Scientist finally discover why eating red meat causes cancer.

A new study out of the University of California, San Diego has discovered the culprit behind why eating red meat leads to higher instances of cancer -and it all has to do with a sugar.

Humans are the only animals that have a higher risk of cancer when it comes to eating red meat, as other carnivores eat red meat naturally with no ill side effects.

The study, which was published December 29 in the “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences,” discovered that a unique sugar named Neu5Gc, found in most mammals but not in humans, triggers an immune response that in turn causes inflammation.

Ajit Varki, who led the study, explained the effect Neu5Gc had in mice:

“Until now, all of our evidence linking Neu5Gc to cancer was circumstantial or indirectly predicted from somewhat artificial experimental setups …

“This is the first time we have directly shown that mimicking the exact situation in humans – feeding non-human Neu5Gc and inducing anti-Neu5Gc antibodies -increases spontaneous cancers in mice.”

This particular sugar can be found in red meats (using the nutritional definition of red meat, which includes pork and other livestock), cow’s milk and certain cheeses.

Unfortunately for humans, our bodies can’t produce this sugar naturally, so when it is absorbed into our tissues, it is seen as a foreign invader. This then leads to the activation of our immune systems.

The result is inflammation.

And, while inflammation is not a great thing, in and of itself, it gets worse. If the immune system is subject to Neu5GC frequently, chronic inflammation will result.

This inflammation can then lead to cancer. Those who regularly consume red meat will definitely suffer a stronger reaction than those who ingest red meat on an occasional basis.

Other animals, strict carnivores, who can make the Neu5GC sugar can eat red meats. Humans, not being strict carnivores, can’t.

Therefore it seems clear that humans must avoid red meat consumption or face inflammation and possible cancer. At the minimum, reducing red meat ingestion will boost health.

If for some reason you believe eating red meat every day (even if it is grass-fed) isn’t a bad thing, well now you have proof.

Sorry, meat eaters, humans just aren’t built to be true carnivores.



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  1. While the study cannot be taken as conclusively or definitively proving that red meat causes, cancer, it does suggest the exercise of extreme caution in consuming such meat.and it ought to be seen as very good advice to not dine very frequently and heavily on this type of food.

    We should hope in the interim to see similar replications of this study In order to approach a definitive viewpoint.

    • Dear Lloyd… you are making a mistake in your assessment on this article. Nothing will be solved with more studies so as to provide a “definitive answer”…. absolutely nothing. The fundamental problem in this study is that the wrong questions were posed. And posing the wrong questions in a study connected to the red meat causes cancer debate is becoming alarmingly common. It is a fact that red meat, pork, and chicken were common meats that were at one time the staple of North Americans. None of these meats caused cancer in your parents, grandparents, great grandparents, etc… People lived long life times with this diet and a long term check of gravestones in the last 150 years will verify this. The question to truly ask in this alleged problem is “what has changed in the production of meat” that we eat in this Country? The answer is simple.. chemicalization of the food supply, starting with the demise of the family farm and the massive production of all foods stuffs by Agribusiness corporations all connected to Monsanto and the many other chemical companies directly involved with chemicals in the food supply. There is nothing more to study that will contribute to this basically nonsensical debate. Get rid of the chemicals, start treating the same animals with just basic dignities and this whole debate will disappear…. case closed. Before you challenge me on this in any way do the following first… Study human diseases in Zoo animals and dump bears. Then study human diseases in wild bears and wild animals usually picked by zoos. Guess what??? Only animals who eat human produced food…get cancer and other human diseases. The wild ones do not. These studies have been around since the late 60’s and early 70’s.

  2. This article does not indicate whether this is organic grass fed beef or commercial grain (sprayed with insecticides) fed beef injected with who knows what and other chemicals added to their food. The meats and fats from these sources are 2 totally different things.

  3. Eventually WE all will not even “Require” ANY kind of physical “Food” to stay regenerated at all…and that’s the day I look forward to. To tell the truth “Eating” anything as of lately seems to make me “Sickly”…and most likely because of all the poisoning of everything by the “Dark-ones” that were confined to this (For Now) “Prison Planet”.
    Our “Galactic Family” of “The Light Beings” don’t even use food as we know it…They get ALL their energy from the “Central Sun”, and only “Create food” for special occasions.
    Omnec Onec’s book “Ambassador From Venus” details VERY vividly HOW our “Cosmic Family” actually lives and feeds…They don’t even sleep as we do now. They only spend a few moments to recharge themselves, then carry on about themselves.
    But even SHE (Omnec) said, all we have to remember to do to be “Protected” from ANY food …for now, is acknowledge WHERE it came from (Source) and bless it BEFORE consuming it…with GRATITUDE.
    Personally I’ve cut back on How MUCH eat and drink MORE Liquids (Spring water/Juices (Raw)…Makes it a LOT easier to “Pass-On” later too when using the “Comfort Room” (Toilet)…if you know what I mean (Laugh!)
    I use ONLY “Natural Organic” foods too, which is better than the “Frankenfood” the dark ones have created…Remember WE are ALL changing BACK to WHAT WE ONCE WERE…”Spiritual Beings…Having Physical Experience in 3D bodies!

    • That is correct Kenneyboy… we still have to get from here to there. My main point is this whole discussion is that more often than not get lost following the same path as the Pharmaceutical approach i.e the one we criticize all the time without realizing it. The fact is the human population will never have decent health, a strong immune system, etc… while we consume food that is laced with chemicals. Having said that, we have no serious tools to fight this situation at this point. Let us hope the Meditation slated for August 21, becomes as strong as we need it and that the results produce the anticipated fruit.

