

COBRA – We will be in the final stretch right before The Event which we are not.  (OK)

Lynn  – NATO continues to push for all out war with the Nazi’s from the American faction.  They have 30 trillion dollars in funds and substantial troops in Norway.  Any comments on this Cobra.

COBRA –  I would not agree with that Statement.

Aaron – Restoration of the Sangreal (AKA the Holy grail) which supersedes all other agreements.  There will be no more false monarchs.  All bogus documents that took away sovereignty after 300 AD are null and void validated and sealed within the last week.  All humans are monarchs.  They are guided by the voice of the source.  It will take all people out of slavery and end the theft of the people’s trust.  Cobra, can you lend any other information on the restoration of the Sangreal?

COBRA – It’s an on-going process that will again culminate at the moment of The Event.  I would say there are strong occult positive forces that are dissolving the energy background of the old system which was enabling that spiritual slavery that was happening on this planet.  (OK)

Lynn  –  On Tuesday, May 16th (2017) a portal was opened with the intention to force the earth to go through a tube at the angle that was the same as the elliptical plane.  The earth was stopped just before it was to go through.  It was held in stasis until this week.  Some people could sense a strange energy.  Can you verify this happened Cobra.

COBRA – I can absolutely verify that this did NOT happen.  (OK, that’s good to know)

Lynn  –  It is said that there is one more attempt and it is predicted to fail and that after that there will be no more exit strategies.  Can you verify this Cobra.

COBRA – No, no. (OK)

Aaron – Speaking of stasis, there’s a youtube video of an experiment where a person went up in a hot air balloon, The Red Bull stratus mission Oct 14, 2012.  He traveled 39 Kilometers or 24 miles up, which took 3 hours.  He left Roswell New Mexico and he jumped out and landed in Roswell, New Mexico.  It was expected that the landing should have been off the coast in California based on the rotation of the earth.  Is this really a possibility or is this another flat earth type of story.

COBRA – Actually the trajectory of that flight is just perfect and there was nothing wrong with it.  He actually landed exactly where he was supposed to land.

Aaron – So this deal with the flat earth theory and the rotation of the earth, that’s all BS right?.

COBRA – Flat earth theory is just some nonsense that was created by CIA to confuse and divide the light workers and light warriors.  And there was a lot of strong evidence against this and I will not repeat it any more and I think that’s pretty obvious right now.  (OK great, thank you)

Lynn  – Someone said that the main beginning access for the earth control matrix began in 3 different lakes in Switzerland the country that protects itself by being neutral.  Is there any validity to this and how does it connect to Long Island.  Do we need to focus a meditation energy on Switzerland.

COBRA – Actually that’s not true.  Switzerland has a very strong presence of positive templars.  Some very good things are happening there actually.   (OK)

Lynn  – Our palm prints are unique to us, but do certain hand and feet markings connect us to different star races that we come from.  Are there any identifying marks that we have in common with specific star races.

COBRA – Not so, but certain individuals that came from certain star systems can have very specific individual markings on the skin that relate to that particular star system.  (OK, thank you)

Lynn  – Many of us light workers are triggered into internal fighting and discord even though we know we shouldn’t.  We can feel the pressure around us.  Is there something more that we can do to prevent escalations Cobra.

COBRA – It’s basically a matter of choice and a matter of your decision.  You need just to make your decision not to be provoked with the understanding that all of this is engineered.  That’s basically what you need to do.  And then it’s up to you.  If you allow yourself to be provoked or not it’s your choice.  In each individual situation (OK, that’s good advice)

Lynn  –  Cobra, can you tell us what you know about the Ascended Master Maitreya.

COBRA – Maitreya is the one that some people describe as Christ, one of the Ascended masters that came from Sirius star system and is actually bringing the consciousness of unconditional love to humanity.

Lynn  – Is he also here to help with the transition to the higher dimensions

COBRA –  In a certain way, yes.

