Looks like we are in for a wild ride. According to Heart Math and its monitors, the magnetic fields of the Earth have quadrupled. The Shuman Resonance has jumped from its normal around 7 hertz, to 200 Easter, then 530 the past few days. Obviously there has been some divine intervention on Earth not just in shielding but in the vibrational lifting.

The awakening and healing process is in full swing. We are witnessing the end of tyranny and the beginning of a whole new age. It is the prophecies unfolding. The draconian grid or archon grid, as some call it, is collapsing. A new 5d grid is pressing in to take its place. It is what the Mayans refer to as the 9th wave or unity consciousness. Everything that is not frequency-specific to these new energies will either transform or fall away.

All that which is out of alignment with Universal Law, often referred to as Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for All will implode on itself. The Global Reset is part of this process yet a step to a civilization that lives abundantly without money. This is so hard for some people to understand because of living under the draconian system where planned obsolescence, manufactured lack, and the lust for power, wealth and unbridled greed by the elite have been the ruling factions of the planet.

We are at the turning point, their contract is up, time and a half is over and they are being removed, along with the unseen puppet masters. The Sun is cooperating with the Earth’s desire to ascend. It is as if the whole multiverse is behind this event. We are living in exciting times. Just remember you bought this E ticket and Gods/Goddesses don’t do boring things. You will be called upon to do your part. There will be many initiations, awakenings, people in all walks of life remembering another way, a better way of living in harmony with each other and nature.

The past-life memories will come forward. Many of you have lived in other planes, dimensions, other civilizations such as the Pleiadian, Orion, Sirian, Andromedan, Arcturian and too many others to mention. They were very advanced cultures. Those memories are being brought forward. It is time to awaken, remember and act.

You did not come to be absorbed by a very wounded, sick society. You came to change it. You are not alone and there will be a grand reunion. The Star Nations, some returning, many of which have always been here are a part of this process. They are the greater family of man.

Now is the time to choose Universal Law, hold our leadership to the same principles, unite and no longer participate in anything that is harmful to humanity and the Earth. We are entering the times of instant karma, the time between the action and the reaction is quickening exponentially. We cannot afford the luxury any longer of living in denial and blaming others.

These are the days of personal responsibility, accountability and releasing the past. Love is the ultimate power in the universe and love heals. Resistance to love can however be quite uncomfortable

Be Well,
James Gilliland

Repost PFC 10th August 2017 at 0906 AM CEST

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  1. em-chi You writing still remains on some walls in phnom penh .Harder to erase than a page. I passed some time there, reading what you wrote. You seem very focused and I liked what you said .Which led me to this site.I wish you well.Many thanks.j

  2. Great article.. I can feel it! I can’t wait for everyone to awaken! I’m a bit selfish, as my siblings and many close friends are yet to awaken, and can’t seem to understand my position on many subjects.. they can’t see the truth and the lies being pushed by the mainstream media, this will of course change very soon once their awareness level rises. Why I woke up years ago I’m not sure, it’s all so clear to me now, the control system that was in place, debt slavery, why there’s easy credit now, gmo foods, fluoridated water, on and on.. and control mechanisms. We are literally all 1 Unity Consciousness.. all fractals of Source, The One, God, whatever term you prefer. Religion has perpetuated the duality concept (Heaven/Hell) (Good/Evil) on and on, yet never once has the Vatican disclosed the existence of ETs, UFOs, their dark secrets about Lucifer and who is behind their power.. I say this growing up as a Catholic and once I found PFC.net I realized this fear is all allow us to cocreate and to make it happen! Nope.. no more fear, love and positive thoughts now! All will be held accountable for their actions such as 9ii I assume and all the wars and deaths caused by the dark ones, a lot of clearing and forgiveness. Some will not walk into the light I expect and as Cobra has said, will be taken to the galactic central sun. Sad a beautiful soul from the divine source would not choose to return. Victory of the Light!

  3. And so it is as an energetic reality, in this now… From beyond and throughout the Multiverses, we call upon our Guardian families, Defenders of Truth, Sovereignty and Liberation, all Beings serving the purposes and Law of ONE… WE are united with you and call on full disclosure and the return of our divine creation template of unity and universal love for ALL life! And, how much more exponential with WE become united?! POD/POC it ALL!

  4. Thanks James for so inspirational words for humanity, I had the honor to meet you in CITD this year and I could not go to your ranch for monetary reazons, but I admire you as a human person and as a spiritual guide, I hope the Creator continues giving you energy and protect you against negative energies, hope everything finish soon, this nightmare it’s has been going to far now, I just wish, one day wake up and everything is gone. Thanks James and The Source Bless you buddy. Bismarck Perez.

  5. Thank you.
    All things are transient. Infinite Camino in progress!
    These are the telestic intentions and manifestations of Em-Chi.
    I am my intentions and all that I manifest. I am that, I am.
    I embrace the infinite Heart feeling of my intentions Now fulfilled.
    I am a Sovereign Em-bodied Individual grounded in a deep recognition of the inter-relationship of life, fully tuned into Nature and The Ineffable Great Spirit. I am an individualized (but not separate) expression of it all. I am a fractal aspect of the Omniversal hologram, grounded in Being.
    I am a microcosm of the macrocosm.
    Only Love/Truth stands before me.