  4. Edward Morgan, not only are you a Republican but A Vegan Propagandist… lets be real Michael, if humans did not have access to meat you would not be here today…men are not mice, the study is so limited it’s a joke…but hey I know you have an agenda..Republican and Vegan…great mix….

    Yet another wrong-minded study condemns red meat as a cancer cause. Researchers at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) found that feeding a non-human sugar compound (Neu5Gc) found in other mammals to mice that were engineered to be deficient in the sugar greatly increased cancer risk.

    The research team had hypothesized that eating red meat triggers the immune system to fight Neu5Gc, causing inflammation and identified chronic inflammation as a major risk factor for cancer. To test their hypothesis, the researchers engineered mice to be lacking in Neu5Gc like humans are. When the mice were fed the sugar, they developed inflammation. Tumor formation increased five times over and the Neu5Gc gathered in the tumors.

    At the conclusion of the study, the scientists reported that This is the first time we have directly shown that mimicking the exact situation in humans feeding non-human Neu5Gc and inducing anti-Neu5Gc antibodies increases spontaneous cancers in mice.

    Where does one even begin to address such bologna? Earth to medical scientists: toxins and the inflammation they cause are what causes cancer, not red meat and that is likely what your study just proved once again. And yes, sugar does gather in cancer cells – after all, it is part of the cancer process for cells to stop taking in oxygen and begin taking in sugar as the cells revert to a primitive form of respiration which uses sugar instead of oxygen to produce energy.

    Imagine that – feeding excess sugar to mice engineered to have very little sugar resulted in cancer. And from THAT they condemn red meat as a cancer culprit in humans? Humans have been eating meat, including red meat, for many, many millenia – so where were all the cancers until the last century or so? They were pretty much non-existent, the same as all the manmade toxins, including ones found in processed red meat.

    • Dear John, I am not Republican or Democrat, I stand for what is right wherever that may be and it is usually in neither of those political parties. I am not a vegan but I became a vegetarian a few years ago… and based not on some paper or book but on my own experience it is one of the best decisions I have ever made and one of the best advices I could ever give to you.

  5. The eating of meat resulted after the ‘fall in consciousness’ when the Earth’s axis tipped and it became very, very cold. In order to survive, we began to eat meat because meat makes us warm for much longer. Before that, our intestines were much, much shorter, but when we began to eat meat, they grew much, much longer because it takes much longer to digest and assimilate the meat, than vegetables. This lends to the releasing into our body and blood, the parasites, worms, germs, viruses in the meat, because the cow eats directly from the ground. What resulted was diseases that were not before known. AND, because it takes much longer to digest, it requires minerals that today (and years ago) are not and were not being replaced – grey hair is the sign of a loss of minerals. This also puts a tax on the pancreas because it is the pancreas that produces an enzyme called ‘trypsin’ that removes the covering from cancer cells so the immune system can identify them as cancerous and remove them from the body. Meat, stress and an overworked pancreas causes diabetes and aging. Because non-organize meat contains artificial hormones, the pancreas function is seriously hampered and seriously stopped, making it impossible for it to protect us from cancer cells. Parasites and worms are in the meat. They enter the blood stream and begin feeding on the body, causing diseases, as they lay eggs and multiply. The disease of history that killed millions of people were caused by parasites, worms and viruses from meat and unclean conditions.

    • There is a great deal of truth to what you have written. It is true there was a time when the human race was genetically altered so that we could eat meat. I believe it was the short large Intestine that was genetically altered (or added) to handle the digestion of meat in our diet (particularly animal fats). There is a misconception though that eating meat is a major source of the cancers, parasites, etc… that have plagued mankind for many decades. It should be remembered that North America thrived on food produced by the small family farm (which is now basically non-existent as a food source for the American people). The main source of food for North America are now the Corporate farms who saturate the ground with pesticides, herbicides, polluted water, etc… to the point where there is over ten thousand chemicals in the food chain at any given time. This of course puts an enormous strain on our digestive systems, immune systems, and is the source of much genetic mutations (weakening of our DNA, etc… ). Some say, in addition to the enormous profits made by the Monsantos of this world, this has also been done to create a human race that will be forever customers for the “for Profit” health care system, population control, etc… Regardless of the reasons, it is a mistake to blame the eating of meat or the animals for these man made problems. If in doubt simply look at history before the chemicalization of our food and water supply. Almost all indigenous people ate meat, only zoo animals and predators such as bears who use human garbage dumps as a food source get cancers and other human diseases. That is a big clue in and of itself. A good informative response just the same Dhara

  6. This nonsense is becoming a common occurrence. People never used to die from eating any kind of meat (except meat that was contaminated). Why??? because the animal’s food chain was not full of chemicals as it is today (Remember Monsanto, Du Pont, and all those chemical companies we scream at for chemicalizing our food chain, genetically modifying food crops and animals so they can lace it with round up, and so they can grow fat chickens with six wings for wing night at the local bar, etc…????). Quit blaming the poor animals for us getting cancer… and keep the blame where it belongs and that is on the chemical companies and the farmers and agribusiness who support them. Articles like this are just fodder for the Vegan Industry and guess what? Vegans and vegetarians die of cancer to. Next thing you will have an article from some engineer who says he/she can prove 9/11 because some maniac with a lap top was emailing instructions to his army of half a dozen (armed with box cutters) in some remote cave 10,000 miles away.


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