Aaron – Ok, we’re wrapping up the final questions.  Is there some connection between Illuminati and the worship of Isis, Osiris and Horus?

COBRA – I would say the Illuminati had their mystery school which had fragments of old mysteries and they have been interpreting those in their strange distorted way.  Some of them yes, they are worshipping Isis or Osiris or Horus in their own limited understanding.  That is basically for some of them that is their only connection with the light and it’s actually assisting the light forces to convert some of them into the light. (Ok, thank you Cobra.)

Lynn  – Thank you so much Cobra for being with us today and giving us your interpretation of so many different areas.  We really appreciate your input.

Aaron – You had some really great answers Cobra, we appreciate it.

COBRA – Thank you

Lynn  – Victory of the light to you Cobra.

COBRA – Victory of the light to all of you and I wish you the liberation very soon.  (thanks again)

Lynn  – Do you have any other comments you’d like to make before we close.

COBRA – I would simply say that it’s very important as I’ve said a few minutes ago, make your decision not to be provoked and make your decision to assist each other, support each other and be an example of the light.

Lynn  – Wonderful, will do. Thank you Cobra.

COBRA – Thank you.  Victory of the light.

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  1. Hello, I have a question for the Pleiadian Light Workers/Warriors;
    Regarding this question:


    As soon as I read that I thought about making a blog myself that would explain many various situations in which humans react negatively. I can give detailed descriptions of the inner workings of our mind from a global scale events, down to private thoughts in a bad day before bed. From traumatizing events (to the extent of my understanding of it, I haven’t experience such events thankfully) down to the minimal annoying feelings we have about random objects.
    My question is: Would such a blog be helpful and if yes, what themes are most valuable to the Pleiadian Light Workers/Warriors?

  2. Why bother to disguise your voice by slowing it down Cobra? To hear your normal voice all that is necessary is to record your voice and speed up the tape and I think you know this. You might as well speak in your true voice as it would be nicer to listen to.

  3. I’m also getting annoyed with the repeated questions, there are plenty of new questions on the question tab that have never been answered to the point that I’m even starting to question the event and cobra all together. It just seems like they never ask questions that would help us actually GET to the event. They are just all questions about what happened in the past. The past does not help us move forward to the future. I mean, Come on, this is starting to sound like you’re giving everyone the ring around. Very little evidence has been seen and frankly if it weren’t for the chemtrails, the mandela effect, and my psychic visions of the false flag bombings, I wouldn’t still be reading.

    The one thing I will say is that cobra has remained very positive, calm and consistent which is something I believe a true lightworker would be, unlike goode and wilcock which I had knew not to trust because they never answered questions, they only talked about the draco, Antarctica, or corey’s blue sphere experiences which was never helpful, they where also very inconsistent and created a lot of fearporn. Not to mention David and his cock jokes were very childish, and he is very egotistical which is something I would never think a lightworker who is trying to liberate humanity would be like. Lightworkers do not create fear period.

  4. Shashwat pranam dear Cobra , thank you so much, yes , we are all voices of the world with the Victory of the light love and peace forever more. Namastey

    • nariko okamura

  5. I am also very curious as to what Cobra meant by ‘star markings’ because one day I felt pinpricks on my left arm, & a little later, bumps emerged. As I opened my door & happened to look up at the stars – I froze in time because I noticed a group of stars that looked exactly like the bumps on my arm and got the impression that I was being told that I was from this group of stars. Of course I looked up their name which I have never heard of,- Cassiopeia. He probably meant some kind of birthmark though. If anyone has more info. I’d love to hear it – i’ll sign-up to receive more comments.

    • It was a general question about palm reading – finger prints, palm prints and foot prints, do they correspond to different star races. That would make a good study any of you palm readers out there.