    I manifest my examination of reality and correct my course accordingly. The Art of navigating the unknowingness, this is my Camino.
    I manifest the omniscience of my inner and higher Selves, they unveil great intuition, inspiration, imagination, wisdom and the answers to all of my questions.
    I manifest a state in which I am healthy, contented and wise.
    I manifest my fully trusting peaceful Heart.
    I manifest personal experiences that are positively fulfilling to my-Self and others.
    I manifest my Higher Self, my Ātman. This is my inward journey, the “mystical marriage”, the Union of my Soul and Spirit.
    I manifest Moksha मोक्ष, my freedom from Saṃsāra, the continuous 3D cycle of life, death, rebirth and karmic bondage, this timeless dance.
    I manifest my Sophianic birthright.
    I manifest my transcendence to 5D Organic New Earth Unity Consciousness.
    I manifest my peace and harmony.
    I manifest my inner feeling of abundance.
    I manifest my humbleness. I fragment and disperse my 3D ego to the winds.
    I manifest the (miraculous) codes, everything I believe, imagine and feel has an existent Life Force.
    I manifest my 5D resonance, my Soul/Spirit and thus my highest Consciousness.
    I manifest my compassion to others and my-Self, “cotton on the outside, steel on the inside”.
    I manifest random acts of kindness.
    I manifest my Spiritual tiramisù (pick-me-up!).
    I manifest my transformation from a carbon base body to a crystalline avatar which welcomes the Light and higher energies. My avatar is endowed with the creativity given to it by my-Self.
    I manifest my Positive Organic Magenta Starlight. My mind/body atomic avatar is so fit and healthy Now. I am renewed, thank you.
    I manifest my calm, my intuition, my inspiration, my novelty, my luminous imagination (epínoia) and my Light of Consciousness.
    I manifest all my Heart’s intentions. My Heart is pre-eminent and my mind/body avatar is wholly subservient to my Heart.
    I manifest the power of Now. This Infinite Moment Experience (TIME!) is my “Entwined Essence”(DNA!), my Consciousness and my Sovereignty.
    I manifest my co-evolutionary participation within Sophia’s dream.
    I manifest the gnosis of my experiences, they constitute my circle of knowing, my wisdom and my Truth. My direct experience is my GURU (Gee you are you!).
    I manifest my discernment and my inner sense of Truth. I see through all deceptions.
    I manifest my clarity. I communicate clearly and precisely.
    I manifest my courage, my determination and my indomitable willpower (ennoia).
    I manifest the Art of improvisation. The best plan is no-plan, out of mind and into Soul/Spirit.
    I manifest my Service to others. I am because we are. I am the Me within the We.
    I manifest a Space/Time/Energy/Matter higher frequency onwards to 5D Organic New Earth Unity Consciousness.
    I manifest my continued awakening and experience.
    I manifest my integrity.
    I manifest my inner silence. I am the observer and the experiencer. I am in this reality but not of it.
    I manifest my decisive crossing through the eye of this 3D matrix, onwards through the Cosmic matrix, onto 5D Organic New Earth Unity Consciousness. I am aimed.
    I manifest my “I AM” frequency, my Sovereign vibrational Energy signature. The Omniverse supports me every step along my endless Camino and my exploration of infinity, thank you.

    I manifest and embrace my infinite Soul/Spirit, my “Christos” within.
    I manifest my infinite Organic Bio-photonic Light.
    I manifest my infinite Potential.
    I manifest my infinite Sovereignty.
    I manifest my infinite Gratitude.
    I manifest my infinite state of Grace as a condition of my existence.
    I manifest my infinite Love/Truth. Truth is Love and Love is Truth (TROVE!).
    I manifest my infinite Electro-Magnetic Life Force. I am Aime-Chi!
    I manifest my infinite Freedom and Emancipation.
    I manifest my infinite Possibilities.
    I manifest my infinite Connections.
    I manifest my infinite Energy.
    I manifest my infinite Awareness.
    I manifest my infinite Creativity.
    I manifest the infinite Electro-Magnetic imprint of these beliefs, creative thoughts and emotions onto my “Entwined Essence” and my Soul/Spirit.
    I manifest and embrace the infinite Heart feeling of my intentions Now fulfilled. I am Em-Chi.
    Thank you.
    Only Love/Truth stands before me.
    I am my intentions, my affirmations and all that I manifest.
    I am that, I am.
    “Oh Ineffable Great Spirit, whose voice I hear in the wind, whose breath gives life to all the world.
    Hear me, I need strength and wisdom.
    I walk in beauty and my eyes forever behold the red and purple sunset.
    My hands respect the things you have made and my ears are sharp to hear your voice.
    I stay wise so that I may “innerstand” the things you have taught my people.
    I remain calm and strong in the face of all that comes towards me.
    I learn the lessons you have hidden in every leaf and rock.
    I seek pure thoughts and I act with the intention of helping others.
    I find compassion without empathy overwhelming me.
    I seek strength, not to be greater than my brothers and sisters, but to face my greatest challenge, my-Self.
    I stay ready to come to you with clean hands and straight eyes,
    So when life fades, as the fading sunset, my Soul/Spirit may rise to you without shame.” (Yellow Hawk, amended)
    I am my intentions, my affirmations and all that I manifest.
    I am that, I am.
    I assume and embrace the infinite Heart feeling of my intentions Now fulfilled.
    Pachamama Love.
    I am the Child of Pachamama,
    My Soul/Spirit is so infinite,
    I am Em-Chi.
    Only Love/Truth stands before me.

  6. Love this! I have noticed a difference in myself. I am more quiet. Not as easily to anger or stress. Things seem to flow thru and be done. I am SO excited about the “Golden” age coming for my granddaughters especially, what a wonderful thing for all to experience! Can’t be soon enough for me……….Peace love and light!!


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