One of the things I do most when I discuss metaphysics is explore concepts related to light and darkness and their integration. It’s one of my passions. I love duality at its core. We’re made of it so we should know it quite well. But I find those who wish to enter the heart center to a greater extent struggle with this integration and thus find tremendous difficulty transitioning aspects of ego.

I understand people are where they must be, but I find that there is a consistent ingredient that cycles through their consciousness which creates a strong filter and blocks the integration. And perhaps it should. But that ingredient without fail has been the transcending of the right/wrong paradigm. It’s one of the most difficult lessons in this reality because we are so conditioned to pick a side. It’s always about good/bad, love/hate, better/worse, winning/losing, bigger/lesser, success/failure, etc, etc, and from a young age few are excluded from this black and white path of learning which becomes ingrained into every incoming frequency throughout our lives.

This consciousness then cycles into the victim/perpetrator mindset and begins to create dys-function in the body and in relationships because the mindset aggressively pursues a morally correct path over what is perceived as incorrect. It becomes infatuated with what is the moral high ground at the expense of what it perceives as immorality. This causes seed programming based on the fear harmonic such as guilt, anger, envy, resentment, anxiety to express themselves to the fullest into dis-ease. Cancer for example thrives on guilt, resentment and anger, and those who have healed themselves know this well because the dis-ease encourages either the transition to a more peaceful self or face the consequence of death.

So within a victim/perpetrator mindset, the two energies within light and darkness can never be integrated into one because the human interpreter separates them through fragmentation (see my previous post on fragmentation of consciousness). The interpreter does not see them as the same energy because one is perceived as positive and the other as negative, despite them being one in the same.

Once the interpreter begins to align with both light and dark energies as one, the filter dissolves along with the right/wrong paradigm and the victim/perpetrator mindset. This is the beginning of change within the DNA field that allows a greater percentage to be influenced via the compassion filter. It changes our vibration instantly. It no longer allows the creation of any harmonics within the body or external relationships to be dominated or even entertained by the previous right/wrong filters of awareness. And then we change. Everything changes. Our body changes. Our relationships change. Our view of other people changes. Our view of the world changes. Most of all, our love of self changes because we are no longer preoccupied about the past pain or future anxiety that is so prevalent within the right/wrong paradigm. And when the love of self changes, self-worth increases while authenticity skyrockets as we become more true to who we are in the present.

So how do you do this? You pay attention to the beauty of synchronicity. You see the magic in all relationships (not just the ones you prefer). You connect with the truth of others without the need to impose your own. You find kindness and cooperation in places where anatgonism and confrontation thrive. You see the benevolence in everyone and everything without the need to highlight what’s wrong with the world. You look for problems and solutions within rather than without. That’s just the beginning of realizing your mastery. The rest can’t be stated to you in any way because you must discover it on your own through practical applications of all of the above. Nobody can teach this to you but yourself. The path is yours and you will need to walk it on your own to see it for what it is. All that is required from you is to pay attention to that part of yourself that doesn’t think, but breathes and listens to the peace that exists outside thought. This can be achieved by simply walking in nature, exercising, yoga, meditating or engaging in an activity that calms the mind. In that space everything becomes clear.

Is it too difficult? No worries. There is no rush. It is an incremental process. It can take months, years or even decades. For some it can take their entire lives. It is what it is. If you cannot transcend the right/wrong paradigm at this moment, take solace in the fact that there is more magic within you that will wait until you can, and when you can, it will always be the perfect time.




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  1. Most believe we inherit our DNA and that is it, it never changes. But this is just not true. What we inherit, we are to raise the vibrations by clearing dark energies and false beliefs about who we are. Each generation is intended to pass on the next a higher Light-filled DNA with which to work with. The dark forces continue to try to stop that from happening by encouraging rape.

  2. Thank you Edward Morgan, this subject seems to float in the air at present.

    The less adventurous, spicy Light and Lovers tend to shy away from all that shows up and feels “dark” as I’ve noticed. Trapped in the spell of judgment and shame, specially in the virtual world it’s a game of invisibility: let’s be silent, avoid confrontation, so that emotional turmoil passes by. Just like a toddler closes its eyes, believing that it’s invisible in that way.

    In order to walk away from that spell of imaginary protection (for the confrontation is on the inner plane and not caused by a force in the world out there) one’s personal experiences in the reality of physical form, the mundanity of daily life, merging with spiritual values and views, in virtual communications, is a helpful path towards connection and the practice of compassion with the state of being human within oneself first and foremost, combined with the same treatment towards others.

    The amount of energy used to suppress what shows up within as discomfort, loss of face, shame and frustrated anger is enormous and with time it can cause loss of self-worth-confidence, also depression

    We may be on the rise in consciousness, I truly witness that we are rising as a whole, but in that rising we’re finding our weaknesses, issues, quirks and ruts simultaneously. Clearing our inner home in whirling dust and cobwebs. “Oh, I didn’t know I had it in me!” It’s part and parcel of this rising, this process of Awakening, as I perceive it and we shouldn’t move into a pre-fabricated form dictated by Love and Light, thinking that this will do.

    No, it won’t. That won’t do, it only creates a pretense of feeling connected by repetition of statements, slogans, monkey see – monkey do, placing that conduct on a pedestal, a devotion to form and say “Look, I’m a Lightworker, I’m fine now for I’m on the Sunny side of the street”. Keeping up appearances.

    I’m presenting it with wry humour in a black-and-white style, I don’t mean to insult sore-sensitive readers and teambuilders who dare to stand in their own Light, also with others. My preference for the inclusion of the 3D reality in our lives, while building teamwork, team building I should say, stems from that duo within, both light- and dark forces, the weaknesses and strengths, both present as long as we’re in this shift of awakening, this transformation, preparing for change, in trials and errors, figuring out if it works this way…. or that way.

    Not condoning all motion with e-motions, acting it out, not boundless expression of inner stirrings, but accepting oneself while standing in the midst of all shades, showing up while the Light shines brighter and brighter… each day. In the midst of DOING, BEING PRACTICAL. FOR REAL
    Welcoming truth as a friend in a “yes” to what’s been a “no” for a long time.
    Spiritual aerobic in panther tights.

    Peace be with you and with planet Earth. Blessed be, Marian Baghor.

  3. Awesome article, Edward. I shared it on many pages on facebook.

    Are you familiar with the Ascension Glossary? Total mind blower. Here is a page on Victim-Victimizer that is a huge strategy of mind control… “The main goal of the Victim-Victimizer mind control and software is based on intentionally programming humanity to think thoughts of violence and hatred to believe the Archontic Deception Behaviors and their AD Strategies as a fear based control human belief system.”

    “When we undergo the Ascension process, we undergo the process of Ego/Personality dismantling and a continued transformation to align our Consciousness to our spiritual self or Higher Self. During Ascension Stages of development or Kundalini awakening we undergo a form of psycho-spiritual crisis called the Dark Night of the Soul. During a variety of encounters of the “Dark Night” we will face issues of being a victim, or being a victimizer, or have either of these roles projected to us from other people or groups.

    As we develop personal discernment and gain clarity with these Imposter Spirit forces, we are able to synthesize these forces into harmonious patterns thereby neutralizing them. However, these victim archetypes are deeply enmeshed in the human psyche and Unconscious Mind which form the Negative Ego and are a Mind Control program that is operating in the world today.”


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