  6. Thank you very much, Cobra, for your answers and the PFC team for asking questions. Beautiful Q&A session, very informative and each time there’s more reasons to discuss light-filled subjects, or shine light on diffused and confused information spread in the Wishing Well of Wonders, as I perceive it.
    There’s so much engagement and contribution towards returning the light on planet Earth, also in places where no one knows of it and I realise that with the intensity of change by means of Chaos and the effect of Awakening in many of us, inquiring and exploring all that feels new or unknown, also the PFC team work intensifies. They’re as much affected by this process as anyone else and now the work involves improvement of this site also, to make it more user friendly.

    You and you and you… and you in that little corner, working in silence and in places that are invisible to most of us receiving regular updates, questions and answers and inspiriational articles, thank you, each of you!

    Peace be with you and with planet Earth. Blessed be, Marian Baghor.

  7. I’m perturbed about the whole Financial Reset.

    First, why do so many ask questions about the financial reset time after time when answers have already been provided by COBRA? I feel perhaps we are still entrapped/enslaved, or perhaps we are not taking individual responsibilities of our finances and are desperate for relief. I imagine that reestablishing a healthy relationship with money might be in order to help raise individual vibration.

    Secondly, it sounds counter intuitive to institute the prosperity fund or NESARA post EVENT. I suspect that following the EVENT people will move towards loving nature for humanity. Wouldn’t that set off a nature course for the way the humans use money? Financial Reset sounds a bit controlling especially post EVENT. Can we still not trust in humanity even then?

    Lastly, why so much emphasis on GOLD? Why is it so important for the RM to possess so much gold?

    • https://prepareforchange.net/cobra-interview-faq/ Look under the financial tab. It’s quite extensive. I would like to challenge you to write an article explaining those concerns you have. We can all learn more. thanks

      • Thank you for the link…it is quite extensive. I scanned through using filter words but I was not able to locate the answers. I did locate the post “The Event – original post” (https://prepareforchange.net/the-event-original-post/) to reassess what will happen post EVENT. My two questions still remain on why humans can’t organically reset its own financial system and why soooo much gold has been recovered by the RM.

        Post EVENT, Strand of Love in humanity will reign…these are powerful level of consciousness. So, I can’t understand how that won’t naturally move us to institute the changes needed in our financial system. This pre-designed financial reset again just feel like another control system.

        GOLD…I understand the gold-backed vs fiat, gold manipulation, missing gold reserve, value of gold during economic cycles, emergence of BRIC to battle over-valued fiat money, Fed Reserve corruption, etc…as described in much of the Q&A, which is quite limited to just economics of GOLD. BUT, I still can’t located COBRA’s explanation on the intrinsic value to GOLD for ascension and why it is soooo important for the RM to stock so much GOLD! So, why do they need it and what’s the intended use for it? So the gold has molecular structure of a pyramid…so? Expand on that please so we could better understand why the RM is storing so much GOLD. Your older post “Our Love Affair with — GOLD” proposes that it may have great benefits at an atomic level…is that the intended use and will COBRA confirm?

        I like a good challenge but I can’t seem to complete that homework assignment without a good thesis…mainly because I have more questions than theories.

        • The main reason the RM have recovered most of the gold is to keep it out of the hands of the Cabal. Certain high level Cabal do have access to replicating devices – and yes, you can replicate gold. Monatomic gold to ingest will assist in Ascension. Those are a few things, but very good questions. Work on (continue to open up your consciousness) and your thesis will come – then let us hear it.

  8. Aaron asked 4 questions regarding the same topic which Cobra says “I just answered this before”. Can we stop this? These repeat questions are painful to listen to. Would be nice to suggest more mass meditations, so we can liberate. Or we can ask same questions over and over again.

  9. I have the upmost respect for COBRA. I have followed him for years and enjoy the interviews you have with him very much. But I do not appreciate the references to “liberal lunatic Democrats” by the interview moderator and I am grateful that COBRA makes it clear that both parties are being equally influenced by the Cabal. I think as moderators, you should remain non-partisan for there are many COBRA followers who genuinely want to see positive change in this world, but who may not be part of your personal political party. I think that a big part of the world to come “post Event” will include true respect for others. I think it’s imperative that we, who claim to want to bring about change for the good, model that behavior NOW.

