TZ here; Would warmly recommend this video with Sophia Love reading Jack Sturgeon.

Patterns of behavior arise in bluebirds, spread throughout the bluebird population, and then disappear for ten years, only to appear again. (1) How is it possible?

Sophia Love reading Jack Sturgeon.

Bluebirds in England learn to pull off the caps on milk bottles and drink the cream. Then bluebirds in an adjacent village learn. Then all over Britain and even in Sweden, Denmark and a few others the birds were active.

World War II intervenes and there are no milk deliveries till after the end of the war.

At the end of the war, when milk is delivered again, the bluebirds, who live only 2-3 years, pick up their behavior pattern again of drinking the cream from the milk bottles. Jack attributes it to the “morphic resonant field” or collective consciousness.


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  1. Inventions have been known to occur in the same time among scientist and squabbling about who was the first one this is the same phenomena(hundred monkey syndrome)
    So why not among animals or birds for that matter.
    It is all about existing frequencies

  2. Certainly an interesting view. It would be a lot better though if the collective consciousness of human would change radically towards trating all other animals as equals, no matter what it cost!

  3. Hey Therese, good to hear from you.
    Ja, I heard that story years ago, by Rupert Sheldrake who was an expert on morphic resonant fields. Also about woods healing sick woods. Knowledge carried by the wind perhaps. Beautiful issue. Thank you and love. Maria

  4. Ces oixeau bleus sont très intélligent et actif avec leur manière d’expérience de pouvoire ouvrire les boutéilles de lait et boire la créme, c’est vrement incroiyable de voire un oixeaux entraine de réaliser quelque chose qui seras difiscile a faire avec nous les êtres humain,j’aprescie la conscience collective .

    google t – These blue eyes are very intelligent and active with their way of experience of being able to open the milk peels and drink the cream, it is truly unattainable to see even an oixeaux leads to realize something that will be difiscile to make with us the human beings , I appreciate the collective consciousness.


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