This video by Arbre Solaire is a tribute to the Lightworkers participating in the Cintamani Grid project worldwide.

The cintamani grid around the planet is one of the major tools for manifesting the Planetary Light Grid and the New Atlantean Society on Earth.


We can accomplish so much when we work together!

Whenever a Cintamani stone is planted in the soil, a huge angelic being is anchored in that spot, creating an energy vortex miles in diameter. This energy also allows cloaked motherships of the Galactic Confederation to create ATVOR light pillars that descend down into the buried stone and purify the primary anomaly on our planet.

Anybody can take part to this project and assist the Lightforces. Gratitude goes to all the bright souls who are participating in this New Atlantis Cintamani Grid project worldwide.

….and here’s an amazing report from the Cintamani Grid team in India!

Our team is burying cintamani all over India. Recently we completed in Punjab, a state of India.

A farmer’s experience while he was meditating ( he is not aware of cintamani stones) and his experience was shared to me by my friend (and even she is not aware of the cintamani burying work that is going on all over India)

Yesterday one of our meditators had a vision in his meditation. He saw an UFO landing… and four light beings came out of it and took this guy into it and flooded him with high energies.. he could see his body converting into light, and they were talking about ‘CINTAMANI LIGHT ‘ etc., which was not very clear to this meditator. He got scared of what was happening and he asked them to leave him…and immediately they left it seems… Actually this guy is a farmer in a small village in Punjab who cannot speak English. He is a very ardent follower of Buddha. This is the first time he heard the word ‘CINTAMANI’ and he asked me about it.

I shared the link to this video “101 Cintamani Locations – New Atlantis World Tour” with her. Then she understood what “cintamanis” are and she then shared this farmer’s experience with me

The New Atlantis Grid is Activating!

Victory of the Light!

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  1. I wanted to let whoever needs to know the locations of buried stones that I placed one into the center of the egg in the mouth of the serpent at Serpents Mound in Ohio this afternoon. I hope that this will be useful to the grid.

  2. Nova Biscotti directed the pattern of my placing twelve cintamani stones here in New Orleans, which I was delighted to see on the energy grid map that he provided is a city built at a powerful nexus [meeting] point of a number of other ley lines that intersect at this location. Nova pointed out that he wanted to create a Fleur-de-Lis [Flower of Life] pattern in the placements he designed.
    The last two placements, a location at the edge of the French Quarter, would have required me to remove some slate flagstones that made up a sidewalk area, so they couldn’t be buried where he wanted.
    I’m familiar with the area and, about 100 or so feet away was a small triangular park where a gold-gilded bronze monument of a young woman on a horse stands: Jean D’Arc, how fitting a substitute location to bury the last two cintamani stones. Jean D’Arc was the 13 year old ‘Goddess’ who fought for and to this day symbolizes the liberation of France. A neatly printed sign printed with the word LOVE is posted nearby. I took several pictures, however, they can’t be inserted here.
    So Nova’s commitment to the PFC cintamani project ended most appropriately with this burial and now we can all be assured that angels hover over the spirit of Jean D’Arc in New Orleans, the city where music springs eternal as flowers of life bless each sound.

  3. Very great full for yr work dear ones..Pls give your fb group address or yr website information..It is proud work for me as indian ..I wish to help in yr work and want to join your group.. love ,light and peace to all..
    Victory of the light..

    • Hi Vipul!

      You are welcomed to join the Facebook Group “Cobra Etheric Liberation” where we discuss more about this topic.

  4. Tomorrow I am burying a stone by a rock that lies on the Turtleback Mt ley line on Orcas Island in Washington state. This land is the second oldest along the Pacific coast and is 1.250,000 years older than other land masses.

  5. WOOWWW! What an INCREDIBLE video! The power of all those Cintimani in all those locations….all the incredible light workers who buried them…I am filled with love, hope, power…and feel the incredible support system that we are congealed. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Andre, Ada, and everyone around the world who is a part of this!! We are soooo magnificent together!!


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