    • Thank you Susan. Well said. I totally agree with your comment, and felt the same about the interviewer’s political biases.

    • I agree! While reading it, I got the sense that they have a more conservative point of view. Talking about mainstream media, it sounded like they were saying the same thing conservative mainstream media says about Democrats.

    • I support your comment on the two polarizing political parties…but, you have to admit that Russian Collusion fake news story, that has permeated through and through the DNC and the mainstream media, is lunacy. Waters/Schumer and many left media news outlet hosts are literally foaming at the mouth when they talk about Russia Collusion and continue to spread lies and fear. Plus, there are violent left protestors silencing free speech…true fascism at work. It’s scary. I dare agree that they look like lunatics.

      (Disclaimer: I define myself a libertarian (independent) so I could choose based on policy rather than political party. I did vote for Trump who is very flawed but the alternative to me was worst. I now see that Trump had a catalytic effect…true colors of the Liberal Dems are on full display and it’s not pretty. My recommendation…I suggest we do not to swear oath/allegiance to political parties or figure-heads.)

      Susan – you’re probably a good person, and I don’t think even you’d agree the way the DNC carried on sabotaging Bernie, inflaming the Russia Collusion fake story and supporting violence towards human kind. Plus, I think in order to usher in the EVENT there should be a deeper level of reflection on our truth… especially the ugly stuff that we want to avoid…hopefully, that will lead to real healing and magnify our vibration.

      • Marie, everything you have just said, I have been perceiving to be true as well. My friends and family see it that way too. I am not a politics person. I’m a truth seeker and always have been. That’s why I am here. I want to know the truth and I want to help the world.

        2017, has proven it’s self to be a test for the truth seeker indeed. And from my humble perspective, it is in my view, that if you have witnessed what unfolded with America’s political election last year as well as the mainstream media’s narratives following, AND you’ve kept your psyche healthy & intact, then you can see clearly, that there is some sort of large veiling of deception permeating over the people. Why? I don’t know.

        But, there is an energy actively trying to keep us distracted and Susan, I don’t think it is the Trump-sters who are doing it, at least not right now. Susan, I totally understand where you’re coming from. Trump has brought our country’s integrity to the shitter and it’s super disappointing. I understand why many americans want him gone, by any means necessary. But I can’t ignore my intuition that tells me that Trump, yet flawed, is ALSO the victim of a stronger, more evil presence that controls the media, the intelligence community, etc.

        At this point, I think it is of upmost importance to turn off the mainstream media. It has reached over 95% propaganda levels that, is repulsive to watch with a critical mind. Talk to your peers and keep your humanity strong. That’s all that’s needed right now. Glue-ing your eyes to the Comey hearing will only keep you locked into an artificial-reality delusion.

        Most importantly, “Cobra” whom my intuition tells me is essentially authentic, says that our political division is man-made and not natural. We shouldn’t waste our time and debate who’s perception is more accurate to the truth than the other. We should instead, focus on the humanity in one another, in order to fight evil as one powerful entity.

        I’m grateful for this interaction,


        • Djovanhenriques, if I may offer a European point of view, for I’m not an American citizen, I’m Dutch by birth and now live in the UK, during my reading of this part in your comment “….you’ve kept your psyche healthy & intact, then you can see clearly, that there is some sort of large veiling of deception permeating over the people. Why? I don’t know.” one question rose in me and that’s this one: Doesn’t the outer reality in our world reflect the inner reality in our world?

          To me it’s a question that I tend to answer with a “yes”, though I’m to this day training genuine discernment. If that’s how the human collective creates its outer reality, unconscious or conscious, president Trump seems to be an accurate reflection of the American population’s general stance in life.

          The “large veiling of deception permeating over the people” that you mention in your comment might be a state of unconsciousness, which is a veiling from within, as I perceive it and not a veiling from without.

