Ashtar Command – Final Transmission to EARTH

13 thoughts on “Ashtar Command – Final Transmission to EARTH

  1. Gratitude Ashtar!

    I’ve been waiting so long for this moment.
    And all humanity, of course, but the most conscious are those who have really been suffering like a dog on this planet of terror!
    Please, abbreviate everything to the maximum, for LOVE TO EVERYONE AND GAIA AND ALL THE SOLAR AND GALACTIC BEINGS AND SYSTEMS THAT ARE INVOLVED – and they are all involved, because here on Earth there is left the UNIVERSE dump for what I understand. Therefore, let the cleansing be so that EVIL NEVER has so much FREEDOM – THAT THERE ARE CLEAR LIMITS IN ALL THE FUTURE CREATIVE PROCESSES, whether via Primary Anomaly or not! What we watch here on this Planet runs away from any movie or imagination – and I write and think about it since I was a girl and we are ALL TOO MUCH TIRED. NOBODY AGAINST MORE TIME DELAY IN THE LIBERATION OF THE PLANET. PLEASE. ABBREVATE WHAT YOU CAN, because who has not learned until now will only learn at the last hour and that depends on you too. Therefore, MERCY!

  2. I am hoping humankind will listen to me before handed what we do deserve, I welcome you all with open arms and love….. I know us humans can achieve much greatness if we take back control from the governments hiding the truth. command you know who I am???? I was reborn to stop this and I truly hope you can trust me….. as I will change this I just need time love (metatron) Barrie-Jon bower

  3. We are forever in the debt of those putting themselves in harms way to liberate the planet from evil. I love you all. My deepest thanks and gratitude to all my galactic brothers and sisters. Victory of the light!

  4. Those that think they have power here on earth are without soul or spirit. Some of us here are without fear and do not succumb to their way of thinking or way of life ……. Some of us have spent time dispelling fear and indulgence in weapons of mass destruction. Those that seek shelter and help have been and are more than welcome in our house. We welcome you Ashtar …… with LOVE peace and humility.,,,,,

  5. Well said Commander. I’m with you. I just hope every single member of the cabal has seen or will see this and heed your message, but somehow I doubt they will. After all, sane men and women do not act as they do. Very sad. Namaste!

  6. Merci commande Ashtar vous avez de beaux yeux bleu, je les ai vert!!!!! Epoustouflant la valses de Plasma Victoire de la lumière!!!

  7. To understand the real situation I recommend you see the youtube channel Why Is This True, especially the videos about CIA director DULLES or WERNER VON BRAUN. They describe the reptilian agenda and modus operandi.

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