          An attitude grown out of living through an emigration and pioneering phase after many American citizens left their home-country, to create an American Dream Come True.
          In sync with an Industrial Revolution expanding, causing a huge increase of material wealth, money and a way of living with almost instant gratification.

          The American Dream, which has become a belief that the world of matter, life, is metaphorically speaking, a mallable substance in one’s hands, ready to become anything without limitation. Regarding the printing of dollar-notes that’s exactly what happened, am I right?

          As I perceive it, a mainly unconscious state and a life of routine and consumption of food and tv, for and by the masses, is a favorite toy in the minds of master manipulators who make use of that unconscious state in the same way as the American Dream is perceived as a mallable substance in one’s hands, ready to become anything without limitation. The books “Animal farm” and “1984” by George Orwell offer examples of it.

          Both sides are in the same loop, keeping each other alive, sustaining each other’s neediness on an instinctual level with a calculating mindset. How to keep the treadmill going? In that way, it doesn’t really matter if it’s true or not that one’s outer reality is a reflection of one’s inner reality, for the reflections go to and fro in a status quo.

          As long as that game is played this way, the presidents of the United States will all be like president Trump, who seems to be in a katalyst or trigger role. At least the status quo is broken.

          When I choose to live as if my inner reality is a reflection of my outer reality and I haven’t grown out of my judgments, I am living a life of mainly victimhood and all that happens is “done to me” all “on me”. Passive.

          When I choose to live as if my outer reality is a reflection of my inner reality and I work on growing out of my judgments, there’s a vast amount of jobs waiting to be done, of a work that is about creating a life in wellbeing for all living beings.

          It’s great humour, to me, for no matter how you turn it, no matter what world reflects another world, outer first or inner first, merely the decision to work on creating a life in wellbeing for all is the only truly rewarding stance in one’s life.

          As I experience, life in general begins to synchronize its flow with one’s own and there’s no need to overcome resistence or to stumble over obstacles in a delay of one’s goal. Obstacles on our path may even become a traject for “working out” with all sorts of devices offering excersizes in training resilience.

          If the American people collectively start working out in this way, it will determine it’s own reality and….. presidency in the White House. There’s also an office, a little bit on the background, where all the working out is registered and counted as a vote for freedom.

          Imagine, how does such an American population and president look like? How to bring one’s outer and inner reality in harmony and how to achieve this on a larger scale?
          What is your dream?

          Peace be with you and with planet Earth. Blessed be, Marian Baghor.

        • Djovan, call me crazy but I welcome all the chaos that’s on display right now although much of is horrific…eg. pedogate, bombings, terror attacks, rioters, media manipulators…all the crazies are identifying themselves! We are seeing human suffering on a magnified scale, all which need to be seen/heard and healed…and I suspect more is on the way. Look at it this way…this is only a phase in the process…which means we’re progressing!

          Like you I try to stay above the “3D web” but I deliberately “fully engage” with our world events. Here’s my secret…

          On a personal level, I feel WONDERFUL! There are so many blessings…family, home, job, animals, gardens…all I feel are worldly possibilities! This 2017 offers so much for us if only we know how to clear those distractions and focus on the right energies…you will be supported on all your ENDEAVORS! I guess self-healing is a simpler way to describe this. And, as you heal, you heal those around you.

          Then, there’s the world outside…but is it really outside if we’re all supposed to be ONE? I see what’s going on and it’s truly shocking…it should make me angry so I should avoid it. But, instead, I allow myself to read/watch the news and maintain my core in high vibration. How? Meditation…and Ho’ oponopono. (PFC recently posted on this topic. I hope you read it. In summary, psyche ward Dr healed his entire clinic by repeating his mantra while hardly seeing his patience in person. He was so successful that the clinic closed in 4yrs.) It’s a great meditative+prayer mantra…”I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.” Well, what’s the point? To heal humanity…gaia…planet.

          (NOTE: It’s my theory that Jesus practiced the concept of Ho’ oponopono…but many have erroneously described that Jesus died for our sins. Spoiler alter…we don’t have to die to help others…we could be like Jesus/Dr Lew Hen and practice Ho’ oponopono!)

          In a nutshell…I guess I’m trying to do my small part in grounding the energy by embodying the “outside” pain/suffering and neutralizing them. 🙂 I’m a doer!

          THANK YOU for this interaction, a gift really…

  10. Does the following mean that women will not be giving birth any longer after the Event because it will reach equilibrium? “Lynn – The recent projections by the UN state that by 2015 world population will be at 10 billion but considering their Agenda 21 and 2030 plans as well as their eugenics programs, can you comment on these as well as the state of world populations in the future.

    COBRA – Actually the world population will grow slowly and depopulation agenda will not be successful as has not been successful in the past. After The Event the population will not grow any more because it will reach a new equilibrium. (thank you).

    • I think it rather means that there will be an equilibrium between the amount of deaths and births. In developed countries the birth rate is lower compared to “developing” countries, so if the majority of the planet would achieve (so-called) “development” after the event, or rather overall prosperity the birth rate of the planer would slow down as well.

  11. Regarding the interviewer’s comment:

    “Lynn – Speaking of young people it seems that the Democratic party caters to the young and un-informed as well as the music and entertainment industry. It seems that many young people don’t pay much attention to politics and believe anything they hear from main stream media. On the other hand older people who have been around awhile and are more likely to spot the truth with things and are less gullible to the Democratic propaganda.”

    This is a very upsetting issue in the US right now, and it is very hard to know the truth. But I feel the other side of the coin needs to be expressed.

    The Trump regime and the current Republican US Congress are the most destructive corruption to happen to our country I have seen in 60 years. Under the Trump/ Republican regime we are losing rights and social programs daily, by the hundreds of billions of dollars, rights and social programs that have taken many generations to build. It is heartbreaking.

    The Republicans have stolen Congress by gerrymandering districts so the vote totals come up in their favor. They are so corrupt and out of touch with the needs of the US population, that someone as corrupt as Donald Trump could come up through their ranks and get elected.

    Trump has the lowest approval rating of any president in US history; not only did he not win the popular vote, his ratings have dropped since. A quarter of a billion people around the world marched against him the day after he was inaugurated. He is creating havoc globally; destroying alliances, as an arrogant, corrupt self serving bully. There is a huge movement in the US to take back our rights in the midst of the insanity of the Trump/Republican regime, and to have him impeached for his litany of crimes. Most older people I know can see thru the Trump/Republican propaganda, and so do educated young people.

    Both parties are quite corrupt, indeed. But the current US Republican Party’s unbelievable callousness to the wills, rights and needs of the people of this country/ the world is astounding. The Democratic party agenda, at it’s philosophical core, is far more in line with the structures of society that are described post event, than the Republican party agenda.

    I don’t condone either party’s behavior, at this point, just wanted to express an educated experienced American’s point of view. This political corruption and conflict has spurred an uprising of the people to create a better world, and that is magnificent. May we ride that wave to global transformation.

    Blessings to us all.

    • Don’t drink the mainstream media cool aid.

      Trump is a flawed man but the Deep State (shadow gov, cabal, 4th branch of the gov) is rattled by him and they are pulling out all the tricks. Eg…paid protestors, women’s march that goes against human rights, people demanding to see Trumps tax returns. I would give some credit if the TAX return people demanded to see ALL the elected officials’ tax returns…I would love to see all these career politicians shut up so fast!

      On the contrary to your statement about the Republicans in cahoots with Trump, the establishment RNC hates Trump and are working against him. We call them RINOs. In fact, I think Trump is a lone wolf.

      On cutting welfare/social programs…have you heard? We’re at $20 trillion in debt…where do you think the money comes from? (The answer is Fed Reserve…another corrupt private bank that’s robbing our nation.) Also, many of our public programs are failing…postal service, SSN, education, medicare, VA, etc…because the only solution these politicians ever offer is MORE MONEY. They never fixed anything…they just asked for more money, secured more gov jobs, and just get re-elected and continue to waste our money. Let’s stop feeding the beast.

      Trump is not a likeable man…and, yeah, he’s prone to traps of the cabal…and apparently, he’s a puppet for the Jesuits. (I went to a Jesuit College and believe that the order is mainly good; Cobra did state that only the top 10% is aware of their evil agenda. The rest believe that they are doing god’s work. Where does Trump fall?) OK…but Trump’s decisions so far are less in align with the NEW WORLD ORDER that are often disguised as international treaties and agreements. BTW, have you noticed how much the establishment is trying to keep TRUMP and PUTIN apart with this on-going Russia Collusion fake news? I think TRUMP+PUTIN partnership would be awesome…especially since PUTIN is working for the light. Also, did you noticed how the world media covers PUTIN as the next antichrist?

      On a brighter note, DOW has been epic! Job growth is through the roof. Kids in poverty have a better chance to succeed if Charter Schools are fully supported under DeVos. Trump wants to restrict benefits and election limits for congress…set term limits, can’t work for lobbyist 5yr from vacating position, limit all the retirement perks just to name a few. Way to piss off the establishment!

      Also, you give too much emphasis on your “educated” opinion…education does not always translate into intelligence and wisdom. Also, by stating you are expressing an educated viewpoint, you are either claiming that you viewpoint is superior or nullifying contrarian viewpoint. Claiming to be the keepers of facts and answers seem to be symptomatic of the elite left shutting further discourse…although it didn’t stop me from chiming in. I too am an American, a woman, an immigrant, a service member, mother, wife, daughter and sister…and I’m educated as defined by our society…doesn’t my viewpoint matter?


      – Approval rating? Do we still believe in polls after what they did during the election?

      – Voter fraud? Have you heard of Soros and his voting machines that turned Trump votes to Hillary’s? And those videos of Dem staff coordinating to register dead people and busing people in from different districts…

      – Rights? Which constitutional rights were taken away? I hope you’re not referring to “right to abort.”

      – Out of touch with the American people? Did you see the audience size of Trump’s rallies compared to Hillary? Are they not Americans to you? Or do you consider them uneducated so they don’t matter?

      – Litany of crimes? Just because you don’t like him does not mean he committed crimes? BTW, what are the crimes you accuse him of?


      – What is your opinion on the Russian Collusion? I mean, the Dems and the media are going ALL IN on this fake new. A bit crazy no?

      – The violent left protesters shutting free speech? Cal Berkley.

      – Anti-Trump protestors assaulting pro-Trumpers? Foval/Creamer proved to have orchestrated the paid violent protestors.

      – DNC’s role in sabotaging Bernie? I liked Bernie…but he too showed that he had no back bone when he caved DNC and rallied for Hillary.

      – Higher Education graduates advocating segregation? All blacks graduation ceremony, calling white professors repressive, blacks only dorm rooms, LGTB only day rooms, etc.

      – The new feminist movement that partnered with pro-extreme-muslim female figures?

      • Two views, two flavors of coolaid. Looking forward to the truth being apparent, and us not being played against each other.

  12. Lynn – Our palm prints are unique to us, but do certain hand and feet markings connect us to different star races that we come from.

    COBRA – Not so, but certain individuals that came from certain star systems can have very specific individual markings on the skin that relate to that particular star system. (OK, thank you)

    ****Okay so what are the markings? Follow up questions are essential****

  13. Thanks for posting this interview, but I am curious about something. Why do you spend so much precious time asking Cobra questions that he has already answered many times before? Many Blessings…

  14. Thank you for asking about Seth Rich.. I’m interested in hearing more of what Cobra has to say on the matter.


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